Debunked: “Top climate scientist Tim Lenton admits to ongoing geoengineering”


James Hodgskiss of “Chemtrails Project UK” recently posted a claim that Professor Tim Lenton of Exeter University “conceded that the geoengineering of our skies was indeed already happening”.

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This claim is based on a Q&A session at a conference in Paris in July 2015 entitled Our Common Future Under Climate Change


Here is a transcript of the relevant part of the Q&A session:

* The source transcribes this part as “a small scale uncontrolled [sic] one” but it seems to me that Pritchard says “and controlled”, as he intended.

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Chemtrails Project UK claim that this represents an admission of ongoing geoengineering, which is not the case at all, if you listen to the Q&A session in context. Colin Pritchard’s question was facetiously referring to mankind’s current unbridled emissions of carbon dioxide as “an enormous global-scale uncontrolled experiment in geoengineering” (i.e. exacerbating the greenhouse effect), and asking Lenton whether he prefers that to a controlled small-scale geoengineering experiment. Remember, Lenton had just stated his opinion that the risks of solar radiation management would outweigh the benefits.

Professor Lenton has confirmed by email to me that this is what he meant, and that CPUK are misrepresenting his views.


Colin Pritchard, who put the question to Lenton, also confirms that this is what he was talking about:




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2 Replies to “Debunked: “Top climate scientist Tim Lenton admits to ongoing geoengineering”

  1. As bad as the SS and the Nazis were during world war 2, they don’t compare to what’s taking place with the global deliberate geoengineering of our skies.

    Governments throughout the world continue to lie and act like geoengineering is not happening, and God only knows how many people worldwide have been sickened and died because of the geoengineering of our skies.

    The trials and executions of the geoengineering participants must begin now. Geoengineering is perhaps the biggest crime the world has ever seen.

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