On A scale Of 1 To 10, This Is How Close We Are To SHTF

While I know that many people have varying opinions on this, I think that it is important that we take a look and just how close we are and why I know that we are closer than many people realize. Let’s start with the different things that I think could set off SHTF in a relatively short time frame.  While there are many scenarios that could bring on Armageddon, I am more concerned with the ones that could happen in less than a 24 hour period or without further notice.  This limits the field down a bit and will allow me to cover it in a single post.  These are nuclear attack, EMP attack, solar blast, Cyber-attack and invasion from outside forces.  Let’s take a look at each of these. While some may disagree with the last one, I feel it merits a place on this list which I will get to later.

Cyber Attack – Cyber-attack is one of the largest threats facing our country at this point in time. It is believed to be coming from many different countries including China, Russia and the Middle East.  Hundreds of thousands of times a week the US is hit by an attempted Cyber-attack on our National electric infrastructure as well as our Military Defense systems.  It is only a matter of time until they find a way to penetrate them and when they do its game over!  Things we depend on every day would disappear in a moment without warning.  What many people don’t realize is that they don’t just want to turn off our power; they want to destroy it so we can never bring it back online.  It is possible and only a matter of time according to most experts in the field.  This one I give 8 out of ten because it is basically already underway.

Solar Blast – Earth dodged one of the most massive magnetic solar bursts ever on July 23, 2012, scientists with the University of California, Berkeley revealed on Wednesday — saving the planet from widespread havoc.

“Had it hit Earth, it probably would have been like the big one in 1859, but the effect today, with our modern technologies, would have been tremendous,” UC Berkeley research physicist Janet G. Luhmann said in a press release.

The 2012 massive magnetic cloud sped through space at over 1,200 miles per second, four times faster than a typical burst of solar power.

According to researchers, had the quick succession of coronal mass ejections (CMEs)– the most intense kind of solar eruptions — come nine days earlier, they would have hit Earth, potentially disabled satellites and GPS, and even affected the electrical grid.

A similar event in March 1989 caused Canada’s Hydro-Quebec power grid to collapse and left six million people with no electricity for nine hours.

“The cost of an extreme space weather event, if it hits Earth, could reach trillions of dollars with a potential recovery time of 4-10 years,” professor at China’s State Key Laboratory of Space Weather Ying D. Liu warned in a press release. “Therefore, it is paramount to the security and economic interest of the modern society to understand solar superstorms.”

The threat of a EMP attack or a solar blast is very real, and one day will leave U.S. defenseless in the middle of a total chaos. Learn how to protect yourself against such an event, take action and don’t get caught unprepared. Watch this video as a first step and learn why and how you need to prepare.




EMP Attack – An EMP or “Electro Magnetic Pulse” is one threat that worries me because it is easily accomplished and does not kill anyone directly unless you count those with pace makers and are on life support because they will die instantly pretty much. While it is accomplished with a nuclear bomb or maybe a “Super EMP Bomb” which is also a type of nuclear bomb as well, it will be met with much less uproar from the Governments of the world.  How would this be done you might ask?  By detonating one of these bombs high in the atmosphere over Kansas it, would take out most of if not all of the US.  Leaving our defenses useless because despite what many people may think, much of our hardware is not hardened against an EMP Blast.  The country I think most likely to use an EMP against the US is North Korea!  They have launched 2 “Satellites” in to orbit around the earth. They are each the size of a washing machine (which is large enough for an EMP device) but the really troubling thing about them is that neither of them have ever emitted any radio signals at all. What good is a Weather satellite if it doesn’t send back any data?  Or it could just be a bomb waiting to receive a signal to tell it to detonate and a time of the controller’s choosing.  One more thing about these satellites is the orbit they take around the earth.  I just so happens that it takes them directly over the middle Kansas at times. Here is a link where you can see it’s orbit.  Add this to the fact that Kim Jong-un is known to be unstable and has recently ordered all of his missiles to be on standby to attack the US and you have a formula for a SHTF situation to unfold.  For this reason, I give this one a 9 out of ten chance of happening in the near future.

