Take These 8 Steps To Control Allergies Without Medicines

It is no secret that increasing levels of pollution in the water, air, and food are leading to a higher percentage of people developing “allergies”.

Modern science claims that it is our immune systems at fault, and therefore needs blocking with dangerous drugs, but perhaps look at this situation from the other way around.

In this case, our body’s immune system has “good reason” to reject chemicals that cause cancer, heart problems, or other diseases.

From that perspective, it becomes possible to look for methods to control allergies without using medicines.

Detecting, eliminating, and healing from the consequences of allergic triggers can be tedious and time consuming.

Still it may be best to consider before even more people succumb to “allergies” that may indicate environmental problems instead of biological dysfunctions.

Be Open Minded When Searching for Triggers

When searching for allergy triggers, start off by viewing your body as a holistic system in the sense that problems in one area can trigger symptoms elsewhere.

For example, a food allergy can trigger breathing problems, headaches, or other issues that aren’t clearly “digestive” in nature.

Therefore, when you go for allergy testing, make sure that you are tested for as many possible triggers in as many areas as possible.

Get a copy of the results and keep them handy in a binder where you can make additional notes.

As you will see later on in this article, molecules from things you are allergic to can appear in some very strange and unexpected places. This, in turn, means that you will have to do some very careful research to find out exactly what is triggering your allergic responses and then figure out how best to avoid them.

Start the Trigger Elimination Process With Dairy

Did you know one of the biggest and fastest growing causes of allergy in the United States is dairy products?

As such, if you are looking for the biggest place to eliminate the most triggers, starting with cutting out all dairy may be a good place to start. Now let’s have a look at why.

This is How Our Ancestors Grew Their Own Food and Survived Crisis!

Even if you have never been on a farm or helped raise dairy cows, you already know that lactating cows consuming onions will produce milk that smells of onion. While we are often told that milk is a food designed to feed newborn mammals, the fact remains mammalian mothers also pass many other things along with the milk.

This includes:

The kind of molecules from foods that are consumed by the cow

In this case, chemicals from the onion are not as easily digested, and get passed along in the milk.

Now let’s say you are allergic to sulfur (which is in the oil from onions that the cows do not digest easily), and you buy milk from a cow that has consumed onions. Let’s also say the milk has been homogenized, pasteurized, and modified in order to produce the same flavor from one carton to another.

As a result, even though you would normally be able to smell or taste the sulfur, you are unable to because of all this masking. Logically speaking, even though sulfur is not listed on the carton of milk as an ingredient, it may, in fact be in milk itself.

In order to find out if there are hidden allergens in dairy products, you must start off by finding out what you are allergic to. Do some research at feedipedia.org to find out if things you are allergic to are being fed to dairy cows.

Remember, it may not be the entire food you are allergic to, but just one or two molecules that get passed into the milk. This includes items that you normally don’t consider as food, but may be fed to dairy cows such as wood chips. If you are allergic to the pollen from a specific tree, then seeing wood or other material from that tree may still be putting you into contact with problematic molecules from that tree’s pollen.

Proteins and other materials from foods that are used in vaccines

At this time there is considerable controversy over whether or not vaccines can cause food allergies in children. Since dairy proteins are used in some vaccines, it is worth a try to stop consuming dairy products to see if it helps.

Hidden vaccines, medicines, and other chemicals fed to dairy cows

As with hidden food molecules from other sources masked in the milk, you may also be consuming traces of antibiotics, injected hormones, and many other things that may be triggering allergic responses once you consume them through the milk.

Keep Track of Improvements and Changes

Once you decide on an allergy trigger to eliminate, be sure to record the date and how you feel. Take notes daily for at least three months. If you notice improvements in your health, make note of these. In some cases, the improvements may be indirectly related, or not as much as expected because your body needs to heal.

While some claim that you will reach maximum improvement in 1 – 2 months, swollen or inflamed tissue can take months to heal. If you sprain your ankle on the ice or sprain your ankle the exact same way on some other surface, it will take the same time to heal.

It does not always matter where the tissue injury comes from, it only matters that it needs a certain amount of time to heal before you see the full benefit.

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How to Filter and Avoid Air Based Triggers

There are all kinds of toxic odors around you from automobiles, factories, and even homes that burn various fuels for heat and cooking. In fact, if you could test an air sample from your home, you would find that it is full of micro particles of dust, mold, smoke debris, and all kinds of gases.

Even though you can breathe it in and have become adapted to the odor, that does not mean your lungs are immune to injury from these air pollutants.

Each time you go into a store, you’re exposed to airborne toxins and carcinogenic molecules released by air fresheners, soaps, perfumes, and other body care products. Even if you don’t use a particular product, if you can smell it in the air, it is, in fact, having an impact on your body, and may be causing harm to your lungs and immune system.

Since it can be expensive and tedious to isolate every single gas or particulate matter in the air around you, the best thing you can do is filter your air as much as possible.

At home, you can use activated carbon and near-HEPA grade furnace filters to clean the air as much as possible.

You can also wear face masks that contain activated carbon when you go out in order to eliminate store based odors, auto exhaust fumes, and other air borne toxins that may be triggering allergic reactions. Wearing a mask (and latex/vinyl gloves) will also reduce your chances of getting the flu, colds, and other illnesses during peak seasons for these diseases.

Dig Deeper on Vaccines

Did you know that vaccines for Adenovirus, and mist versions of the flu shot contain monosodium glutamate (MSG)?

