WWIII HAS BEGUN: Chinese warplanes join their Russian counterparts in devastating air raids against ISIS terrorists


China has told Moscow that they will join in the bombing in Syria from their Aircraft Carrier. This has HUGE implications folks. HUGE!

It is a well-known fact that the Nation of Iran today has two chief allies, Russia and China. They have stood by Iran through the thick and thin especially with controlling interest as permanent members of the United Nation’s Security Council. Without Russian and China, Shiite Iran would have been history decades ago.

Today again, they are proving that they will be prepared to stand in opposition to the United States and NATO because all four are vying for world dominion.  So also the rest of the world’s prophetic nations are aligning themselves either for or again either of two global forces.

China To Join Russian Air Strikes In Syria, Russia Gains Iraq Air Base

BELGRADE – DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that China sent word to Moscow on Friday, October 2, that J-15 fighter bombers would shortly join the Russian air campaign that was launched Wednesday, September 30. Baghdad has moreover offered Moscow an air base for targeting the Islamic State now occupying large swathes of Iraqi territory, debka.com reports.

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The J-15 warplanes will take off from the Chinese Liaoning-CV-16 aircraft carrier, which reached Syrian shores on September 26, according to DEBKAfile. This will be a landmark event for Beijing: its first military operation in the Middle East as well the carrier’s first taste of action in conditions of real combat.

Thursday night, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi, made this comment on the Syrian crisis at a UN Security Council session in New York: “The world cannot afford to stand by and look on with folded arms, but must also not arbitrarily interfere (in the crisis).”

A no less significant development occurred at about the same time when Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, speaking to the US PBS NewsHour, said he would welcome a deployment of Russian troops to Iraq to fight ISIS forces in his country too. As an added incentive, he noted that this would also give Moscow the chance to deal with the 2,500 Chechen Muslims whom, he said, are fighting with ISIS in Iraq.

DEBKAfile’s military sources add that Al-Abadi’s words came against the backdrop of two events closely related to Russia’s expanding role in the war arena:

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1.  A joint Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Iraqi war room has been working since last week out of the Iraqi Defense Ministry and military staff headquarters in Baghdad to coordinate the passage of Russian and Iranian airlifts to Syria and also Russian air raids. This command center is also organizing the transfer of Iranian and pro-Iranian Shiite forces into Syria.

2.  Baghdad and Moscow have just concluded a deal for the Russian air force to start using the Al Taqaddum Air Base at Habbaniyah, 74 km west of Baghdad, both as a way station for the Russian air corridor to Syria and as a launching-pad for bombing missions against ISIS forces and infrastructure in northern Iraq and northern Syria.

Russia has thus gained a military enclave in Iraq, just as it has in Syria, where it has taken over a base outside Latakia on the western coast of Syria. At the same time, the Habbaniyah air base also serves US forces operating in Iraq, which number an estimated 5,000.


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  3. There will be NO reconstruction for North America! There will be no one here. Once all of the nuclear power plants have been disabled by Nukes and have melted down like Fukushima, all biological life will be dying or dead. Look at what is happening in St Louis, Missouri right now. The underground fire will reach the old Nuclear weapons grade waste dump & BOOM! There goes our heartland and any future food production. Humans are a scourge upon the land. All that progress, wasted for what, money! We should have stayed back in Europe in the 1770’s and left the native Indians alone. Now we have lost the whole pie. I’m going to a great place with my wives and children on their world. It’s a paradise there, but they have rules. No development of high tech industrial mechanisms, no changing their ancient culture and methods, no over populating of the people beyond the natural resources. No deforestations allowed, no polluting allowed. No wars with any of the neighboring tribes. All disputes are seen and resolve by the tribal elders according to their Creator that is a living being that makes up their world. It’s perfect for me. We will have Pow Wow’s, I’ll be able to build an open pyramid to write down their history’s and create a Forest Ranger program with the people. I’m going to have a whole lot of fun. What are you going to do when it’s all over, here on Earth?

  4. @DKB

    Just wanted to “UPVOTE” you DKB – but there are no lil “Like” buttons!!!!

    Yea! What you said!!!

