Generals: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama

Constitutional Crisis

In a interview with Trunews, Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely spoke about the possibility of a Constitutional Crisis that may occur if Barack Obama refuses to protect the American people from the threat of ISIS and radical islam. The Generals also said that it may come to the point where the US Military may have to remove Obama from office. The Generals also stated that Obama has moved the US stance on Terrorism from one of fighting against it to one of providing it aid and comfort.

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The fact that retired United States Military Generals are even talking about removing Barack Obama from the Presidency shows how much of a Constitutional crisis exists.

Listen to the audio discussion on YouTube below. What do you think?


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47 Replies to “Generals: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama

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  3. Unfortunately, not only is this two years old but it is cointelpro. This is Pentagon propaganda to gain support for the destabilizing of the whole Middle East. These Generals know fully well who created ISIS and they are acting like they don’t know the truth. Hint: They are liars or dumber than a mud fence.

  4. Ahhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah *****Breathe**** hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    OMG you fools are stupid. I don’t care HOW MUCH you hate Obama, and even setting aside the pure racism in some of these comments no one is removing Obama by force today, tomorrow, or before the end of his presidency. Get a clue there is NOTHING, and I mean absolutely nothing here that warrants the level of a constitutional crisis, and no one in the military has a prayer of removing him without being shot for treason. Why don’t you people get a clue and go and get a real candidate for POTUS, and not the clown show you have presented. You are not going to pull people in the center to the right with the current circus acts leading the polls.

  5. Put these links together and what do you Have ????
    Emails show DOD analysts told to ‘cut it out’ on ISIS warnings; IG probe expands

    CBS News says Obama made ISIS ,

    and they are pumped up on drugs too .

  6. This is a well-orchestrated plan to foment a revolution and break the country apart into regions – the “divide and conquer” strategy. Then comes the EMP, then comes China on our western shores. Obama is a Muslim tool, a Soros shill playing all sides along with Zionist interests who love to see instability in the middle east. The Muslims win, Israel wins, the communists win, Soros will win when he manipulates currencies. And America loses.

    If the military truly believes there is an enemy at the helm who was selected to ruin America and may even create a false flag to cancel the elections and install himself for a third term, then they are oath-bound to take him out.

  7. I’ve read many thing that tell me so many of you don’t know the Constitution.
    #1 . It is written in the Consitution when it no longer serves the people to overthrow it and build a new Constitution to keep the government from manipulating it for their own purposes….. This is the result of Lawyers twisting words and meanings of those words.

    # 2. that’s why we the people reserve the right to bare arms
    # 3 . when the President of the United States is controlled by a Shadow Government…. who we don’t know who they are and we are not Electing them…. it time to remove them….. by force if needed.

    #4 . to the morons who think you sexual pref., or Transgender, or any other race issues have anything to do with the fucking Constitution you’re a dumb ass. it’s estimated that 7% of the military is Transgender who are trying to figure out who they are….. so they go into the military to be men or women and they fight for your Freedom. You have no right to judge them… it has nothing to do with Obama being a Traitor to America.

    # 5 take your God, shove it where the sun don’t shine…. because you are sinners… you have never fully accept Jesus….. When Jesus walked on water.. not one of the Deciples walked with him when he said have faith. You remember that because that is you. As a matter of fact the bible does say to take the head of the Enemy…. But you the sinner know it so well… you find it… i’m not telling you where to find it. So leave your God out of it.

    and for Christ Sakes leave gays and Homosexuals out of it as well… they are not Terrorists…. they did not BOMB you, you stupid inbreed hillbilly fucktard. I got news for you…. Jesus never said Homosexuals were of the devil, and the church is full of them. always has been even back in the roman days in bath houses. so take your BS somewhere else. for you to be so angry about gays you must have been sexually abused by the Pastor when you were a child….. geesh

    Put the blame where it goes…. The President did not act alone… Congress, Senate, and House and the supreme court. Time for the 3 Ring Circus to be Renovated.

  8. The military has a sworn duty to remove Obama from office & arrest 1/2 the treasonous democrats in D.C. purge our gov’t of all Muslim Brotherhood Obama appointees and to protect the Constitution and American citizens. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened already.

  9. THE FOUL SATANIC BLACK MUSLIM MARXIST DOG-EATING HOMOSEXUAL TRAITOR OBAMA SAID: “The Arabic Call to Prayer is the most beautiful sound on Earth”, He also said: “Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will stand with the Muslims”, He also said: “The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam!” .. and by his celebrating Ramadan in the White House, by his 2009 speech in Cairo praising Islam, by his failure to visit Israel while visiting Muslim countries in the region, by his call to go back to the pre 1967 war borders, by his giving the Muslim Brotherhood and their auxiliaries entrance to the White House, the State Department and even the military, by his deep bowing to the Saudi King while snubbing the Prime Minister of Israel – By each of these things Obama’s calling is plainly revealed. HE IS A FOUL EVIL SERVANT OF SATAN AND A FILTHY MUSLIM TRAITOR!

