BREAKING: Obama Threatens To Defund The Military If We Don’t Set Muslim Terrorists Free


Barack Obama has already made it very clear that he has no respect for the U.S. military, but the move he made this week was low even for him.

The Obama administration announced this week that the president plans to veto a defense authorization bill if it does not shut down Guantanamo Bay. According to Breitbart, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the bill would be vetoed, “principally because…of the irresponsible way that it funds our national defense priorities, but also because of the efforts to prevent the closure [of] the prison at Guantanamo Bay.”

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Earnest went on to say that Democrats would then back up Obama’s veto, and the defense bill that was meant to help our soldiers would die.

It’s sickening that Obama is using putting Muslim terrorists ahead of the wellbeing of American soldiers. His stance on Guantanamo shows that he would not hesitate to defund our national security, and therefore put the lives of millions of Americans at risk.

Shame on you, Mr. President!

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VIDEO-As a nation founded in the pursuit of religious freedom, America can and must do more to root-out the religious intolerance that is helping to foster much of the political instability and violence we see today.


21 Replies to “BREAKING: Obama Threatens To Defund The Military If We Don’t Set Muslim Terrorists Free

  1. We have a Muslim President that funds and supports ISIS.
    ISIS sells little girls as sex slaves.
    ISIS rapes young boys. (They call them Tea Boys)
    W T F ????????

  2. HERES a little piece of advice,AMERICA is the most cowardly nation to ever exist,SO GET ON YOUR KNEES and PRAY TO THE LORD he will save you,YOUR ABOUT TO DIE,and your family too,the LORD LOVES you,I don’t know why, but he does,most of you hate him,you’ve made that more then clear,SO those of you who don’t you’ll be leaving soon,THE rest of you, well good by……….your daddy satan looks forward to your arrival in hell……….

  3. Come on you guys,YOU can’t have your lips glued to the governments ass and demand some one do something you won’t support,the US military no longer exists,its all a sham,you really need to wakeup and realize your about to be rounded up and taken to a fema death camp,and if anyone does anything,IT WILL HAVE TO BE YOU,or watch as your invaded by the RUSSIANS and CHINESE,who won’t care if they kill your dumb ass,OR your children,you voted the cloned egyptian pharaoh in NOW you will be the ones to remove him OR DIE at his hand………

  4. If the constitution was being enforced, Obama, Jarett, Axelrod, Clapper and a lot of other tyrants and traitors in high places would already have been swinging from ropes.

  5. When a nation sins, YHWH will give that nation a King that is evil as the nation, that is being judged….time is short people. The end is in sight. Get closer to YHWH’s Son.
    Yahshua (Jesus)

  6. They, for some reason, have not indicted this negro on treason charges yet. Why? Are they complicit with the Muslim negro too?

    If so, we got a lot people that need to be hanged.

  7. Obummer needs to here us loud and clear. YOU CANNOT CONTINUE TO TRY AND RUN OUR COUNTRY THROUGH EXECUTIVE ORDERS. We’ll stop obeying those directives, and if you try and defund our military, I believe a large segment of our retired boys will come to the military’s aid to fight you tooth and nail right into a coup, and maybe a death sentence for your allegiance to your socialist directives and war crimes.

    You think that because you are about on your last year, you can spew whatever horse crap you want. YOU ARE ONE SERIOUS PIECE OF “S” WHO VERGES ON BEING A PSYCHOPATH. WE NO LONGER RESPECT YOU, OR THE WHORE YOU RODE IN ON.

    If this is as good as it gets, YOU.ALL.DESERVE.WHAT.IS.COMING.

  9. Obama is more interested in disarming Law abiding American citizens and arming Muslims and terrorists.
    There is no excuse for the military to tolerate much more of this nosense, and the American people should soon have enough of politisizing everything, outright lying, and our government is no longer respected as he is a joke on the world stage. Only here in America can he still draw adoring crowds; pathetic.

  10. He will do it because too many americans are panty waste or too interested in themselves and that next shiny object to care. Get what we deserve.

  11. Obama is a muslim, his action speak for themself. If you have not figured that out, you are not paying attention. Oboma is using the muslim lying method, that is well known.

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