Is The Government Killing Our Independence Because We Are Too Comfortable To Fight For It?

It has been quite a while since I last felt positively towards my government. The corruption at the highest levels is so obvious, and they don’t even bother to conceal it anymore.

Time is running out. The day will come when everything you have done to prepare appears front and center. All your successes and all your failures.

Here are the ways that the government is stopping you from living an independent life.

The Battle of Mis/Disinformation

Censorship on a massive scale, unlike anything you’ve seen before, is on the horizon. It’s crucial for you to grasp the reasons behind this. The push for censorship stems from the impact people like us are having. I decided to address speech limitations first because of the immense value of your words. The year 2020 witnessed extensive censorship on social media platforms, in the media, and some individuals faced repercussions like job loss due to their speech.

The revelations from the Twitter files in 2022 and the close ties between our government and tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have shed light on the various ways our freedom of speech is restricted. The current digital platform for public expression is under surveillance, and individuals risk being silenced if the government deems it necessary.

Consider this: if the majority of the population were content with distractions, why would it matter what people say on podcasts and social media? However, the increasing dissatisfaction with the status quo and the trajectory of events indicate that people are moving in a positive direction. The authorities are uneasy, and the crackdown on misinformation is set to intensify.

The reality is that we are already facing the challenges of the predicted 2024 scenario. It may vary based on your location and lifestyle. We have been urging you for years to prepare for this moment.

The era of the adaptable survivor is here. Utilize your abilities, connections, and resources to navigate the current landscape. Many of you already know what needs to be done; it’s just a matter of taking action.

Limiting the 2nd Amendment Rights, The right to keep and bear arms!

The key to expressing your thoughts freely lies in safeguarding that ability, which is considered a fundamental right in our society. Our founding fathers prioritized two essential rights: freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. They recognized the importance of not only your words but also your capacity to protect your freedom of expression.

Starting Wars

The escalation of global conflicts is expected to persist throughout 2024, playing a significant role in the impending 2024 SHTF scenario. Most major conflicts worldwide are drawing in American forces, making it challenging to live independently with the looming threat of nuclear war. In our country, the President is required to seek approval from Congress to engage in war, although this process has not been consistently followed in past conflicts.

While China has not yet made a move on Taiwan, delaying this action may worsen their situation. It is conceivable that China is banking on the summer of 2024, hoping that America will be too preoccupied with domestic and international battles to assist Taiwan.

Even if you believe relocating to a remote area away from cities will shield you from the impacts of war, severe conflicts have the potential to affect everyone on the planet.

The Upcoming Elections

While the American elections will receive the most attention and have a significant impact on the global stage, crucial elections will be a focal point in 2024. A battle between freedom and tyranny is unfolding worldwide, as evidenced by events like German and French tractors blocking roads and thugs taking over a television station in Ecuador.

Many nations will hold elections that are marred by corruption and predetermined outcomes. The imprisonment of Pakistan’s former prime minister, a popular figure in the country, and the suppression of his party and supporters exemplify this trend. The imminent 2024 scenario includes the expansion of a world governing body with a singular objective: control. Will you succumb to this control? It is essential to understand the implications of the upcoming 2024 situation.

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Chaos is expected during these elections, with the US, Europe, and Russia all hosting significant electoral events. These elections will not only have a profound impact on individual nations but will also shape outcomes globally. At the grassroots level, there will be clashes and disruptions, leading to chaos.

Finding a peaceful resolution for the 2024 US Elections seems increasingly challenging.

Manipulation Of Energy Prices

Whether you are maintaining a rural homestead or residing in the suburbs of America, access to fuel is essential for enhancing your quality of life. When government intervention disrupts a market striving to meet consumer demand, it oversteps its boundaries. Amid the current energy crisis, a significant obstacle has emerged. The US government has significantly reduced fuel production levels, leading to unprecedented challenges.

Despite tapping into strategic oil reserves, such actions are deemed unnecessary. The truth remains that the US has historically been and should continue to be a net exporter of fuel.

Ensuring affordable fuel access not only promotes individual independence but also contributes to a safer global environment when America exports substantial fuel quantities, particularly in comparison to countries like Russia.

Blocking Water Storage Capabilities

Water storage is crucial for everyone, not just for preppers. Access to water is a fundamental necessity for all individuals, regardless of scenarios like World War III or an EMP.

It signifies our independence to have reliable access to water. In various locations across the country, governments have implemented laws prohibiting Americans from collecting water in rain barrels. This restriction significantly diminishes a key source of water independence. An average rain barrel can store up to 55 gallons of water, which can be utilized in emergencies.

This water can be harvested, filtered, and used for drinking purposes or even for flushing toilets during water shortages. Regardless of its use, having extra water enhances individual strength and preparedness.

It is perplexing that the government would hinder individuals from securing this vital resource.


The End-Of-Life Monopoly

When a loved one becomes terminally ill or passes away, it can be an incredibly challenging experience for the entire family. This situation has the potential to create significant strain within families. Whether you are in need of affordable medical care for your loved one or navigating the complexities of managing their estate, government assistance is often available. It is important to note that if you are unable to cover the costs of caring for aging parents, the government may intervene by liquidating their assets to fund nursing home care.

Additionally, the government may intervene in the distribution of inheritance outlined in a will, diverting a portion to bureaucratic processes. In cases where individuals struggle to maintain inherited property or meet tax obligations, the government may seize the assets left in the will. Over the past two decades, the government has expanded significantly in size and financial demands, a trend that has historical precedence. In our current era, individual independence and resilience are crucial.

Despite governmental challenges to personal autonomy, there are often strategies to navigate these obstacles.

We still have the right to vote and the power to communicate with our representatives. You may even be able to go in front of a city council and discuss certain grievances.

While this might sound like a hail Mary, I have seen laws and rules change many times because groups were formed and those groups stood before elected officials and made a case.

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Allowing Monopolized Purchasing Of Single-Family Homes

Powerful investors are buying up as much as 1/3 of the single-family homes in the US. These powerful investment firms have all the capital and all the backing. Now, if a government was going to step in on an issue wouldn’t it make sense to keep an eye on this?

We are facing a crisis of homelessness all over the nation. We should not be limiting access to these homes just to build a wealth investment firms portfolio.

When we think about “conspiracy theories” like The Great Reset most people scoff at phrases like “you will own nothing and you will like it”, it seems impossible, right? How could they pull something like that off?

Well, what if they own 50% of single-family homes by this time next year?

Attacking At Home Food Production

Backyard laying hens are one of the simplest animals that you can keep. If you can keep them from getting eaten, then you have already conquered the hard part. Well, that is if you are legally allowed to keep them.

Eggs cost around $6 a dozen average right now in this nation. That is wild!

A government that cared about its people would be loosening backyard hen keeping restrictions and talking about how easy it could be for millions of Americans to produce 6 eggs a day in their own backyard!

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of land to become completely self-sufficient. In fact, 1/4 acre is enough, if you follow this comprehensive guide.

So, this should not discourage you. We must all be prepared to survive it all and to act for the cause of liberty and life, in the face of everything I have listed above.

 That begs the question: Is the government killing our independence because we are too comfortable to fight for it?

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  1. Lon story short, the government is trying to kill you by hiring people so stupid they can’t figure out that they are actually mercenaries warring against their own friends and family.

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