  10. 11-16-15

    Everybody’s looking for a leader to ‘save us.’ But these two generals are con artists.

    Vallely–connected with Col. Michael Aquino, founder of the Satanic Temple of Set; they both co-wrote a paper called “MindWars” (ca. 1980) which was all about creating a global environment of constant fear–note the similarity to the ‘War on Terror’.

    McInerney later co-wrote a book with Vallely called “Endgame” based on the same concepts. Note that fear is an instrument of evil (or the “dark side,” if you will). It’s used to enslave, control, destroy.

    In other words, these guys are part of the crew that created the concept of the War on Terror, which has been intentionally used to completely destroy America–militarily, financially, and morally.

    Vallely was also an advisor to Col. Riley, who a few years ago was trying to lead Operation American Spring (OAS), the U.S. version of the ‘color revolutions’ (which we know to be a globalist con job) in other countries. Many, myself included, suspected that OAS was basically a trap for our veterans: a prelude to a massacre of our veterans, gathered all in one place in D.C. Many who signed on to OAS later left the movement after they witnessed some disturbing things about the way it was being run.

    These 2 ‘leaders’ are the same sort who tell our guys overseas not to defend themselves if attacked. And they use fear to control–which is evil. They can’t be trusted. They won’t ‘save America’–they will destroy her, and they want your support to help them do that.

    If we are to save America, we must save her ourselves–and that can only be accomplished with knowledge and truth, not propaganda and fear.

  11. We do not have a Republic anymore.

    A military dictatorship would be a STEP UP from the terrorist-sympathizing socialist idiot in the White House right now.

  12. Blah blah blah. I’m getting tired of people in positions who can influence things to move in the proper direction but things don’t change they get worse. He and Billary should both be imprisoned

  13. this guys will do nothing but talk as they have done for the past 7 years. not one brave one in the bunch! it should have already happened 10 yrs ago. goodbye america, shot these traders first, it was their job and they did nothing…do it already or go home and shut up!!!!!!!!!

  14. this guys will do nothing but talk as they have done for the past 7 years. not one brave one in the bunch! it should have already happened 10 yrs ago. goodbye america, shot these traders first, it was their job and they did nothing…

  15. The “Yes we Can” usurper’s string pullers should of been executed back in the 70’s – don’t fool yourselves, this freak is in the Oval because ‘we’ forgot our God who made this country great – will He arrange the bums removal, I don’t see why!
    Will He Judge the bum & string pullers, ABSOLUTELY, all throughout His-Story we know His Word to be absolutely right on!

    *Save yourselves, family & friend’s, call upon Jesus for Salvation for this (we) is that generation – no Hope w/out Him – please call upon Him now! I’d rather to be hated by the world then to be Forever Lost!


  16. I am not for anything outside the constitution, no banana republic coups, we have a Congress that has the duty to remove a President. I want it to stay that way. Nobody wants this fool gone more than me.

  17. YES, please arrest the negro and don’t forget Congress that put in the negro fully well knowing who he really was.

  18. What this General says concerning flight MH370, I suspected shortly after it disappeared. I don’t believe it will be used against the US: however, I do believe it will be used to attack some European country, maybe England or Italy.?

  19. A little late ….. by the time you guys do any thing other than flap your gums obummer should be out of office, should be??? And if he sticks around then things could get real ugly! A scenario the ex Generals should be more concerned about! We too for that matter! That would be the real constitutional crisis!!!! If we get off our butts and do our part, and hold our nose and vote for the challenger ” even if he isn’t a perfect conservative” any thing to clean up the mess obbummer has left and keep hitlery from attaining the presidency,and adding more executive orders contrary to the constitution, all the while keeping all of obummers executive orders intact ! Then would the generals act? With what forces? He’s more likely to be removed by isis than one of our own! Don’t bluff, do it!

  20. Why any sane person would support the military overthrowing the president is beyond me. What that would do is demonstrate the mechanisms put in place by the founders don’t work. In other words, the constitution becomes a sham. A military coup – and that is exactly what these people are talking about – would lead to an economic collapse and a total loss of freedom. The stock market would tank in a way that peoples life savings would be totally destroyed, No doubt the military leadership would impose wage and price controls and restrict movement. It’s likely that some form of martial law (or whatever they want to call it in Orwellian doublespeak) would be instituted as well as travel restrictions. The military has never demonstrated that it can govern in a way that promotes freedom and liberty. I challenge anyone to name one example of military rule anywhere in the world that increases and not decreases liberty. That anyone is giving these goons any credence shows just how gullible the American people are. .

