Civil War In America Has Become Inevitable Regardless Of The Election Outcome!

As I watch what is going on with the Politicians and their supporters here in the US, I can’t help but feel that there is no good way for this to turn out.  Civil war in America has become inevitable.  This is the topic of today’s post so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while I explain what I mean.

Society has changed over the years and not for the better I’m afraid. Instead of all of the new technology helping us to become better people, it has instead created a nation (and world) of childlike cry babies that throw a fit every time they don’t get their way. Many have no concept of responsibility or integrity.  Back during World War II, young men of about 17, 18, 19 and 20 couldn’t wait to join the military and fight for their country.  It was these very same young men that stormed the beaches of Normandy to help us win World War II.  Now flash forward to today and you have men of these same ages protesting and rioting because someone said something that hurt their feelings.   It is ridiculous what they have become.  Now make no mistake, I’m not saying that they are all like that, but enough to make you worry about our future fighting forces.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

Then you have the thugs that Obama has given rise to as demonstrated by the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, etc. It seems they are willing to fight and go against the powers that be only if it means they don’t have to work and can continue to live off of those that do. It’s pretty darn sad and it makes me sick. All it will take is a spark (like not getting what they want) to set them off and the war will be on.

On the other side of the coin, you have American Patriots who are sick and tired of seeing our beloved country going down the toilet.  We work to earn a living only to have the Government take it away and give it to those very same thugs that refuse to work.  We are mad as hell and are not willing to stand by idly and let corrupt politicians turn this great country of ours into a Communist nation.  With so many brave men and women having paid so high of price to defend our freedom and defeat Communism, we will not let it be destroyed.  We the people are fighting mad and will defend this great land of ours at all cost.

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SHTF Reality For Those That Would Be Fortunate Enough To Survive The Initial Catastrophic Event

Next you have the Politicians and the Rich who will not give up their corrupt way of life. For many years, they have made backroom deals and swindled the American people out of billions.  They will say whatever it takes and do whatever they need to get elected to Public Office.  Once there, their only goal is to make as much money as they can for themselves and the hell with what it does to America and her people.  They commit treason on a daily basis and have no regard for right and wrong.  No, they will not let their good life go without a fight.

So why am I telling you what you probably already know? I do it to point out that there are many different factions here in the US, that are willing to fight and break all current laws right now to either return America to her former glory or to remake it into what they want to see it become.  Let us not forget about the Illegal Aliens invasion who also as they too have their own agenda as well.

This is going to be one of if not the most important elections in American history.  No matter who wins the election, the outcome will still be Civil War.  If a Republican President wins the election, you can look for all hell to break out from the Liberal, Democrats, Socialist and Communist that think theirs is the only way and will stop at nothing to remake the US into their idea of “Utopia”.

If anyone else wins, then you can look for the American Patriots to rise up and put an end to the Communist takeover of America.  No matter who wins, it will mean Civil War and as Preppers, we must prepare for it.  Unfortunately just like the last Civil War, this one will also pit brother against brother and family member against family member as well.

This is something that might not happen with other types of SHTF scenarios and you need to be ready for it as well.  I can honestly see no possible outcome where we do not descend into Civil War following the Election later this year.  Something else to consider is that it is just what the UN wants to happen so they can swoop in with their troops and try to take our guns and put their “One World Government” (Agenda 21) in power and take control of our nation.  They are working to destabilize many countries right now by flooding them with Muslim Refugees and we are only one of them.  Prepare yourself my friend and pray for our country as we will surely need it!

Well I guess that is it for today and I hope you have found this post interesting and worthy of your time. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!



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23 Replies to “Civil War In America Has Become Inevitable Regardless Of The Election Outcome!

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  3. @Bruce Wayne
    “As for believers, those who trust in their guns, or stored food supplies and Gold shall already have their treasure. while those simply choose to trust God will be ready when the rapture occurs.”

    There will be no “Rapture” of the church. That is a false belief that has permeated much of Christian church doctrine since the 1920’s. You must understand that the false “christ” come first. NOT Yeshua. Those that believe, will perish. Not until the “abomination of desolation” takes place (Satan standing in the church proclaiming himself god), will Jesus come. NO ONE escapes the Tribulation!

