Will Vladimir Putin use an EMP strike as his revenge against the West?

During the initial stages of preparing for emergencies, the primary concern for most individuals is the threat of nuclear war. This is understandable, as few things could be as devastating as a complete nuclear conflict. With Russia under the leadership of the hard-line Vladimir Putin, the risk is increasing more.

And without a doubt, our electrical grid represents the “soft underbelly” of U.S. infrastructure. 

There are a few different forms an EMP attack can take, varying in their intensity and duration, but the consequences are similar.

Based on the information that has been made public, Russia is reportedly working on creating a nuclear space weapon designed to eliminate satellites through the generation of a powerful energy wave upon detonation.

Russia is trying to develop a nuclear space weapon that would destroy satellites by creating a massive energy wave when detonated, potentially crippling a vast swath of the commercial and government satellites that the world below depends on to talk on cell phones, pay bills, and surf the internet, according to three sources familiar with US intelligence about the weapon. Source

Meanwhile, the US is looking for ways to prevent the scenario of a nuclear explosion in space.

A HEMP attack could perhaps have far more direct consequences than a conventional nuclear attack as people struggle for weeks or longer to find necessities like food, water, transportation and heat.

The likelihood of this scenario is increasing as we continue to provide Ukraine with increasingly sophisticated weapon systems, which in turn hinders Putin’s military operations. History has demonstrated that a dictator will go to great lengths to retain power, even resorting to extreme measures if they believe they can escape consequences. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to equip your home with the necessary supplies to endure a post-EMP environment.

An EMP attack would immediately destroy the essential services and communication systems that modern society relies on. When these foundational elements are removed, society begins to crumble. This situation would lead to one of the most severe prepping scenarios, where individuals must rely solely on their own resources and potentially defend their possessions from desperate crowds.

For several years, I have focused on preparing for an EMP attack as my primary disaster scenario. Among the various disasters we may encounter, an EMP attack is likely the most significant. While it may not encompass all aspects of a pandemic, it does encompass elements present in nearly every other type of disaster.

Are you getting ready for a potential EMP disaster? This threat is real, and it needs to be taken seriously. EMP is a serious SHTF scenario, and you need to be fully preapred for it. It’s not just about having a Faraday cage. How many dangers and warnings will our country ignore before we face a blackout and internal chaos?

I have put together a brief list of things that you might not have thought of having in your stockpile :


Following an EMP attack, the availability of clean and safe water may become uncertain. While water taps may function temporarily, it is important to prepare by storing water in advance. Avoid relying solely on one water source post-EMP and consider a tiered approach to water storage to ensure you have multiple methods for obtaining water.

Hard Copies

In an online environment, a significant issue arises when crucial information is confined to hard drives or the cloud. It is advisable to have physical copies of your important documents printed and securely stored to mitigate this risk.

Many of us now turn to the internet for recipes, replacing traditional cookbooks with the convenience of Google. It is beneficial to print out your favorite family recipes to ensure you can still prepare delicious meals even in the event of a power grid failure.

If you want a book filled with recipes for long-lasting survival foods, consider getting The Lost Super Foods. Everything in this book is explained in a clear, precise, step-by-step fashion, accompanied by colored pictures and easy-to-follow instructions.

EMP Cloth

The EMP Cloth is a specially designed material that effectively blocks all types of electromagnetic waves. When you wrap any item with it, it offers protection against the damaging effects of an EMP, providing a simple and effective solution to safeguard important electronic devices.

The EMP Cloth shields your electronics from the E1, E2, and E3 waves of an EMP, as well as protects them from a CME, also known as a solar EMP, which our planet is currently overdue for.

A Rocket Stove

So while there are going to be protected electronics within the cage, there are also going to be other items that don’t need such protection but will help you to survive an EMP.

The importance of having a rocket stove is evident post-pulse, as your cooking options will become limited. With microwaves and stoves scarce, grills will soon deplete their propane and charcoal supply. In contrast, a rocket stove can operate using sticks and leaves, ignites effortlessly, and is highly portable. I strongly recommend considering this versatile cooking solution.


It is advisable not to deposit all your funds in the bank, as in the event of an  EMP affecting your neighborhood, the ATMs may be permanently disabled, leaving you without access to your money.

Ideally, having a month’s worth of cash on hand serves as an excellent emergency fund. Your initial goal for preparing for an EMP should be to reach this amount.

Secure Your Home against Looters

For enhanced security of your home’s perimeter, consider investing in high-quality doors and locks within your budget. It is recommended to also upgrade the door frame and hinges simultaneously. Adding a sturdy bar or timber piece across each door can be effective, ensuring that the brackets are securely fastened with heavy-duty hardware directly into the studs surrounding the door frame. Keep in mind that the garage door is a vulnerable entry point.

While it may be difficult to prevent forced entry through methods like backing a vehicle into it or using tools like a sledgehammer or axe, focus on securing the doorway from the garage to the house as a primary defense measure. Windows are even harder to secure than doors, because they are made of glass. One option is to cover them with plywood, like people do for hurricanes.

While that won’t stop them from knocking on your door, asking for handouts, it will at least make sure they don’t try sneaking in through a window.

You might think that building a good privacy fence around your backyard is a good idea. However, here is why you should NEVER put a tall fence around your house. This small mistake could actually ruin everything for you.

Certainly, scientists warn that even in the absence of a significant EMP attack on the United States, it is inevitable that a massive solar storm will eventually disrupt the electrical grid.

Europe and the United States need to be prepared for almost any outcome. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that’s the issue that should concern us most.

I hope that you are getting ready while you still can. Do that and an EMP attack or Solar storm will still change your life forever, but it probably isn’t going to kill you.

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  1. Just from Putin’s war against Ukraine, he may get desperate within his last years of his life on earth by escalating the war via further invasion within the eastern portions of Europe. Just from this predicament, his gesture would be like “screw the world, I am the last generation of minds on earth that is sane from all the filth that was introduced since the 1960s” saying.

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