What You Need to Know About the Imminent 2024 SHTF

This article was originally published by James Walton on www.askaprepper.com

In all honesty, a topic like this really deserves a complete book to cover it all. That said, I can give you the 50,000-foot level view. Then you can choose which of these snake-filled pits you would like to investigate further.

More importantly than the causes of the 2024 SHTF are the steps that you take to prepare for it. While it can tend to feel like we are completely powerless to stop all this chaos, the reality is there is a lot we can do. Much of it is just a lot harder than binge watching Netflix, so we tend to leave it for another day.

Time is running out. The day will come when everything you have done to prepare appears front and center. All your successes and all your failures.

Border/Civil War Crisis

What You Need to Know About the Imminent 2024 SHTF

While focusing all our concerns on the borders of places like Ukraine and Israel we got bored with the perennial battle of securing the US border.

Now not only has an unknown number of enemy combatants entered the nation, we also have the state of Texas jawing with the federal government.

This could either turn out to be a Supreme Court battle or something that looks a lot more like civil war. It’s a battle the United States need not be fighting at a moment like this. You need to understand that the worst thing that can happen to the world is not nuclear war, it’s the fall of the US.

We now have a 3.5 year study on what the world looks like with a weaker America. Imagine what would happen on this planet if the American forces did not come rushing in to save the day.

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Upcoming Elections

While the American election will take up most of the airtime and have the most significant impact on the world stage, important elections will dominate 2024.

All around the world there is a battle being fought. We have seen glimpses of it through lined up German and French tractors blocking roads and we have watched it in Ecuador when thugs took over the television station.

The battle of freedom and tyranny is in full swing now. Many nations will have elections that are completely corrupt and have since been decided. The former prime minister of Pakistan, the most popular politician in the country, sits in jail and his party and supporters have been suppressed.

Part of the imminent 2024 SHTF is the further growth of a world governing body that has one goal: Control. Will you be controlled?

What You Need to Know About the Imminent 2024 SHTF

Of course, there will be chaos amidst these elections.

The US, Europe, and Russia will all be holding important elections.

These elections are not just going to affect each nation dramatically but will affect the outcomes for the rest of the world!

The foot soldiers on the ground level are going to be thrashing at one another. There will be disruptions and there will be chaos. There is no peaceful solution for the 2024 US Elections.

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Sleeper Cells in America

“Soon you will know who I am,” one illegal immigrant commented as he approached the American border, in a deep Middle Eastern accent. He was jawing with a border journalist, and it was all caught on video.

Years ago, many preppers were roundly criticized for talking about Iranian sleeper cells in the United States. Like many things we preppers foreshadow, now it seems idiotic not to assume there are large factions of opposing military forces within the US.

Could there be a better year for covert military action within the United States than this election year? Large groups of people fighting to stop the war in Israel, railing against Trump, and crying over DEI, will flood the streets in America’s biggest cities.

We are going to see attacks on our biggest cities, and they are going to come from these protests. Other sensitive infrastructure is likely to be targeted, too. The cover is just too good and there are too many monsters here now.

The fireworks we see at protests today will be detonations tomorrow.


What You Need to Know About the Imminent 2024 SHTF

The spread of war all over the globe is something that will continue all through 2024. This is a major factor in the imminent 2024 SHTF.

Almost all the major conflicts around the world are pulling in the American forces. All except the one that is brewing on our own southern border.

China has not made its move on Taiwan but the longer they wait the worse it will be for them. I cannot help but imagine that China is gonna bet the house on the summer of 2024 hoping America is so deeply entrenched in other battles at home and abroad that it will be a stretch consider sending help to Taiwan.

Of the sleeper cells mentioned above, you better believe there are Chinese forces operating in our nation. Should the Taiwan War break out they will be instructed to attack us from within, you could argue what happened with the railroads and warehouse fires last year, that this has already happened.

Public Distrust

Who do you trust? What major institutions do you think have your best interest in mind?

This is yet another part of the 2024 SHTF that sows chaos all over the world. What’s most important to those who wish to see such a collapse is that we do not trust one another. They want you to stay isolated and in front of your computer or phone searching for allies on Twitter, like a good little sheep.

The Creeping Collapse of Law & Order

What You Need to Know About the Imminent 2024 SHTF

WROL (Without Rule of Law) used to be a crazy prepper term for a time when there would be no rule of law.

A time where something like under $900 dollars’ worth of goods could be stolen from a store and no one would be prosecuted.

That’s a symptom of WROL.

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From the poorhouse to the state house, we watch bad guys go free. This not only crushes the majority who abide by the laws, but it summons vigilantes to create their own rules and laws.

The Battle of Mis/Disinformation

Censorship. Grand scale censorship the likes of which you have never seen. That is what is coming. It’s important for you to understand why. It’s because people like us are making a difference.

Think about it. If the mass of the population were satisfied with their bread and circuses, then who cares what people are out there saying on podcasts and social media.

However, the growing discontent for the way things are and the direction things are going lets you know that the people are moving in the right direction. The thought police are upset and the attack on “mis/disinformation” is going to increase.

The truth of the matter is that we are already in the 2024 SHTF scenario. I think we are all just afraid to admit it. Now, it varies depending on where you are and what kind of lifestyle you live.

We have been pushing you for years to get prepared for just this moment. The time of the adaptable survivor is here. Use your skills, connections, and resources to navigate what is happening all around us. Most of you know exactly what to do, it’s just a matter of doing it.

This should not discourage you. These are the moments that make history. There is no better time to be alive! You see, it is in these moments that great heroes arise, and great victories of liberation can be had. We must all be prepared to survive it all and to act for the cause of liberty and life, in the face of everything I have listed above.


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  1. It’s gonna get real bad, real fast one day. And The first conflict most people will have will be with their own families and acquaintances. It will likely come with a false explanation from the news media that will require even the most well prepped prepper to sort out what is happening in his own mind before he can explain to others around him what it is. By then, they will have already drawn their own false conclusions as to what is happening and will be forming their own course of action based on public news broadcasts, which will likely be the opposite of the truth, designed to take the prepper away from the right course of action and there will be no time to argue about it with family who are already emotional and taking the wrong actions.

  2. The publication of the new book, “White Rural Rage: The Threat To American Democracy” confirms that the elitist East Coast Communists are in a panic and their disinfo and propaganda against the average awake patriotic citizen in fly over country is now openly being waged.
    The author is correct, I am enraged…at the 10 million illegal “new comers”, the stolen 2020 election, MSM liars, attacks on equal justice and free speech, MIC/Zionist banker wars, 20% inflation, the $33+ trillion debt, vilification of Whites their traditional family values and religious freedom, trannies in schools and the military, a corrupt and embarrassing, senile pants shitter installed as President…and so much more.

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