  4. I’m not worried about the UN Troops, they run and hide everywhere they are deployed. My worry is who the bulk of the Military side with.

  5. I don’t know what will happen, but I do know the person they put up there as “president” is a complete and made up fraud, yet he was able to obtain the highest office in the land.

    So, if that is the case, you should prepare to be on your own and self-dependent as much as possible and be prepared for conflict.

    Something don’t smell right about the whole thing.

  6. NO the partys over in america,ITS death and destruction now,AMERICA you murdered your way across the planet,NOW you’ve woke up the world and their making deals to wipe you off the planet,YOU’VE BEEN PARTED OUT AND SOLD like an old car,,and theres absolutely nothing you can do but fight now,and even your police gangs and military are in on it,DENIAL ain’t a river in egypt,ITS the people who are going to the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,thinking its another free ride……….

  7. I would posit that this is first and foremost a spiritual war established on many fronts, and coming from many directions with lies and the intent to steal, kill and destroy the blessings of cultures founded upon, and with, people functioning under the Christian ethic. Why? Because that is what Lucifer does.

    From our perspective in the USA everything decent is unraveling, and evil is erupting from every direction, like the plethora of NGO’s Soros and his Illuminati friends are funding (over 100 system and Christian culture destroying pressure groups). But, I would like to lift up 4 key areas, actually giant movements, of demonically derived destructive evil aimed at real Christianity.

    1-Pro totalitarian US factions (communist/socialist left, Nazi/neocon right and fascist business benefactors working with both). They are anti-Christian and supportive of war and death to attain their goals.

    2-Central Banker/Illuminati Lucifer loving thugs. They hate Christians and are at the core a Lucifer led death cult, who are in the final stages of stealing the assets of the west.

    3-Jesuits. They were formed to force the re-allegiance of, or kill, any who left Papal control. That defines a death cult in and of itself, operating against break away born again Christians. With the ascendancy of a Jesuit to Pope, the thug forces of evil run the Roman Catholic Church, and the core foundational leaders side with Lucifer. A Jesuit designed the Illuminati with the bankers, and helped it to infiltrate the Masonic Lodges, and nearly all other secret orders. Their stealth evil influence is everywhere inserted in the west. (Education, banking, protestant churches, law, etc.)

    4-Islam Because it is a globalist, totalitarian ruled religious/political system advocating world domination under the moon god/Allah/Baal, requiring all good Muslims to convert, subjugate or kill all infidels—it too is a Christian hating death cult at it’s Koranic roots.

    That is the on the ground reality. In the solar system we have planet X inbound (check Rev.8 for the “burning mountain cast into the sea” prophecy), as John Moore has been warning us of, with dramatic catastrophism coming. We have a treasonous pro-Muslim/open borders/race dividing leader in the White House, who according to the WSJ is going to back a UN resolution to force upon the world, nation status for Palestine, and the division of Jerusalem before the narcissist leaves. I would argue Obama’s plan will insure the destruction of the USA, and the plan will start the biblical 7 year tribulation period, with the Rev.11:1,2 depiction to be fulfilled.

    Needless to say, it would be wise to make one’s eternal destination plans while one can, and of course, I would suggest aligning with God the Son/Jesus, the first man the grave couldn’t hold, who died and was resurrected for ALL SINS of any who repent and embrace Him.

    1. It is rare to see a comment so comprehensive and accurate as this one by Scooter. Apparently the writer knows the reality that the next great event on the timetable is the beginning of the last 7 years of all time (Daniel’s 70th week), as opposed to looking for the ‘rapture’ of the Church as the next trigger event. A lot of shallow believers will be shocked when their expected premature escape does not ensue as planned. Many will be tried, and sifted.

      Also surprised (pleasantly) to see someone who understands the four major players so well. So many do not acknowledge the Jesuits; I always find that suspect and reason to pause and consider the source. It’s a big chessboard, and there are many who are vying for their place. 10 of them will surely come together to give their power to the beast. All of them will hate the harlot (false church), as well as the true believers in Jesus.