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Nuclear Attack – This is one of those things that many of us have lived with the fear of all of our lives. In fact I remember doing the drills for it back when I was in grade school and that was not just yesterday.  If someone like IRAN, Russia, or even China were to take a mind “push the button” as it were, we would have little warning and for many, there would be little they could do.  Because of the world condemnation of using nukes, I really think the threat level of this happening is about 5 out of 10.  It’s one of those things that are always possible but really not that probable.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

Invasion from outside forces – With all of the work President Obama and many others have been doing to leave our borders wide open, and with the reports of both ISIS and Russian troops massing on the other side of it, it quickly become a possibility. How large are the chances that it could happen?  I would actually give it a 6 out of ten chance of happening at some point.  Mexico is dead set against the US building a border fence and is not beyond cooperating with our enemies if they though it would work out to their advantage.  Money sent back to Mexico from illegal aliens here in the US account for a very large part of their economy and if it was to suddenly stop because their people could no longer sneak across the border then it could…. I think you get the picture.  I also think they have already started planning for this very scenario.

So just how close are we to an SHTF event? While your guess is as good as mine, I do believe they we are frighteningly close and only time will tell for sure.  As for me, I think it is about a 9 out of ten chance of happening in the next 2 years or sooner.  Well that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed todays post.  Please comment below and let me know what you think because you are the reason I do this.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay Prepared!


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Written by The Sargent, from American Preppers Online



11 Replies to “On A scale Of 1 To 10, This Is How Close We Are To SHTF

  1. Have you ever considered about including a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is important and all. However think of if you added some great visuals or video clips to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and videos, this website could undeniably be one of the very best in its niche. Fantastic blog!

  2. When will the end or SHTF begin. Let me put it this way it is closer than you think and will always, always, be when you least expect it.

  3. Whats to be more feared? EMPs, Foreign troops, Islam or the government?
    As a COIN operator in the USMC and current teacher of Political Insurgency and
    Counter Islamic proliferation training, I have sadly found that the American people are
    the greatest danger on earth to themselves. Emotion overrides common since and the
    average IQ is less than my shoe size.
    I love my country and the one and only God of heaven, but I have ceased to have any respect for
    a people who have absolutely no will to defend liberty and to just do what is right.
    Yet, I will continue to do what right by teaching other how to stand with professional tactics and knowledge.
    So few even want this kind of training. They would rather talk about the crisis, instead of move forward in a cohesive and cooperative strategy.

  4. If allowed, I would like to add this follow up. Martial law.
    Are you prepared? What does that mean?
    Say you and your family survive the initial damages of any event. You have fed yourselves, stayed warm, not had to resort to using your gun(s). But now martial law has been declared. To travel to and from work,(if any exists) you will need papers. You will have to explain the reason for traveling through a check point.
    You a tough guy? Sick of all this intimidation? Ready for a fight? Desperately want to fight, and let THEM know you aren’t a sissy? Go for it.
    But, what happens to your family?
    Sites such as this, emphasize surviving. And maybe that means you will have to play it meekly in order to get through each day/week until such time that you can get away.
    You don’t get confrontational. You don’t stare down the uniform questioning you. Don’t display nervousness either. Oh you will have a nerve issue to be sure. But shuffling feet are a sure sign you are hiding something. Or up to something.
    Under martial law it is expected that one day, THAT knock will be on your door.
    Your turn.
    Own any guns? In order to lie straight faced, make sure you find a place where you can hide a gun or two. And the ammo. Away from home. Then, have one to surrender. That’s right, I said surrender. This approach applies to those who live in communities such as mine. Where we are somewhat crowded. Where we couldn’t bug out. Surrender that one gun and you are just another subdued citizen. At least for a while. You survive to fight when the time comes.
    If you don’t NEED supplies, when it is your designated time to go for supplies, GO. Be frugal, but not to frugal.
    “Yes Sir, and No Sir” will get you further then “give me a break pal”. Remember, martial law is about control. Playing along if it is necessary is putting a little more control into your hands. You are biding for time. Surviving for as long as you can until opportunity reveals itself. Or, until it is necessary to say enough is enough.
    Again, it is MINDSET. Are you truly prepared? Not one person can be prepared for everything. Nor one community. But if you have a solid MINDSET, you KNEW it was coming, and you have your head on for it, you can THINK/ACT your way through much of what can occur. While my words may sound selfish, or weak, all of us, have people who will depend on us. As we will need people we can depend on. Survival is the basic premise. The fight will come. But WE have to pick the time and place. Unless it is forced upon us.
    Many will die a martyrs death.
    Many MORE will die a fools.

