Possibility of Food Riots, Civil Unrest and Martial Law Going Mainstream

We’ve been warning for quite some time about the possibility of civil unrest resulting from a number of scenarios, including food riots and economic meltdown.

As our astute readers already know, the government has been training and planning for the implementation of martial law for years, in addition to planning for emergency scenarios that include not just natural disasters, but economic collapse. Americans who are “in the know” about these developments have begun taking action in droves to prepare for the possibility of things like a hyperinflationary collapse of the US dollar and events like political and social breakdown of the world as we have come to know it. Can one argue that  if the government is preparing and regionalizing supplies that each individual and family shouldn’t be doing the same?

Glenn Beck recently summarized our many reports on these developments, warning that food riots and civil unrest are a distinct possibility as the economy continues to breakdown during what many are calling the ‘greatest depression.’ A strong police and military response – perhaps even martial law – should be expected if events play out in the U.S. the way they have in Europe thus far.

As tens of thousands of people learn the truth about what may be coming our way, they are starting to prepare. They’re buying silver, gold, food, and emergency gear. This fear of the unknown has been cited by food manufacturer Mountain House as one reason for the recent shortage of freeze-dried food.

People are afraid – and many of us are preparing. This begs the question: what about those who don’t act on these possibilities. What happens if food really does run out on store shelves, or the US dollar becomes unusable as a medium of exchange? Or what if the next time the Chinese fire a missile off our West coast they detonate an EMP weapon 100 miles over our heads?

Our government officials have a plan to protect their families and “essential personnel.” Do you?

Glenn Beck:

Regardless of how one feels about Glenn Beck, there is no denying that he has hit the nail on the head more times than not.

Obama and administration are trampling upon our liberties, enforcing a police state, collapsing our economy, eliminating jobs, engaging in fuzzy math (still), raiding small farms and destroying small businesses.  Their goal is to control every part of our lives regulating everything we do, eat, how we live down to what to think.

Socialism is a proven failure and as such under a socialist regime, the people suffer.  As we fight to maintain our liberties and way of life, it makes perfect sense to prepare for the worst.


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By Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan

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  1. Also, whatever happened to those vaunted shields that in the television show always protected the ship from harm? In this movie the shields are about as effective as paper-mache as the Enterprise is strafed, bombed, rocketed, smashed, tossed, toppled, and shaken like a baby’s toy.

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