      I do not think that civil war will absolutely come immediately after the elections. I do believe it will come though. I believe that George Washington’s vision of the three great wars (the last one being our final civil war) will come true. The Satanists have their prophecy too, of the three world wars; they will fulfill their own prophecy of causing war between the Jews, Muslims and Christians; after this they will usher in the mark of the Beast and Beast worship as open Lucifer worship. The PTB need the chaos to ensue. The Fabian Socialists, Illuminists, Masons, Jesuits, etc., need the collapse. Order out of chaos is their only plan. They all love Lucifer, so they all love death and destruction (which is the opposite of God Almighty in Heaven who creates and gives life through His Son Jesus.

      Preps are a great idea, as long as that isn’t the only plan. Prepping and praying, waiting and watching, those are the words for this time. Personally, I think this could all blow up at any moment, and I will be shocked if it is later rather than sooner. That said, my folks were looking for this to happen any moment when I was a grade-schooler. Sometimes I wonder if all Hell has always been about to break loose, since the beginning of time. These final days will culminate on God’s timetable, as we know, and I would say the signs are pointing to it all coming to pass very soon. I just don’t know how much lower humanity can go as a group, before Jesus comes back and puts it all to right. I hope and pray He comes back soon.

      1. The Bible does not promise an escape from Tribulation, however, it does say that we are not appointed to Wrath….And I believe there is a difference between the 2 as God’s wrath will trump the Beasts tribulation greatly.

        As for believers, those who trust in their guns, or stored food supplies and Gold shall already have their treasure. while those simply choose to trust God will be ready when the rapture occurs. I think Moses interactions with Pharaoh will set the pattern as Christians are being attacked by everyone around them……there will come a point where God will simply part the heavens and give Christians safe passage to heaven above.

        The rapture appears to be a single event which is fractured across time……Moses went upon the mountain and they when Jesus went up with Peter and John, they saw Moses and others……at some point. all believers will be there as well…..”Comfort each other with these words” Not much comfort in telling people they should have to endure great punishment as God pours out his judgement upon a world that has rejected him and his saviour as well as those who are now one with his saviour…………..

        The rapture may not happen for hundreds of years, and yet, it could happen one hour from now. I would not want to try and explain to God why I told others he was not coming for them soon. ” No man knoweth the Hour” yet we are not appointed to wrath and He shall come as a thief in the Night….and that will likely be at a point when the beast thinks he has the Christians cornered ( at the edge of the red sea)

        When Jesus come to take the church he will come as a thief in the night……and when he comes to defeat satan, he will set is foot on the mount of olives………..2 separate events with the rapture happening first…………..many people might think that they can wait til things get really bad, and then wash their robes, yet that plan could find them missing the boat if the rapture happens suddenly just as the antichrist is revealed…………..this would make the most sense as it would be at that point that the church is no longer needed……..the blessing will then return to Isaac and the Jews….they will struggle to survive until the end of the battle since they had not yet accepted Christ.

    2. @scooter Very well put. It refreshing to see someone with their eyes wide open!! You appear to be one of the remnants!! May God bless your endeavors.


    LET THOSE WORDS SINK IN. WHAT JOBS, GO to work how and where, doing what?

    What jobs are we going to all aspire for?

    Supply and demand in labor force MEANS — more people competing for a job
    = LOWER PAY and Benefits
    Government sponsored job programs? Cost MORE than giving bums welfare.

    UNLESS we as Americans are willing to work for a competitive wage in the global market. Something like $1.50 an hour.. DOES THAT SOUND GOOD?

    Or, SWALLOW the FACT that robots, computers, androids, etc. WILL BE DOING ALL JOBS in a nearer future than we perceive.

    Perhaps, the jobronis (The Rock) are angry they are the last ones working in the USA.
    It is FAR more economical to put the ENTIRE country on the dole, and pay foreigners pennies to finish the transition into the future.

    Wouldn’t the world be better if we had time to pursue interest we love or raise OUR kids properly staying at home?

    Oh, btw, I am a former US Marine on a pension. I don’t work, am getting paid by the same entity as the “bums and thugs”.
    Don’t have new cars (payments) but drive 80 miles a day.
    We buy our clothes mostly at thrift stores and live FAR better than the working poor.

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