DIY: How to make Thermite Grenades for Vehicle and Equipment Disabling


After reading How to disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles, written by CMF Contributor Runik. I noticed the absence of TGs (thermite grenades) on the use of MRAPs. This caught my attention, and needed an explanation. According to CMF Contributor Runik, Thermite Grenades were not included because they are not entirely effective against MRAP LAVs. Effective thermite use on an MRAP relies on breaches in MRAP FK6 armor, which are few to say the least. Basically…EFPs are still your best bet on an MRAP.

Thermite is used on vehicles and equipment not equipped with FK armor. LAVs with fewer protective measures than the MRAP can be disabled with the proper use of M67s (frags)and thermite grenades by targeting operators, windows, tires, engine-block and etc..

Now before we go into thermite details and development, lets address your PERSEC(personal security). There’s panic about being added to some ‘list’ for reading usCrow Materials, this is absurdly naive. Every American is on a list…its called the internet. Don’t believe me? Get informed on DOD CYBERCOM (Department of Defense Cyber Command), now understand privacy is a dream. This ‘list’ illustrates a blatant violation of the 1st and 4th Amendments, and our rights are inalienable so lets exercise them…


Thermite Use

Thermite is a legal pyrotechnic grade composition of metal powder fuel and oxide. Thermite is not an explosive. Thermite creates a four thousand degree exothermic oxidation incendiary reaction.

Thermite is commonly used in the Middle East by United States Armed Forces. It can be used to destroy buildings, and light-armored personnel equipment such as HMMWVs (high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles not equipped with high-grade FK armor plates). Thermite Grenades such as the ALS-G814 will burn through 5/16″ steel plating, MRAP Cougar’s have 11″ composite plating.

Typically, ALS thermite grenades have a relatively small incendiary damage radius. Most homemade TGs will most likely have a smaller radius than that. ALS TGs are used by field operators for data, artillery, and equipment destruction. Post-disaster a homemade thermite grenade can be used for the same, which includes vehicles that are not frag or incendiary resistant.

Thermite Precautions

Thermite can not be used over recently ignited piles of thermite slag (waste matter separated from metals during the melting of ore), this will cause an accidental ignition and will cause severe burns and eye-damage.

TH3 can not be mixed by intention or fault with water. This will create a steam explosion and cause fragmentary harm to surrounding personnel. In addition, thermite should be handled with care to prevent accidental abrasion-caused ignition. All safety precautions during the production of a TG must be strictly adhered to.

How to make Thermite

The first thing you’ll need is aluminum powder, you can buy this from Amazon. You can make aluminum powder by grinding up soda cans and other aluminum items, but that could cause impurities in your mixture.

Now you need rust or iron oxide, you can buy this on Amazon or at any hardware store in the paint department. You can make iron oxide post-disaster by putting steel wool in a jar in water and covering it with more wool. Use a magnet to prevent the steel wool from floating to the surface. Now, add 5 tbsp of bleach and 5 tbsp vinegar. A day later place the steel wool paste in a coffee filter and let stand for eight hours. This is iron oxide.

The fundamental mixture ratio for thermite is 3 parts iron oxide 2 parts aluminum powder. Mix your 3:2 with 2 parts plaster of paris. Mix the three composite materials thoroughly. A well mixed composite will have uniform coloring. Add just over the amount of water required for the plaster of paris and mix thoroughly.

Once mixed you have a little less than ten minutes to pour your liquid thermite into the  canister. Before pouring the mixture line canister with magnesium ribbon. You can also use thermite igniter fuses. Now fill the canister with the thermite. Set the canister in a safe place and allow time for the composite to harden. Larger canisters take a longer time to harden.

Additional thermite method: Another improvised method for thermite development with a low incendiary yield would be an 8:3 thermite mixture kneaded with 4 parts clay, and with a magnesium ribbon for ignition.

Thermite TH3

Thermite TH3 development is not for the faint of heart and should be made by those well versed in improvised munitions and incendiary devices. For this reason we will not illustrate a step by step for TH3 production. We will give the composition by weight, munitions handlers and informed survivalists will understand;

  • 68.7% Thermite (8 parts iron oxide:3 parts aluminum powder)
  • 2.0% Sulfur
  • 0.3% PBAN (binding agent)
  • 29% Barium Nitrate (increases incendiary reaction)
  • 600gr Housing Canister
  • M201 Igniter (thermite igniter fuse)

Thermite TH3 has a much lower ignition temperature and produces a large flame, while producing an incendiary reaction capable to destroying enemy artillery. TH3 can be effectively used in most post-disaster situations that result in civil unrest and martial law.



By US Crow

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  7. Surprised nobody mentions putting scrap aluminum, or aluminum foil, etc. in vinegar. It will dissolve it, and a very fine aluminum powder will wnd up in the bottom of your container.
    Pour of the vinegar, and then allow the paste to air dry?

    Or, would there be some residue of the vinegar left, that would interfere with using it to make thermite?

    If so, should be able to rinse the paste in a coffee filter, with water, right?

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