This Thanksgiving, Obama finally broke down and mentioned “God”, but only in support of his feverish obsession with bringing Muslims to America.

The Syrian Muslim migrants are, according to Obama, just like the pilgrims on the Mayflower. So he’s saying that they’re religious fanatics who believe in imposing theocracy. Can’t argue with him there.

Still I have to question whether the best way to honor the legacy of the pilgrims is by inviting a whole bunch of Islamists to America. To settle the question, I contacted William Brewster by Ouija board about whether the Mayflower’s legacy should be used to bring tens of thousands of Muslims to America. He replied with what I think is a long string of obscure curses. Either that or my Ouija board is broken.


But Obama takes time out from the petty Thanksgiving stuff to focus on what really matters. Talking up his plan to bring 1,300 ISIS supporters to America once they pass “the highest security checks”.

You know, like the ones the other terrorists before them passed.

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Meanwhile 13% of Syrian refugees poll as supporting ISIS. That’s 1,300 out of the first 10,000 Obama wants to bring here. Thirty-seven percent of Syrian refugees oppose US airstrikes on ISIS. 33% oppose the objective of destroying ISIS.

So between 1,300 of Obama’s Syrian “refugees” up to 3,700 have ISIS sympathies.

Obama talks about how Americans should want to take them into their homes. Maybe he can set an example by sticking a few hundred in the White House. There’s plenty of room inside.

Finally, the Condescender-in-Chief informs us that we need to widen “our circle of compassion.” That’s great.

Maybe Obama can widen his “circle of compassion” to include Americans who are suffering under his destructive policies. If he insists on localizing his magic “circle of compassion” in Syria instead of America, he can try being true to the legacy of the Pilgrims by bringing persecuted Christians from Syria to America.

Instead 98% of Obama’s refugees have been Sunni Muslims. The same religious group as Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The Yazidis who have been raped and murdered are out of luck. Obama took in 1 Syrian Yazidi and thousands of Sunni Muslims. He took in 53 Christians… and thousands of Sunni Muslims.

Maybe Obama can grunt, strain and heave until he widens his “circle of compassion” enough to include non-Muslims. Or maybe water will run upstream and turkeys will eat people.



By Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag


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