What’s It Going To Take To Trigger The Next Civil War?

I’m throwing this question out there for your discussion and opinion:
What is it going to take – to trigger the next civil war?

Note: I am NOT advocating a civil war. I am asking a question.

With that said, here’s more clarification:

Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth

OUR NATION IS IN REAL TROUBLE and the seeds of a second conflagration have been sown. Not between the states – but between true patriots who believe in our nation’s founding principles and those who are working every day to undermine them and change the very nature of the country.

We face more than just political differences. The split between right and left is possibly irreparable – UNLESS WE UNDERSTAND WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING and how we must act to stop it. A call to action in the voting booth – in order to defend the freedoms our Constitution so brilliantly established.

-Michael Savage

While unfortunately a high percentage of sheeple are unaware or don’t care, the fact is that those who ARE aware of what has been happening (talking about ‘both’ sides here…), the differences have seemingly become ideologically enormous.

Note: Although the words ‘both sides’ implies ‘divide-and-conquer’, and while there certainly is a spectrum of ideologies, for the sake of generalization I believe it is adequate to pile us all into the predominant two sides of the spectrum… those who lean ‘left’ into big-government (progressive/socialism/communism) versus those who lean ‘right’ into small-government (independence, individual liberty, and freedom).

For sure, the leftist ideology has permeated our schools (for several decades) and we are now deep into the resultant offspring. This, coupled with the decades-old ‘political correctness’ indoctrination, the gargantuan expansion of the federal government and unaccountable countless federal agencies who regulate and control us… all this seems to fit right into the communist manifesto.

It has been well established for those who are paying attention that our Constitutional Rights have been steadily eroded as big-gov watches, regulates, and controls nearly every aspect of our lives. The courts have been stuffed to ‘the left’, our politicians are essentially all crooked and beholden to others except ‘We The People’, and during the past 8 years our POTUS has re-ignited racism, division, and has brought this nation into debt to an extent that will NEVER be repaid – except for collapse…

The NWO agenda is in high gear. Things are happening fast. And contrary (opposite) to our nation’s founding ideals of individualism, independent freedom, and liberty from government, these ‘barbaric’ ideals are being stripped down by the-powers-that-be and their willing accomplices.

Today’s ‘Patriot’ is their enemy, and those who openly resist are targets. Our speech is monitored, and it is no longer ‘free’. There are many, many things that we can no longer say – else suffer the potential consequences. Each of our own ‘circles’ of apparent privacy have shrunk to a minuscule diameter, and nearly all things that you do are known and recorded in a database somewhere in (Bluffdale, Utah).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I post this today, given the horrific shooting that has just occurred in Florida (more than 50 dead), the deadliest mass shooting in US history, by an Islamic Radical named OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN. I am angry about it. Obama today did not even mention the words “radical islamic terrorism” (he never does) – even though it is documented that the shooter proclaimed allegiance to ISIS prior to his rampage.

Knowing that the powers-that-be have a major objective to take our guns (before they can finish the job of total domination and control), I fear that our current POTUS in cohorts with the main-stream-media will target ‘the gun’ and use this tragedy for furthering their agenda to disarm the population. Step by step by step…

I could rant on and on (I will leave some for you), but what I’m getting at is this…

Knowing that statistically a small percentage of the population fought the American Revolution and even the (1st) Civil War, one wonders what spark might ignite the next. Given that the ideals of today’s nationalist or Patriot or freedom-loving Libertarian have been crushed during the last decade (and more), and given that I’m somewhat in tune (in this niche) with the anger that exists out there, I can’t help but wonder what it will take (what specific thing or things or event or events) to trigger the next…

Can the next civil war be stopped?
Any parallels to history?

