Paul Craig Roberts: Why Dallas Happened

Is the Dallas police shooting a false flag affair in behalf of gun control? Is it the result of a war veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder? Is the shooting the beginning of retribution for thousands of wanton police murders of US citizens in the 21st century? Or is there some other explanation?

We will never know. The perpetrator is dead. The authorities will tell us whatever suits the purposes of authority.

We could say that the police have brought this on themselves by their undisciplined and violent behavior toward the public. On the other hand, we can hold the police chiefs, the police unions, the mayors and city councils, the governors, prosecutors, and the Justice (sic) Department responsible for failure to hold accountable those cops who murder and commit gratuitous violence against the public.

When police execute someone, the excuse is always something like this: “He reached under his shirt to his waistband. I thought he had a gun. I didn’t want to leave my children fatherless and my wife a widow.” The murdered victim’s wife and children, if any, are of no consequence.

Conservatives, especially those taught to be fearful of crime, have scant objection to police murders. Their view is always: “The police wouldn’t have shot him without cause.” The same bias in favor of the police is why conservative jurors always convict.

The liberals tend to interpret the shootings as racism, so they want to combat racism.

The real problem is that public authorities do not protect the public from gratuitous violence. Therefore, hatred and disrespect for the police are growing. Routine murders by police–several each day, almost all of which go unpunished–are generating the kind of anger that causes people to snap and to reply to violence with violence.

If the criminal justice system applied also to the police, the police would think twice before they wantonly murder.

Being a police officer is not supposed to be risk free. A police officer should be concerned about the public, not merely his own family. We cannot accept gratuitous police violence on the grounds that the officer’s behavior is dictated by his concerns for his own family. If an officer cannot accept the risks of being a police officer, he should find a different occupation.

Police violence is out of control because mayors, prosecutors, and governors are failing the public by refusing to put a halt to it. According to conservatives, punishment deters crime, but they do not apply this to the police.

Police violence is also out of control because of the revolution in police training which teaches police to protect themselves and to subdue the suspect regardless of cost. A number of former police officers have written to me that the reason they gave up the occupation is that today police are being trained to be killers like soldiers.

If a former police officer or someone knowledgeable about this training would describe it and its history, where it originated and why, I will post it on the website.

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by Paul Craig Roberts


15 Replies to “Paul Craig Roberts: Why Dallas Happened

  1. The other day I saw a pick up truck with a confederate flag on it, with the words Redneck for Hillary on it. It said something about Trump being a rich son of a *****. The guy driving it was a white guy and his girl with him. I saw them get out and go into a store. They were wearing shirts with nazi crosses and other symbols on it. They are racist hard core haters. They are voting for Hillary Clinton. Just confirms to me what I already knew that lefties are the most hateful racist.

  2. Two observations come to mind which help put this situation in perspective:

    Stories about the killings of African-American men by police officers (or by a “neighborhood watch captain,” in Trayvon Martin’s case) are all “stories of choice.” They are plucked from a nearly endless supply of sad events that occur daily in a nation of 315 million, and are promoted because they further a political narrative. An unholy alliance of activists and newspaper reporters and editors tries to distort our perception of reality by giving undue emphasis to them. Then, of course, reality begins to catch up with perception, and we have riots, murders of police officers, and so on. But understand that the decision to promote these stories, in preference to others that are equally or more newsworthy, is a choice that is consciously made by people with a political agenda. -Powerline’s John Hinderaker

    *Liberals desperately need blacks. If the Democratic Party lost just 30 percent of the black vote, it would mean the end of the liberal agenda. That means blacks must be kept in a perpetual state of grievance in order to keep them as a one-party people in a two-party system. When black Americans finally realize how much liberals have used them, I’m betting they will be the nation’s most conservative voters. Who else has been harmed as much by liberalism’s vision and agenda? -black writer Walter E. Williams

