For those who are students of history, there always seem to be a mirroring effect taking place where timelines spit out esoteric doppelgangers that seem remarkably uncanny.

The past sometimes becomes an oracle of sorts and one does not need a crystal ball to see the future as there seems to be an echo in transit towards a revolution in this country.

I know that now there seems to be this immediate denial whereby no one can approximate the future in this country and it may be a bit hollow to sound any alarm when there is so much fanfare of death threats from space and an anxiously awaited apocalypse to convene.

Sometimes it is as if we relive many moments in history and more so when it comes to politics because it seems that politicians seem to want to take old techniques, put a fresh coat of paint on them and re-sell them as some contemporary concept.

This is similar to what I believe Friedrich Nietzsche spoke about when he expressed his views on eternal recurrence.


“What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you in your loneliest loneliness and say to you: ‘This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence-even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust! ‘” — Nietzsche

Following in Nietzsche’s concept I could ask: What if a demonic power were to steal your government when it is at its most vulnerable? What if the demonic power brought back such things as cannibalism, genocide, genetic directives and child sacrifice as a way to gain control of a frightened populace? It would create tried and true results — all in the same succession and sequence as other moments in history like the times of Hitler’s Weimar, Soviet Russia, Mao’s China, and the Argentine Dirty War.

What if something happened that would create a small uprising, and that uprising turned into a full on revolution?

Keep in mind that insurrection, combative and revolutionary events in history had small skirmishes before the big ones erupted. This is why now we should take a page from history and understand we are about to witness a return performance of what was called the King Mob. In order to explain what that is, we have to turn back time to the 1800’s and the turmoil that existed during the election of 1828.

It was a rematch of the election of 1824 between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. In the earlier election, Jackson received more votes, but with no candidate having a majority, the House of Representatives chose Adams. Four years later, the voices of the people were finally heard.

Jackson’s inauguration in 1828 appeared to be the embodiment of “mob rule” by uneducated voters and what were referred to at the time as common men.


Jackson rode to the White House followed by a large group of fanatical supporters who were invited into the White House. The drunken unwashed masses tacked mud all over new carpets, glassware and crockery were smashed, and chaos ensued. The mob had their man in the White House. He was non-establishment, uneducated and inexperienced. It was exactly what the people wanted and they were willing to start all sorts of chaos in order to coerce others into voting for Jackson.

Naturally, Jackson’s critics were quick to point to the party as the beginning of the “reign of King Mob.”

Arthur J. Stansbury, a Jacksonian contemporary wrote about what was transpiring during the election.

“No one who was at Washington at the time of General Jackson’s inauguration is likely to forget that period to the day of his death. To us, who had witnessed the quiet and orderly period of the Adams administration, it seemed as if half the nation had rushed at once into the capital. It was like the inundation of the northern barbarians into Rome, save that the tumultuous tide came in from a different point of the compass.

The West and the South seemed to have precipitated themselves upon the North and overwhelmed it. On that memorable occasion you might tell a ‘Jackson man’ almost as far as you could see him. Their every motion seemed to cry out ‘Victory!”

The political climate at the time appeared chaotic. The people were just coming off of the War of 1812 and the old Republican Party of Thomas Jefferson had split into two opposing groups. President John Quincy Adams led one of the groups. It called itself the National Republican Party.

Andrew Jackson, a military hero and politician, led the other group. It called itself the Democratic Party.

From there, turmoil and ugly allegations were thrown round and Jackson was accused of many sexual peccadilloes. There was also some other scathing allegation in what appeared to be a mob like mentality raging among voters.

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The attacks that really hit home were about Jackson’s unauthorized, and perhaps directly-against-orders, conquest of Florida in 1819, his sometimes savage disciplinary measures against his own troops, his declaring martial law in New Orleans and maintaining martial law in New Orleans and arresting people in New Orleans well after the War of 1812 was actually over.

All during the bitter election campaign, neither Jackson nor his opponent, President Adams, said anything about one very important issue: slavery. Adams did not want to lose what little support he had in the South and West by denouncing slavery. Jackson did not want to lose the support of some Republicans in the North by openly defending it.

So race issues and vague platitudes were common in the time period and the issue of slavery was put in the back burner.

President Adams’s silence did not mean that he approved of slavery. Southerners were sure that he opposed it. And Jackson did not have to tell the South what he thought about slavery. He was a slave owner, and he had bought and sold slaves all his life.


It was the man of the people against the perceived man of the establishment.

No can you understand why this time in history is like a dark mirror? How this time in history is a peculiar doppelganger that may indicate that we are ready for that one spark that will ignite a revolution?

