How To Build A Greenhouse


Greenhouses come both big and small, and they are all so easy to build and maintain! Greenhouses provide a controlled and protected environment that keep your plants fresh all year long, even during off-seasons and harsh winters. You can also grow exotic plants that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise! Here are a few of our favorite DIY greenhouses using various greenhouse supplies. Find out how to build a greenhouse today!

1. Hoop Greenhouse

This greenhouse can be made in under $50!


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small greenhouse

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(See full instructions at Door Garden)

2. Window Frame Greenhouse

This DIY greenhouse can be made with any kind of window frames, but we love the shabby chic look using old windows!

3. Barn Greenhouse


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DIY Greenhouses

barn greenhouse

(See full instructions at Ana White)

4. Geodesic Dome

geodesic dome

(See full how-to article at DIY Ready)

5. Egg Carton Greenhouse

This indoor greenhouse is super easy, and kids love it!

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(See full instructions at Hazel and Company)

6. Unheated Seed-Starting Greenhouse

This DIY greenhouse is perfect for starting to germinate seeds.

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greenhouse plans

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(See full instructions at Instructables)

7. Wood Pallet Greenhouse

This recycled pallet greenhouse can be made with only $10!

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how to build a pallet greenhouse

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