The Internment Camps Solution: Those That Place Their Faith In The Government Are Making A Deal With The Devil

By: Tom Chatham

It has been surmised and reported for years by some in the know that detention camps will be used to contain dissidents during and after a collapse scenario. It has also been widely reported by many that some enforcement personnel may not show up to work during a breakdown, in order to stay home and protect their own families. It seems logical that a percentage of enforcement and possibly military personnel would do this. This is the conundrum the government will find itself in if a collapse does happen.

You can be sure they have already run the numbers and know this will cause them many problems. They already know that a percentage of the people they will rely on to carry out their plans will reject the illegal actions that will certainly occur at the hands of government sociopaths that will be giving the orders. They know that a percentage of the military will reject confiscation of weapons and detention of patriotic Americans.

The government would be hard pressed to control the nation even if every government employee did as told. There are just not enough enforcers compared to citizens. Outside forces may be brought in to help but if a percentage of government employee’s desert with the knowledge and training they have, it would be devastating to government operations. So, what to do?

It is a good bet that dissenters of the state and those with things the state wants will be rounded up and detained for an indefinite time. Many may be eliminated at some point. Even so, this roundup will not solve all of the states problems with control of the populace and its’ own people.

One simple way to enforce the governments will among the enforcement community would be to control the enforcers’ families. Under the pretext of moving the government employees’ families out of harms way, the government could move them into some of the internment camps for “safety reasons”. Under the pretext of keeping them safe while the government employees do their job, the government would then have the leverage it needs to force compliance of the government workers. They would have to do as told or their families would be deemed potential enemies and be subjected to who knows what.

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There are many that would defy the government even at the risk of their lives but when it is the lives of their family it is a different story. This is the tool used by totalitarian governments throughout history to insure compliance. It would be the only way to keep many of the military and civilian workers in line as the government brutality escalated.

This is only a possibility but given the governments actions over the past few years it is a likely scenario and government personnel should take heed. Once this family evacuation happens, it will then be too late to stop it without risking their lives. This is one scenario I don’t believe enforcement personnel in this country have prepared for or will contemplate until it happens.

Unless government personnel have a plan to deal with this when chaos starts, they may be locked into a scenario they cannot escape. Once in it will be all or nothing. This will leave them in a situation of force compliance to the bitter end. Just as the Nazis forced compliance to the end, so will the American government. We all know how that ended and we do not want to repeat it.

Unfortunately we are now on a spiral to disaster and if we are not able to stop it many will pay the price. This threat to family members may be the reason many top ranking government officials have left their jobs in recent years and moved their families into self sufficient enclaves with other former government employees. Those that know are not saying at least not directly given the war this administration is currently engaged in with whistleblowers. When taken in this light, the events we are now witness to make much more sense.


Those that place their faith in the government are making a deal with the devil and the details will become painfully evident when it all finally unfolds. All government employees out there need to consider the possibility of this and decide now what is most important to them. There will be no second chances to get it right.

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