  3. Lets take a deep breath here and open our eyes to what is happening. First, 2015 crime stats show that about 250 unarmed blacks were killed by police. While that number is too high more whites were killed by cops. Even if all these shootings were unjustified it is a small percentage of the total population of 350 million. Yes there are bad cops out there but I think that technology ie cameras are going to ferret out these cops. Conversely, we hear scant coverage of the number of shootings in the city of Chicago. Already this year there have been 2000 murders of blacks by, wait for it, other blacks. Where is the outrage by the race hustlers Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their money grubbing brothers? Their silence is deafening!
    We as a society have lost our civility towards one another as we have been brought down to the lowest common denominator. The cops are scared and their paramilitary training is causing them to view all citizens as the enemy. Rhetoric from both the Left and the Right is causing wide divisions within our society and mentally unbalanced people are taking their cues from this to extract justice for perceived crimes.
    The solution must come from the person we see in the mirror. Regain our civility towards our fellow citizens in any small way that we can. We can either hang tighter or we will surely hang separately. Be of good cheer, God Bless America, Long live the Republic.

    1. When blacks kill blacks they do not go unpunished. The contrast is the issue. When the police murder blacks, they almost never are punished, prosecuted, or convicted. Do get the issue twisted and misdirect the argument.

  4. HILLARY CLINTON,and OBAMA have proved to america,THE ONLY law there is, is the LAW of the very rich,and the ones who take bribes and kiss their ass,other then that,there ain’t no law,AND the founding FATHERS who saw this might be coming in the future,DEMANDED all government employees TAKE AN OATH TO GOD,especially the MILITARY AND POLICE GANGS…of course they ALL lied,and NOW they’ll also all go to hell,BUT that was their choice……LOOK at the disabled women who they beat to a pulp in the airport, over at NEXT NEWS NETWORK…ITS should cost the tax payers a 100 billion dollars,and throw every rich person in america out of their house and sell it to pay this women…THIS is a light on the real police gangs of america,SO GET READY COWARDS,our FATHER IN HEAVEN IS ABOUT TO START ON YOU………

  5. ANSWER TO ALL QUESTIONS,your police gangs take an OATH to GOD,they lied,they were cowards who wanted to bully someone since they were bullied as a child,Now they can Rape,loot and murder anytime they want and ALL the cowards in america will gladly lick their ass on command,WELL it don’t say much for the police when, HOW many times they KILL CHILDREN,and it happens way to OFFEN,when they start killing children,you got a problem that has to be stopped at any cost,sadly AMERICAS CHILDREN have droped to ZERO in value,so now our FATHER will step in to protect them,POLICE get ready to meet your new DADDY SATAN….and ALL you who call your selves men,WHY haven’t you stood up to protect the children,OR is kissing the police gangs ass more important then the children are……..

  6. This moron is basically justifying and condoning the murder of policemen by savage primates.

  7. What a pile of absolute drivel! Are there occasional bad police shootings? Of course there are. The majority however, are legally and morally justified. Adults who have not been taught how to behave properly often invite initial contact from police. When they try to fight, run over, shoot, stab, bludgeon, or otherwise harm a cop, they have asked for what happens when they get shot.

    I would not stand for such and neither should a cop.

    1. did you come to these conclusion in your mother’s basement? In the real world, it takes very little to attract unwanted police attention – for example, I had parked my car outside the entrance to a VA clinic in Las Vegas several years ago on a saturday, when everything was closed. It was about 10 A.M. Whether or not others do that has no bearing upon what took place. A Metro cop pulled up behind me with gun drawn and ordered “keep your hands where I can see them”. I had no warrants and was not in any sort of trouble. I am disgusted by the entitlement cops feel to ruin someone’s day. or their life. Now that PD has a contact card which will remain forever. In that light you should read newspaper accounts of so-and-so who got arrested or speaks out against police, because “he has had X number of prior contacts with police”. Well, yeah, how suprising is that? All you have to be doing is minding your own damned business and they’ll ru roughshod over your rights and voila – you have a recorded police contact. I’m sick of them, and am neither suprised nor aggrieved at the killings this weekend.

  8. Amen brother. Police fight as they train. Shoot first and let the DA and Police Unions cover it up later. The real question is who and why this is being encouraged and enforced. The fact they don’t report the infinitely greater number of unarmed white people murdered by cops tells all. They want io incite racial violence! To what end? I got a pretty good guess. Do you?

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