Survival Techniques Every Man Must Master Before Heading to the Jungle

Suppose you are stranded in the Tadoba National Park with darkness falling. You are not able to find any help close by. Would you be able to get out of this precarious situation fast before encountering any wild animals or the elements? Obviously, you would like to safeguard yourself from all sorts of dangers and any potential harm. It is always best to master the typical jungle survival skills before heading into the wilderness.

Here are some of the top wilderness survival strategies and skills you must know and remember before venturing out into the jungle.

Mastering a Proactive Attitude

A survival situation in the jungle is certainly not an opportunity to lose your calm and panic. You need to get out of this crisis situation with a strong willpower and solid determination.  You must definitely concentrate on a proactive and a positive attitude. Once you realize that you are lost in the woods you must start by

  • Developing a concrete plan.
  • Listing all the resources in hand.
  • Identifying the crucial tasks that are essential for survival like finding drinking water, insulated shelter, and some warmth.
  • Going about with sheer grit and determination.
  • Realizing that feelings are not associated with facts. In reality, you may be feeling pretty hopeless but the fact is you need to keep all your thoughts truly focused on getting away from this dangerous situation and getting back to the safety and comfort of your Tadoba accommodation.

Constructing an Insulated Shelter for the Night

  • You need to build a well-insulated shelter to safeguard yourself from the elements.
  • Think in terms of your body basics. No need to think about a big shelter. Simply make a shelter just big enough to fit in your body in lying down posture.
  • Smartly construct the basic framework using whatever is available at the site. You could use a strong branch or a fallen tree. Allow the solid branch to rest securely against the robust standing tree.
  • You could block the sides with sticks put close together. Use relatively smaller sticks to fill up gaps in between.
  • You may add proper insulation by covering the sides effectively with leaves, bark moss, thorny bushes, etc. Use thick materials for added protection. You may also add same kind of insulation to the floor, it is better to find something thick for extra protection.

Locating Clean Water

  • You could get some uncontaminated and clean rainwater. Look for it. Collect rainwater and store it for drinking later on. It is best to boil whatever water you have found. This is essential for destroying the pathogens.
  • You need to think in terms of the topography. Look for indentations and outcropping where water could be accumulating. If you are using water from puddles and streams, you better boil it before consumption.
  • Collect dew drops that form on grass and leaves.

Learning an Advanced Way of Lighting a Fire

You must learn how to light a fire in the jungle with the help of a battery before you step out on your wildlife vacation to the Tadoba National Park in India. With the help of your car or jeep battery, you could light up a fire. Attach steel wool or wires for connecting the negative and positive posts. This would be igniting the wool or inducing a spark.


If you wish to survive while you are lost in the jungle, you may additionally consider making a spear to catch fish or any other small game to keep you going for the time being. You must be equipped with survival kit including a lighter, folding knife, hydration bag, a cell phone, and a completely waterproof thermal sack that could be used for effectively retaining your body heat and avoiding any kind of skin exposure to cold wind at night in the jungle.


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