I would love to bore you with details in the quickie history lesson, but it is important to point out the similarities in history that reflect what is happening today.

I see it as uncanny, however, I also fear we are on the brink of revolution or worse we will see the rise of the King Mob.

Mark Twain once quipped that history really doesn’t repeat itself – it only rhymes and many things we tend to forget somehow ring through with a similar tone. In the case of our trip back in time, we see many things that need to be demonstrated as having a familiar ring or rhyme – especially in this contemporary era that appears to have no rhyme or reason.

We have come to accept fraud as standard operating practice in America, to the detriment of everything that was once worthy and morally accountable. Everyone who wishes to play in the artificial system maximizes their personal gain by going along with the current trajectory, even if that trajectory is taking the nation down a slippery slope to “mob rule.”

We’ve habituated to fraud as a way of life because much of the system that has been molded and shaped by the elite is fraudulent.

Ironically we could even say that what appear to be organized protests, and release valve events like the “Occupy Movement,” “The Tea Party,” and now “Democracy Spring is also fraudulent.”


Billionaires like Charles Koch and George Soros fund groups that weaponize words and philosophies, leading to meaningless protests that attract and eventually radicalize the under-educated or even brainwashed zealots – to create upheavals necessary to warrant a police state operation that uses war-like tactics to subdue and arrest those who participate in the King Mob mentality.

It can be argued that real effective protests should not be funded by billionaires.

However, now they are and it appears to be a self-defeating exercise, because while good natured peaceful activists show up at these events so do agents provocateur who are paid to disrupt and otherwise create a confrontation between protesters and police.

If the tone of our politics have sunk to Cro-Magnon levels, it’s because the process has been flooded with money and propaganda and a rabid right and left that have literally destroyed any and all discourse and have made compromise impossible.

The whole political structure is a scam. It is a show and the billionaires play both sides in the game and use the politically uptight as pawns in their end game that leads to a fraudulent and well-crafted revolutionary move that swing us politically towards their globalist control.

While everyone uses these so-called protests for their own personal agenda – it may be a bit liberating to use truth to create a revelation before the revolution. If you continue to empower the elite by participating in whatever system fraudulent schemes they inhabit, we as a nation will rot from within.

We’ve lost our way, and lost the ability to tell the truth, face problems directly, abandon what has failed and what is not affordable, and accept personal risk as the essential element of successful adaptation.

It seems that everything anymore is a business, including protests, elections, and revolutions.

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The elite are the ones financing and forcing the tipping point towards worldwide rebellion against the current forms of government. It is because they want a New World Order that they can control.

It is the idea of full spectrum dominance of everything on this planet.

The world at war in geostrategic locations is not enough; the war has to be between fathers and their sons, mothers and their daughters, and elders against their progeny here on the United States. As I have said on a previous show, the core of all who we are is found in the family, creating dissension between family members philosophically, politically and spiritually has been the key to culling the population and creating dependability on the welfare state.

The elite have also birthed terrorism, by using a brutal campaign of bombing and destroying families abroad.

Through the aid of successful propaganda, the greater bulk of people in the United States have become victims of subterfuge as we continue and open ended war without an end, and a complete negation of the Constitution that has been the foundation of law which protects us from an encroaching Empire.

Perhaps attempting to head off global revolution, the recent supposed leak of the “Panama Papers” has now been intimated to be a clandestine operation by the CIA. The agency has been accused of playing a role, and might have deemed the leak necessary to prevent the people’s usurpation of power — a paltry quelling so imperative, the agency could have felt it acceptable to allow “collateral damage” in the downfall of various world leaders and CIA-associated organizations.

Sometimes a fraudulent falling on the sword by these organizations can be seen as another release valve to keep people distracted from the cluster disaster that is the 2016 presidential reality show.

Jesus Christ could return tomorrow, and his appearance would be insignificant as Americans remained fixated on the controlled demolition of the political parties in the United States.

I can’t believe the process is still moving through like a crazy train running off the rails as we see the mounting blatant instances of election fraud and realizations brought by the two parties’ employment of super delegates to install establishment leaders. This is occurring despite the people’s feelings on the matter. The uncomfortable truth has revealed that elections are also fraudulent illusions used to deceive the critical mass into believing they have a say in who sits in the playpen known as the Oval Office.

The question is why doesn’t anybody stop playing this game – and call it the fraud that it truly is? Can anyone see that the specter of the King Mob has returned? Is there anyone that will come forward and say enough is enough? The revolution that is not sanctioned by the billionaires seems like a lost cause. The sparklers have already been lit, the starting gun has already been fired, but it appears we are not well-trained to run the race.

God help America.

lost ways

Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero Media 



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