Aside from this, many other vaccines contain sucrose, molecules from milk, pork, beef, eggs, soy, and other things that are either food or commonly found as food additives.

Chances are you also realize that allergies to these foods, and illnesses from them were virtually unheard of even a few decades ago.

While there are many possible factors causing the rise in allergies and cancer, there is no question that immune system “problems” are at the bottom of them, just as surely as the immune system is part of the equation for asthma and “allergies”.

From this perspective, the rise in all these diseases corresponds uncomfortably well with the increases in vaccines and vaccinations.

There is no doubt that vaccines are important for preventing deadly diseases like tetanus. On the other side of the equation, there is truly more than one way to make a vaccine.

Do your research on the different formularies available and demand one that you feel will do the least damage just in case there is a viable, yet currently controversial link between receiving vaccines and developing allergies to some of the ingredients injected at the same time as the offending pathogen.

Understand the Role of Pollution

Your body is made up completely of atoms and molecules that have been part of the Earth since its formation. Even though there are things that are poisonous or harmful to your body, nothing compares to the toxic load generated by molecules that would never form naturally or on their own.

Today, man-made chemicals pollute every aspect of our world. To add insult to injury, when you start combining these chemicals (such as in dumps), or other areas where they can mix, there is no telling what impact they have once you encounter them. There may not even be a tests for your allergy simply because researchers don’t even know that certain molecules exist.

From that perspective, it’s important to be careful about purifying washing, bathing, and drinking water. Do what you can to make sure the air you breathe and food you eat are as free of pollutants as possible.

Find ways to keep your garments free of contamination and make sure that you can prevent debris from getting into your home. If this all sounds like advice for nuclear decontamination, you would not be far off in your estimation!

Understand the Drugs and Therapies You are On

Over the years, researchers claim they have made great strides in understanding how the immune system works, and how to control it to achieve better results. One has only to look at the history of the appendix to understand how far off researchers may be even as they continue to develop drugs based on what may be faulty knowledge.

Consider that not so long ago, the appendix was considered a “vestigal organ” that has no real purpose in the modern human body. As such, it is often removed or thought of as having no role other than to cause problems when it becomes infected.

More recently, it has been discovered that the appendix helps ensure the balance of bacteria in the intestines remains in favor of good bacteria. This alone has many implications for good health and a well functioning immune system. Some researchers also speculate that the appendix may play a heavier role than expected in the immune response process.

Allergies are often thought of as “inflammation”, and that one part of the immune system is responsible for all the problems. This part of the immune system is also thought to have no particular or important use in the human body, so modern therapies aim to either block it or knock it out altogether.

Given the “mistakes” in scientific conclusions that happened with the appendix, isn’t it possible that the same kind of mistake is being made with the parts of the immune system that create allergic responses?

As stated earlier, it is entirely possible our bodies have good reason for responding to certain things as poison. While we may not see anything on the surface, hidden poisons, toxins, carcinogens, and other dangerous molecules may be detected by the immune system.

Before you try to control your allergies without drugs, be aware of what you are on, and if it is safe to stop therapy. In some cases, missing a single shot can spell death or serious illness because your immune system will be thrown into chaos. Once you know that you can safely get off these drugs, make a plan with your doctor and make sure that you get all the right information.

This includes consulting with the following doctors on all drugs that you are taking:

  • an endocrinologist (especially if you are taking any kind of steroid)
  • an immunologist
  • a hematologist
  • an allergy specialist
  • a dietitian that specializes in eliminating specific foods without sacrificing good nutrition
  • a specialist for the organ system for every other drug you are on that isn’t related to treatment for allergies
  • a licensed specialist for any herbal supplements you may be taking

Before you make a decision, take notes on all the answers that you got and then do your own research. Make an effort to find out where the conflicts come from. Rule out any that may come from lack of more detailed knowledge about a specific drug and its impact on organs you hadn’t considered to be part of your problem.

Go back and ask more questions and see if you can get a viable consensus that agrees with research derived from creditable resources such as the WHO and NIH. Once you have a consensus, then you have a better chance of getting off drugs for allergies safely and effectively.

Use Your Rights to Demand Change

One of the most important and impressive things about capitalism is you have a right to spend your money as you choose. If you find that products are dangerous or harmful, there should never be a law that says you have to buy them or consume them instead of something else.

Today, many aspects of modern medicine are driven by money. While doctors may still have good intentions, they are also bound by money and making as much of it as possible. Now is the time to use your political rights to demand better scientific research and accountability. It is also time to refuse to buy into anything that prevents capitalism from getting rid of bad or dangerous drugs or procedures.

More than a few people suffering from allergies today are surprised to find that controlling the problem seems to be getting harder and more expensive. Without a careful study of pollutants, hidden ingredients, and drugs used to treat immune related disorders, you’ll have a very hard time managing your allergies using natural methods.

If you start with some of the bigger, or key triggers, it will give you a basis for moving forward.

Regardless of whether you are concerned about drug availability during a major social collapse, want to cut costs associated with prescription drugs, or simply want to feel good without always focusing on being ill, then even small steps can and should encourage you to move forward.

And hopefully succeed in treating your allergies as well as many other conditions without using drugs!



****Disclaimer: This article is not intended to, nor does it take the place of competent medical advice. See a qualified, licensed medical doctor and always do your own research.****

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