Care to vent?

lost ways sq

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog


6 Replies to “What’s It Going To Take To Trigger The Next Civil War?

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  2. A “Civil War” as it is commonly understood is no longer possible on a massive scale in any NATO Country. While it is not understood as such, we are a country ruled by covert fascists with a much larger money making agenda based on the control of the populous and…Data. Yes data. Data or information, is the new gold standard. Bit coin technology is being pushed for reasons that are very difficult for common man to understand. The last Civil War had nothing to do with popular beliefs. These were just reasons perpetuated by the ruling class so that commoners could relate, and get motivated to go to war. At that time funding the war effort was very profitable and the ruling class did benefit from the sale of arms and ammunition to both sides. The unification of the states was inevitable to anyone sitting on high, the war was just a nice way to energize the spending in washington, the real power and winnings came in the years that followed, through the refinement and sale of fossil fuels. THe “Petro-Dollar” won the day and still does, but it has no future. The second most powerful nation in the world right now is the size of New Jersey. Why? They are mastering the use of the next big thing that takes up very little space…DATA. Israel is leading the way in the upcoming information age, and their long arm stretches out from that tiny dot on the globe all around the world. So will there be another “Civil War” in America, not a chance. Will there be riots, unrest, and skirmishes if we do not win the DATA war? Yes. But right now…its not looking too good. The agenda is in motion, and while our universities are strong, they are packed with foreigners, coming here getting the knowledge they need, and going back to where they came from…our future is doomed unless we fix the hemorrhage of people that know how to deal with the next currency.

  3. Hmmm…VERY well said, but, (unfortunately), preaching to the Choir.

    Another Civil War? “CIVIL WAR ll?” (I read Tom Chittum’s Book, and I was convinced, back in 2003!)

    Been researching the BREADTH & DEPTH of the “National IDEOLOGICAL / POLITICAL / RELIGIOUS / EDUCATIONAL / SOCIAL aspects of the CHANGES that have been being foisted upon us, [SINCE SHORTLY AFTER the FIRST Civil War!?!] Since, (at LEAST), the 1890’s. And, believe-you-me, the changes, (tho ORIGINALLY QUITE SUBTLE), have become pervasive to the point of irreversible!


    My research has NOT inspired me to embrace the “CIVIL WAR II” dynamic. No….RATHER, my research has DRIVEN me to my KNEES, and thus, CLEARLY REVEALED the 5 way split that this Nation is ALREADY divided into…and…will CONTINUE so divided, until destroyed.

    And, History CLEARLY depicts the CERTAINTY of my statement. Just take the Russian Revolution…It was NOT simply made up of [#1] “Bolsheviks”; “white Russians”, and “Commies”…NO! There were the [#2] Religious and the [#3] Atheists, (without even including the Commies!?!). Then, there were the [#4] ULTRA RICH! And, the #[5] Criminal culture that the Monarchy had cultivated…and finally, the [#6] PEASANTS…. So…what about U.S.?

    Well, the recent, (in the 1960’s ), History depicts a Nation dividing three specific ways: #1] “Patriots”;{LARGE majority}; #2] “Anti-establishment Radicals”, {minuscule minorities}; and #3] “The Military / Industrial Complex” of the 50’s.

    NOW! evaluate for a moment….Have ANY of those 3 CHANGED? …..My answer is “YES!” ALL of them have. AND! There have been several MORE categories of Society ADDED to the mix. (#4] The CORPORATE / MILITARY COMPLEX — #5] THE “PROGRESSIVES”, and #6] The “NATIONALISTS / {PATRIOTS}! And, THEN we have three subsets added: #7] The DISENFRANCHISED {entitlement} BLACK Community; #8] The Latino / Mexican Community; and #9] The Muslim Community.

    At this point you’ve PROBABLY wondered: “What about that “criminal group….What happened with them?”

    Well, they’re still VERY MUCH there…but! So divided that they simply are “background noise”…(The “SM15” – “ZETTAS” – DRUG CARTELS – MEXICAN MAFIA – Black Muslims – Black Panthers – Black Community crime groups AND Political groups; THEN there are the MUSLIMS – {“Al Que’da” – “ISIS / ISIL” & Saudi Royals, Iran}, and then the Russian Mafia; AND LASTLY: “etc.”, [subsets of all of these groups].

