Obama: Spending Millions Arming the EPA “Special Agents” with Military-Style Weapons


The Environmental Protection Agency has spent millions of dollars over the last decade on military-style weapons to arm its 200 “special agents” to fight environmental crime.

Among the weapons purchased are guns, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities, according to a new report by the watchdog group Open the Books.

In a story in the Washington Times:

“Protecting the environment just got real. With millions of dollars spent on military style weaponry, the EPA is now literally ensconced with all institutional force,” said Adam Andrzejewski, founder of Open the Books and the author of the report.

“Our report discovered that when the EPA comes knocking they are armed with a thousand lawyers, arrest/criminal data, credit, business and property histories, plus a ‘Special Agent’ with the latest in weaponry and technology,” Mr. Andrzejewski added.

The agency spends nearly $75 million each year for criminal enforcement, including money for a small militia of 200 “special agents” charged with fighting environmental crime.


The special agent “enforces the nation’s laws by investigating cases, collecting evidence, conducting forensic analyses and providing legal guidance to assist in the prosecution of criminal conduct that threatens people’s health and the environment,” according to the EPA’s website.

The EPA estimates that each Special Agent costs taxpayers $216,000 per year in salary, travel, equipment, training and other expenses, according to the report.

The EPA’s military weapons spending is just one example of the agency’s questionable purchases highlighted in the 40-page report.

Open the Books, a nonpartisan and nonprofit group based in Illinois, scanned tens of thousands of the agency’s spending contracts totaling more than $93 billion from 2000 to 2014.

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The agency also sent over $50 million since 2000 to international organizations, including groups in Mexico and China.

Pretty wild don’t you think? Who knew our environment was in such bad condition during Obama’s terms as President, that he needed to equip these special EPA agents with such high tech military weapons! Hey for just $75 million of our hard earned money, Obama has created another militia! What a bargain, right? These dudes get guns, ammo, body armor, camouflage equipment, and night goggles. That’s an awful lot of weaponry for fighting the war on polluters, don’t you think? It’s more like a militia that is prepared for an all out war on Americans for monitoring us on the clean air and water laws! What the heck! You better ask yourself, “Who or what are they coming after next?”

I think Obama is banking on the fact, that we have a lot of proud Americans, veterans and patriots that oppose his and this administration’s criminal behavior, and destruction of the Constitution.  They have already targeted Christians for speaking out against marriage. What’s next, besides disarming the citizens?

I hope you are stockpiling your ammo and guns, because whatever Obama has planned – it’s going to involve everyone of us! We The People need to be prepared for what’s coming!


6 Replies to “Obama: Spending Millions Arming the EPA “Special Agents” with Military-Style Weapons

  1. HE is arming his own agency whilst trying to disarm YOU! Do you see what is going on??? In every way he wants a CIVIL WAR.

    He even compared himself to Lincoln.

  2. And it kills me to see how many of the voters are turning out at these rallies completely loving these traitors as if they are good people who care. Our politicians (Repubs and Dems) have proven they are completely against the American People and our way of life. And everything they have done over the last 30 years has been to dismantle us a piece at a time. They started with removing almost all manufacturing from our country, then they attacked New York on 9/11 and started a wind fall on the Financial Sector, then they started two bogus wars over seas, then they crashed the housing market by issuing BS rules to run it by which caused people to get more house than they could pay for which caused the economy to crash and now here we are at the end of the illegal in the White House’s reign and he has dismantled the U.S. Military down to a bunch robot like order takers and followers. The list goes on…….
    How much more proof do people need to see the U.S. Government Corporation is not for the American People and we are now living in the times that the founding fathers warned us about?
    According to the Constitution, its time to lock and load and march on Washington.

  3. THE LORD gave me a DREAM,in it the government was with the chinese military,they were coming into small towns KILLING everyone,Kinda looks like they plan to take over america don’t it,hahaha,I wonder if all the traitors realize the chinese plan to kill them when their no longer needed,DAMM I was hoping we might get to HANG the bastards for TREASON,,but,no such luck,the chinese will be their END……I guest if your just a cheap WHORE,you should be careful who you get in bed with………………..

  4. It’s incredible that liberal democrud in government are arming themselves like there’s no tomorrow! And at the same time they talk of eliminating the 2nd amendment! They talk about conservatives being extremists! They truly are the new fascists! They are the next nazis!

  5. My advice, when they come calling, shoot to kill, then retrieve their weapons and as such you will have your own “Force Multiplier”, then hand it to a friend with like patriotic views and take out two more, and now you have even more, “Force Multipliers”. It won’t take long before you have an arsenal of your own so that you can compete against them with like munitions.

    Quite frankly that is exactly what ISIS was doing to our troops in Syria and Iraq. Guerrilla warfare has its advantages, but some drawbacks because leadership is sporadic as are the availability of military type assets.

    The leadership who believes they are in control are running scared as evidenced by the more draconian their measures to silence us and secure their place in the “Continuity of Government” !

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