Leaked Footage Of Putin Exposes Obama’s Connection With ISIS …Watch Before It’s Taken Down


I’ve heard Vladimir Putin say a lot of bold things. But when the Russian President was questioned about ISIS and the war on terror, his response shocked me to the core. His sobering message for Obama left me speechless. Every American needs to see this.

ISIS has terrorized our world for far too long. While mainstream media is really good at reporting the atrocities of our time, they don’t seem to be asking too many questions.

My jaw dropped when Putin started connecting the dots. Suddenly it all makes sense.

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Who funds ISIS? Who are they working for? How have they continued on for so long? How do they manage to destroy so many lives?


His response? You just have to hear it to believe it. Every American needs to see this

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Love Putin or hate Putin, does he have a point about Obama, ISIS, Libya and Benghazi?

Does Obama not have serious questions to answer? Why aren’t other news outlets reporting on this? Why is America silent?



4 Replies to “Leaked Footage Of Putin Exposes Obama’s Connection With ISIS …Watch Before It’s Taken Down

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  2. I don’t know how “truthful Putin is. What he speaks I believe to be true, but I also remember what is happening in the Ukraine, so I am a bit cautious.

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