  5. ” The county I think most likely to use an EMP against the US is North Korea! ”
    Heads up…. N. Korea is a country.. not a county.

  6. Overall, on a scale of one to ten, I place us at 9. Although no one can ascertain just WHAT will be the trigger. Perhaps multiple events simultaneously. A strong look around clarifies where YOU may be standing. Your MINDSET is paramount.
    Are you truly prepared in a solid MINDSET? In other words, you are commuting to/from work, when the emergency warning signal comes on the radio. Do you suddenly freak out because you aren’t at home? Or, have you known all along this could happen and carry with you essentials to survive and get home? Are you confident your family has taken you seriously enough that they will know what to do when something happens? Are they prepared if they are away from home? how do you communicate with each other?
    If you live in the northeast, just recall the blackout of 2003. One minute the lights are on, next, they are out. EVERYWHERE. Of course, I expect, that even TODAY, the majority of people will not expect it to last and will be cool about it. Until word spreads it is worse then expected.
    Are you set to stay calm? Are you smart enough not to show you are OKAY with it? Because if you are displaying a lack of concern, SOMEBODY is going to notice and it may not be good for you and your family.
    Websites like this one are excellent for maintaining an awareness of current events that SHOULD enable people to have a good, strong MINDSET towards the possibilities that exist which could evolve into chaos. It isn’t enough to just share views. It is ESSENTIAL to truly be aware just how close we are to ANY kind of trouble that affects us as a nation. And KNOW we are prepared. MENTALLY. Spiritually also. I do not dismiss that at all. But I read the Lord’s words and He himself said be prepared. Because it’s going to get real bad and we DON’T KNOW WHEN.

  7. I have been prepping for something, ever since Y2K… I have had many chances and times when I was discouraged and even thought I was nuts for my feeling that something devastating was coming… However, something has kept me going for all these years, and I have to admit, take a good long look around you, the hatred, fear, and indifference has grown to the point that something is going to give… Add to it the lust for violence by Muslim radicals, and our governments Political appeasement mentality and the writing is on the wall. For those out there that are Christians or even just follow prophecy, I would like to suggest you do a search on the “Vision(s) of Sarah Menet. She had a NDE in 1979 and came back with a vision of Future Events.
    I only recently became aware of her and was shocked by what she saw back in 1979 (9/11 attacks in 2001, Planet X, only discovered in 1986, Iran’s meddling in the middle east as in today, and the rest you can read on your own)

  8. The undocumented worker in the White House (false birth certificate, false draft registration, false social security number) has been placed there and propped up by the CIA/DoD, central banks and Wall Street. He is not working his own agenda, he’s working the agenda of the men-behind-the-curtain.

    When they are finished asset-stripping the US, then they will destroy it completely.

  9. 2 years or less I absolutely agree with. 8 months or less seems more likely as that puts us to election time….just saying.

  10. It will happen sooner than you anticipate.
    We have a “sandzigger” in DC who seems hell bent on making this happen while he runs the show.

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