  5. Obama, the Russians and the Chinese are in bed together to destroy America and Israel. This is what the staged military action in syria is going to lead to. Remember Obama before his re-election on the open mic said, “tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”
    The proxy war in Syria will lead to the Russians and Chinese attacking America. Get ready.

  6. No, you cannot decry the evil of Moscow and Beijing joining up with the evil Iran against the good ole US and NATO, when they are in Syria to get rid of ISIS, who the US and NATO (along with allies like the Saudis) trained, armed and set loose on the Christians of Iraq and Syria! The bad guy in this scenario is the west! It’s so blatantly ridiculous that one might think our leaders are doing it deliberately to see if they can compel God to judge our nation, but it should be them who gets the full brunt of it! Either way, the moral high ground in Syria was lost when we armed jihadis to go rape, torture and murder Christians! Assad and Putin did not do that….

  7. YES, the negro has only EMBOLDEN his comrades the Chinese and the Russians like all Democraps do. They also started all wars (Democraps).

  8. America-GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS NOW,,your about to be in a WAR,the russians and Chinese will bomb the crap out of us,and THEN,the invasion will start on the country,YOU WANT TO DIE???,ignore what your seeing,stock up on FOOD,WATER,MEDICAL SUPPLIES,and LOTS OF AMMO,if you ignore what your seeing,your going to the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,as sure as the sun sets and rises,DON’T take the MICRO CHIP OR THE MARK OF THE BEAST,if

  9. @ Bert. Yes! After I fact checked their stories enough times, and found the vast majority to be false, other times presumptuous, your assessment was the conclusion I came up with.

  10. Soon Isis members will publicly state that they were armed by Obama and Hillary and that they were only following their orders to conquer the entire region for an islamic caliphate that was intended to even include the U.S. and Britain…………..Hillary and Obama may move to destroy them now so that they can’t talk just as they did with ambassador stevens………..

  11. Ummmmmm….wow…so yeah bombs are dropping world wide and tanks are rolling….oh wait…nope no ww3…China and Russia actually doing something does not equal ww3…complete lie..it may possibly but unlikely lead to it…

    Why does not one news site except Greg Hunter tell people why Russia us there…to protect its oil pipelines which America wants control of..

  12. The irony is that the evil empire, formwely the soviet union, is now the country that is pushing morals and
    the truth to a degree, as the USA isa liar, and a evil manipulator on the world stage. Shame on us.
    I think the most disturbing thing is that Obama has made us in to a true evil nation pushing homosexual rights aND ABORTIONS; over even common sense, and acting like that is progress, when in reality it is a moral drain on the usa, already reeling from the breakup of the family.
    America is Babylon, and it is only going to get worse, as our nation is burned by fire FOR ITS MURDER OF THE UNBORN AND PUSHING OF ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR.

  13. The Chinese aircraft carrier may be able to steam, but it cannot launch and retrieve aircraft as of this date. It is not off the coast of Syria.

  14. The Chechen rebels have been previously funded and armed by Iran, despite the fact that most are Sunni wannabee Muslims. The terrorist incidents at Baslon were using Semtex and weapons from Iran. Surely Putin knows this.

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    2. Thank you so much for this wonderful tip! We did want to pop in at the pebble place, but had no more time. I think we will be a bit more adventurous next time. I am putting Ludwig Roses and Van Den Berg AND the Deli on my To-Do list.

  15. We and other NATO losers did such a crappy job over there since the early 90’s, so let those guys get their men killed trying to kill off the ISIS ilk. It’s about time other counties got off their butts as this is a world wide issue. We haven’t won a war of any kind in seventy years! Let ’em have at it!

    1. There ain’t no WE.. I didn’t do anything, i dodnt approve those wars…hell as a tWenger i had eno ugh conion sensemble to kbow you cant win a religulious wAR wit bombs…all those dirty muslims can kill each other as far as I’m concerned as far as past wars…

  16. Debkafile is nothing but lying liars. Complete NWO tools. Do not listen to anything they publish. Any site using them for info is being misled. Your site is now a pawn for the beast system. Congrats.

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