Revolutionary Wood Chips Gardening: No Tilling, No Fertilizer, Less Weeds and 90-95% Less Water ( Food On a Little Land Using Sustainable Organic Methods, While Keeping Costs And Labor At a Minimum)

You will discover how Paul is using Wood Chips and Manure to build the soil and feed the plants instead of using chemical fertilizers.

First, John will share neighboorhood homes and how most people simply do not value growing food. Next, John will give show you the front yard of Paul’s place to show you the difference just a few fruit trees can make. You will also discover the pile of wood chips, and how this free fertilzer source can build your soil and feed your plants valuable nutrition that is desperately needed in the South Florida soil that lacks in organic matter.

Next, John will give you a tour of the fruit trees, vining crops and vegetable garden that Paul is growing in his backyard. John will share one unique vining crop that produces highly pigmented, antioxidant rich fruits that are usually not eaten and grows like a weed in South Florida.

John will then specifically share why Paul is growing certain fruit trees in certain areas and why Paul choose the trees he did. You will discover the irrigation system that Paul is using to water his trees instead of doing it himself.

John will then share with Paul what he would do to take this garden to the next level, and further develop it into an even more bountiful and productive urban homestead.

Are you ready to turn back the clocks to the 1800s for up to three years?Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were the last generation to practice the basic things that we call survival skills now. ….Watch this video and you will find many interesting things!

Back to Eden Film shares the story of Paul Gautschi and his lifelong journey walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive organic gardening methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The food growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi’s incredible experiences has garnered the interest of visitors from around the world. Never, until now, have Paul’s organic gardening methods been documented and shared like this! You will walk away from Back to Eden Film with the knowledge of how to plant an organic garden and how to grow your own food. Back to Eden gardening is the best gardening technique!

This series is a review of gardening methods that I am using from both the Mittleider Gardening Method and the Back to Eden method.
How fast do woodchips decompose?
Many people have asked how fast the woodchips decompose.
The three most important things that help speed up the composting of the woodchips in order are:
1. Nitrogen
2. Fungal “Mushroom” spores
3. Mineral Rock Dust

Don’t wait until food becomes scarce; start preparing for the future now by becoming as self-reliant as possible. Your long-term chances of survival could very well depend on your ability to feed yourself and your family without relying on someone else.

Finally Gardening Made Simple!

The result, was 90-95% less water usage, no need to ever till the soil, no need for fertilizer because the wood chips would build healthy, nutrient-rich topsoil, and far less weeds.  When the weeds did end up growing, the soil bed in his garden was so soft that he could effortlessly pull out the entire plant by its root.  Now the plants in his garden grow healthy with very little work to maintain and every year, as the health of his soil improves, his gardens actually produce more food that’s even more nutritious than the year before.

To get yourself some wood chips for your garden, look for “tree cutting services” in your area.  Since tree-cutting companies have to pay to dump their wood chips at landfills, they will be more than happy to drop them off for free onto your driveway.  Give them a tip and say thanks and you’ve got yourself the healthiest and most time-saving ground cover for your garden.  Simply spread it across to protect your soil and the microbes, worms, and bacteria will break down the organic matter creating, fresh and healthy topsoil.  The nutrients created from the decomposition of the wood chips will wash down into the soil to feed your plants everytime it rains.

What happens if we lose power indefinitely — foods that require freezing or refrigeration for long term storage are going to go bad? Emergency food storage in advance will be the only way to feed yourself and your family.

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