    Soooo, WHY AM I SAYING ALL OF THIS? Because my RESEARCH has revealed to me that the “United States of America”, has be divided, and, IS PRESENTLY being INVADED, to such a degree that there is no longer much reason to HOPE for a simple two way “Republican / Democrat split, {Southern / Northern}, split; (THAT kind of split will simply FREEZE the Government’s functionality). NOPE!

    When the “entitlements” cease to arrive…and the Dollar is devalued to 1/10th is original value, (or worse!), and thus, the economy crashes, then I give America about 46 hrs. to collapse into TOTAL (Ferguson & Baltimore City — BUT — 1000 times more violent), chaos and catastrophe!


    It WON’T be the “poors” against the “Middle class / RICH”….It will encompass ALL 9 of those groups I named above, EACH INDIVIDUAL GROUP fighting EACH OF THE OTHER GROUPS, until EITHER UTTER DESTRUCTION prevails,…or…ALLIANCES are developed, (i.e. The Yugoslavia / Bosnia / etc. breakup)….

    BUT! I see NO ideological UNIFYING pattern developing. Rather, I see a 9 way split of this Nation. ULTIMATELY devolving into PROBABLY 4 MAJOR groups…and THEN….in come the “vulture” Nations to gobble up the pathetic remnants…Good bye America!

    I defy you to prove me wrong…(Do PLEASE try to realize that WWII can’t be repeated by a such an ENORMOUSLY DIVIDED Country….). THANKS Look forard to you HISTORICALLY SUPPORTED rebuttal.

    AH! I just saw JAMES R.’s post! And, that element is the element I left out, because I’ve come to the conclusion that “Christian America” has LONG SINCE passed her “”point of return”, and simply awaits Yahwey’s determination as to WHEN HE will ALLOW our demise…

    I STRONGLY ADVISE any Christians reading this, (and James’), post, to SEEK GOD, and review, (PROFOUNDLY, with prayer & supplications), the “MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH”…It’s a message that BOTH Billy Graham, as well as a group of 150 youth, carried across the United States, in the LATE 60′ & EARLY 70’s…PLEASE!


  4. There is nothing that will lead Americans to civil war. Anything that could, has already happened! What we should be worried about is our destruction. The elites aren’t going to move to a NWO with an armed America, so the choices are disarm, or nuclear destruction. Laugh all you want, but TPTB are working both of those fronts! Tons of prophesy, and the Bible, talk about America’s destruction as well. Trump, and Brexit, just let TPTB know they need to move fast, as in months and years!

  5. I believe that what is going on in this country, and worldwide is the fulfillment of prophetic promise. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals AND subsequently consecrated to God Almighty by our leaders at the time. They, as well as the local populace asked God to bless and guide this nation with those principals. Our forefathers knew tyranny, and wanted it shed from their lives. We have now come full circle. We embrace, as a nation, everything our Creator established as immoral, false, and on a common sense level of understanding…..wrong. Yes, communism and social engineering are the tenets of today’s culture, which is all but stymied in all the hullabaloo of the current trend, or social rule of the day. Just as in Nazi Germany in the late 30’s and early 40’s, our youth are brainwashed collectively in the propaganda machine we call the education system to believe what’s wrong is right and right is wrong. Coupled with the same messages coming out of our entertainment industries and the PC cancer eating away at our traditional cultural values; it’s a potent combination. All this being said, this is just a small part of what’s coming unless our nation turns back to those principals embraced long ago. God has lifted his hedge of protection from our land, and is allowing evil to infect the body politic on an unprecedented level so our country is undermined and destroyed. As individuals we are judged, but also as nations. Unless we wake up and do something about this, in 5-10 years we as a nation will be just a passing thought of how it used to be.

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