    1. David, there is no need to go on and on about a Military Coup. It will not happen. This broadcast is now 14 months old and the sitting POTUS has already purged those in the Military ranks who would rise up. So downward the spiral continues. It is very evident to many that the American ride has ended. Expect nothing good and that way you will not be let down so hard when it goes totally in the toilet. A few more flushes and ….

    2. David, you asked for 1 to be named, OK. Egypt! The military threw out the Muslim brotherhood! They had an election, the military stepped down. Not a take over. Just a cleansing.

  21. The military coup should have happened in 2008 when this Illegal Non-America took office,it is far too late now! Unfortunately many Soldiers ( SOL-DIE-Rs) will and are fighting for the corporation of USA and all the false flags leading to WW3 are falling into place. .America is far down in this downward spiral and things are accelerating faster with each passing “crisis” bringing us closer and closer to our own destruction. The only way to stop it is through bloodshed now and that will be coming to the doorstep of every America city soon! Very soon, as that is the POTUS plan—–fundamentally changing America–the only promise that the illegal POTUS has kept! Myself I find it hard to believe that Americans Voted for this asshole just as they voted for Hitler!! Just goes to show if you don’t learn History, you will repeat it!

  22. Soetoro-Obama has crossed that line so many times already in the past and the Military did nothing. For that matter, McCain/Graham, bloody-Hilary et al should be relieved/arrested and or locked up for their stealth support of America’s enemies.

  23. At this point in the game are Country is done…Read Ezekiel 7, and Jeremiah 50 Are Country was on the way down a long time ago…We have far surpassed SODOM & GOMORRAH.. because of are willingness to accept SAME SEX MARRIAGE & HOMOSEXUALITY, TRANSGENDER CRAP , GENDER EQUALITY …america HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO MYSTERY BABYLON ..!!!
    So a Coupe at this point in time would not really change the course that we are heading in…
    OBAMA was ordained for this point in Time…AND WITH THAT IN MIND america WILL FALL AND NEVER EVER RISE AGAIN..!!

  24. “it may come to the point where the US Military may have to remove Obama from office”. Um, I think we’re already there.

  25. This is what will happen next. Nothing. Nothing at all. It is too far gone, The Republic has been destroyed by the UBER POTUS. He will continue to do as he pleases. Why? Because he can, and no one will stop him.
    This was a broadcast from September of 2014. Over two months ago and NOTHING has been done to solve the problem. It is always more of the same. If these two Generals have a plan, why won’t the get on with it?

  26. What they’re talking about is a military coup. That could go either one of two ways. Either it could go very badly and we would permanently lose the Republic along with the Constitution OR they could use the opportunity to clean up all of the unconstitutional garbage that has been established over the past century and set us solidly back on a constitutional footing. But YIKES! We are in scary times.

  27. Well my friends, it is about GD time, those generals spoke up. Being that they did bother to speak out about what they believe is a Constitutional crises, we are right next door to a coup. The next play is up to OstupidO. Will he swipe the board and knock all the pieces off or will he play another strategic move to checkmate those generals.

    You can bet your bottom dollar those generals have fortified themselves against assassination by the Rogue Shadow Government or they wouldn’t now be speaking out about an actual coup. Pay very close attention my friends, the change is much closer than we thought.

    I have made my position clear, that I will support those generals in any capacity, to get rid of OstupidO and the shadow government, and I would advise everyone else to do the same. It is now time to let those generals know how much support they actually have out here in La La Land.

    I would also hope they have the wherewithal to include taking out the NSA/CIA as well, and to put the banking cartel on notice that America will start printing its own money while also doing away with the FED.

    1. WOW.. Settle down folks. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not questioning the intelligence or patriotism of those that shared this interview. But: We are a Constitutional Representative Republic. THE ONLY ONE ON THE PLANET. We have Constitutional Remedies for removing elected officials. THEY DO NOT INCLUDE A MILITARY SOLUTION. What you would end up with is a few Generals who must hand pick a a voluntary force to remove an administration. YES: A COUPE. (sp?)
      LISTEN, Obama will be GONE in 13 months. History tells us that since the Vice President is not running, a Republican candidate will win the election.
      Conclusion: The U.S. MILITARY CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE ON AMERICAN SOIL, and they are rightly forbidden to do so. Further, only the MILITARY POLICE are armed on American soil. Again, we are the only county in the world that is like this. THIS IS WHY WE ARE THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET. Further, the 2nd Ammendment was written so that the citizenry could defend against a military (read “government) over-throw of the people. REMEMBER, the elected president and government are, “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE”.
      No matter the MOTIVES, no matter the RESULTS: If they remove an elected official and take over the government BY FORCE, we, as a people, will no longer be FREE.

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