Securing Your Home and Fortifying Your Family’s Assets


As a prepper and survivalist you probably have equity in your home. Not only in food stores, but also in your family and the valuables contained in your home. All too often we take these riches for granted. We assume they will always be there. We assume they will be safe Friday night when the family stays out late watching the end of the local high school football game. We assume they will be safe if a natural disaster strikes and people are up in arms looking for resources-but this isn’t always the case.

Considering your passion and love for life is likely in your family, home and prepping stores, why not consider taking some extra measures to protect them? The following are some steps and advice for preventing any kind of security breach to your home front. They are tips to help you keep what is yours…safe.


  • Fortify Home Security

Someone could be eyeing your home right now, regardless if you’re home or not. They may be eyeing your windows for high price items or eyeing your garbage to look for empty boxes that indicate recent purchases- like a new TV or iPad box. Now before you open the shades to look around for a suspiciously parked car or shady looking individual… keep some of these ideas in mind when protecting your home and prepping to protect your estate.

▪ Each month account for every garage door opener your family has.

▪Brighten the outside of your home at night. Create and add new landscape lighting or exterior lighting to illuminate your home at night. This might include installing a good motion sensor. Brightening your home with lights deters most intruders from entering your home and helps neighbors see suspicious activities.


▪ Consider adding a quality home alarm system. The majority of burglaries across the USA occur in midday.  The addition of a home security system will help stop many intruders from going more than three feet into your home and grabbing your food stores. Be sure to compare different home security systems and determine which is best for your families’ needs. All too often home security  systems are left out in the construction of new homes. Consider installing one as they help maintain peace of mind by detecting break-ins, fire, co2 leaks and can be set to call in extra security to your home if needed.

▪ Add locks to the inside of your garage door and the door leading to your home from the garage

▪Imitate an intruder and pretend you were going to break into your own home and make adjustments accordingly.

(Note* Pretend you were an intruder trying to steal things from your home. Consider the window you might break or door that is the weakest entry point. Examine the window or door and determine the best upgrades to prevent break-ins. Fix      and improve as needed).


So what are some other reasons home security is important? Imagine that disaster strikes tomorrow. Pretend water, electricity, transportation, and the government completely shut down. As a survivalist, you want to secure all of your food stores, emergency equipment and survival items if people are looking for resources. There needs to be updates in your home that include specific security measures to protect these goods.  Another reason to consider fortifying the security in your home is that many new and older homes are not equipped with essential security. There is good reason for this; why would the person who built your home care about protecting your belongings? The builder or previous owner of your home doesn’t care about the security of your house.  For many reasons the builder of your home probably wanted you to pay to upgrade so they could charge you for the appropriate security installations.

  • Fortify a Family Plan

Security begins inside the home and it begins with family members. Implement a written family plan to ensure security of your home and so everyone is on the same page with regards of how to respond in an emergency. Specify a plan that addresses’ the steps each family member can take to secure and fortify your home (especially if you have children). Make each individual knows what to do when you are home and not home. This helps decrease the likely-hood your home is a target of easy attacks. Consider these steps when creating a family plan to secure your home.

▪ Have written instructions so everyone knows exactly how to handle emergency situations (fire, break-in, heart attack, etc).  Lay out each step and make note of numbers to call

▪If you have children be sure they know not to open the door for strangers. Make sure they know not to give out personal information on the phone

▪ Have your family join a neighborhood watch program. Be active and participate!

▪ Create a designated meeting spot outside of the home when an emergency occurs

▪ Give younger family members the assignment of locking windows and closing curtains nightly or when you leave for the day

▪ Make notes of suspicious individuals perusing the neighborhood (there time and location)


▪ If you have a fenced backyard, lock the gate nightly or when you leave during the day

▪ Most Crucial! Put the emergency plan to the test.  Create a fake emergency and see how  family members react

Without a doubt, nothing will get you and your family members prepared for a security breach like practicing emergency situations. This is especially true if you have children.  Behaviorally speaking, faking an emergency or security compromise helps your kids determine how to act for future situations. Emergency scenarios also  help you determine flaws in the security plan and allows you to  fix or  improve the plan.


Prepping isn’t limited to creating food stores and learning new survival techniques. It extends to protecting the equity you have in your hard work and family. One way to protect these assets is to protect your home.  Prepping to secure these riches means knowing there are safety measures you implemented to tactically secure your residence and to fortify your family assets.  The next time you consider taking the strategic advantage to secure your home, consider some of the steps above. The money (possibly thousands), and psychological trauma lost in a robbery or arson can be prevented.  Isn’t this worth it?



By Melissa Lane

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