Meds FEMA Will Take From You in a Crisis. Hide Them Now

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A combination of laws passed by Congress and executive orders signed by various presidents has given FEMA an enormous amount of authority.

Of all the alphabet agencies, they are the only one who is authorized to declare martial law and confiscate emergency supplies. That authority doesn’t require any further presidential orders, but can be carried out based on the opinion of FEMA’s leadership.

We all saw the supply chain problems that the pandemic caused.

Considering the high probability of supply chain problems and shortages that would be associated with a major disaster, it is highly likely that FEMA would have to use that authority in the wake of pretty much any major disaster; especially a major disaster that strikes quickly.

Although the pandemic messed up the supply chain royally, the impact on us was slower than it would be for something like a loss of the power grid and subsequent loss of communications.

There has been much speculation about FEMA confiscating food stockpiles during a major crisis. That authority, which was granted to them by presidential order, was probably drafted with the intent that it would be used to take over the stocks of wholesale food warehouses, not the food that we have in our pantries.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of preppers who have pushed the idea that the same authority gives FEMA the ability to raid us preppers, taking over our food stockpiles.

Confiscating Meds to Save Lives?

Meds FEMA Will Take From You In A Crisis. Hide Them Now

But food isn’t the only thing that FEMA has the authority to take. Their authority extends far beyond food, covering all basic necessities.

One of the more critical of those necessities is medicines.

In a time of crisis, when food, medicine and every other necessity is hard to come by, it only makes sense that FEMA would be trying to round up all the medicines they could, in an effort to save lives.

While saving lives is a noble pursuit, we have to ask ourselves what saving those lives will cost. Just like giving our food stockpile away and having our own children starve, allowing FEMA or someone else to take our emergency medicines, in order to save lives, may very well carry the cost of watching our own family members die, when there aren’t medications available for them.

The first question for us becomes, just what sorts of medications is FEMA going to be concerned about rounding up?

There are countless medications that people take regularly for chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, mental issues and a host of other medical problems.

In some cases, those people can survive without their medications, controlling the problem through a combination of diet, exercise and positive thinking. But there are many more who will die without their daily medications, whether that be in a matter of days or months.

It is highly unlikely that FEMA will be concerned about people’s chronic health problems. They have much bigger fish to catch, than someone’s high blood pressure.

While they may be pressured to try and find blood pressure medications for some government big-shots, they don’t have the time or manpower to search house to house, in order to steal people’s blood pressure medicine.

Meds FEMA Will Take From You In A Crisis. Hide Them Now

On the other hand, I’m sure that FEMA, with the cooperation of local law-enforcement officers, will be looking for informants to tell them about people who have stockpiled medicines.

That would be an almost sure way of getting a getting a visit by government agents looking to “redistribute” your supply.

But again, that’s not what FEMA is really going to be interested in. All that those drugs can do is to prevent pre-existing conditions from becoming serious enough that people become sick or die. Those who are taking such drugs will only survive as long as the supply of drugs lasts. Once it is gone, they will die.

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Considering that 66 percent of all adults in the United States are on some sort of medications for chronic life-threatening conditions, it would be impossible for FEMA to gather up enough drugs to keep all those people alive for even one month, let alone longer.

FEMA’s focus is going to have to be on saving the lives of people who are injured or who have a curable illness. This means that they’re going to be looking for life-saving drugs, rather than life-sustaining drugs.

They’re not going to be interested in the kind of life-saving drugs that allow people who have chronic conditions to keep living a care-free life; but the kind of life-saving drugs that will allow doctors and hospitals to save the lives of people who become injured or ill and who can be put back to work with minimal care.

It’s Really About Antibiotics

Meds FEMA Will Take From You In A Crisis. Hide Them Now

That means the biggest thing they’ll be looking for is antibiotics. They’ll probably look for Epinephrine as well; but few people have more than two epi-pens, due to their high cost.

Oh, they’ll look for other life-saving drugs as well; but not drugs that you and I are likely to have in our stash.

Those are drugs which are kept under lock and key in hospitals, because of the danger in their use.

Things like Flecainide, Dofetilide, Amiodarone and Ibutilide, all of which are used to restart a heart that has stopped beating. Those aren’t the kinds of drugs that preppers bother to stockpile.

Most preppers at least try to stockpile antibiotics, something that’s commonly known. Therefore, it makes sense that FEMA will try to search out the preppers in a community, in an effort to confiscate their stocks of antibiotics in the case of emergency. Fortunately for us, it doesn’t take a lot of space to hide a sizeable stockpile of antibiotics.

Be Ready for Them

I’d recommend keeping some antibiotics out, in the medicine cabinet or with your stockpile of other survival supplies.

They’re unlikely to believe that you don’t have any, so if there’s nothing for them to find, they’ll just keep digging. A few courses of antibiotics, stored in normal pill bottles, will work as a good decoy, should they ever search your home.

At the same time, you want to have a lot more antibiotics stashed somewhere where they aren’t easy to find, like in the walls of your home. Those are what you want to hide, keeping FEMA from finding them.

While all medications have an expiration date on them, that date doesn’t really indicate that the medications are no good anymore. Some meds, like those which require refrigeration, do actually go bad.

But anything that is in pill or capsule form probably won’t. They’ll be good for at least a few years after that date. We really don’t know how long they will last after that point. If they do start going bad, it would be a gradual process, as they lose their potency.

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