The Illegal Arms Trade is Being Run by Washington and CIA

As it has been repeatedly noted by American analysts, US politicians and journalists are working hand in hand to conceal their crimes and “horrors” from their fellow citizens. Therefore it’s not an easy job to find any confirmation regarding such “horrors” imposed by Washington across the globe “in the name of the greater good for Americans.” US political elites have learned from the experience of broadcasting the events of the Vietnam War that they must disguise all unpleasant facts from the eyes of the American public.

Since that moment on, the broadcast of “horrors” is strictly prohibited in the United States, therefore the media has no chance of making public the true nature of the bloody massacres committed by American during various wars. Even the images of the bodies of fallen American soldiers being brought back home from wars abroad are strictly prohibited in public media space.

However, the fact that the White House and the CIA are the main instigators of these “horrors” and wars around the globe has been covered in thousands of articles in various countries and media sources. Moreover, the international community has urged numerous non-governmental organizations to start an international investigation into the actions of Washington and the CIA along with the schemes that allow corrupt politicians to gain profits from numerous “training programs of the opposition forces’ at the expense of American taxpayers.

At the same time, those American political elites who have already become corrupted are convinced that there will be no prosecution of their deeds, therefore they assume that they can safely carry on targeting other countries for the sake of gaining even more wealth, thereby creating an atmosphere of instability in the world.

This fact has been confirmed yet again by The New York Times, which reported that the weapons supplied by the US and Saudi Arabia to Jordan, where militants of the so-called “Syrian opposition” are being trained, were systematically stolen and sold on the black market. The exact number of stolen weapons hasn’t been mentioned, but the newspaper describes it as a stream, which suggests that the number is considerable.


As a result, those weapons are being transported by the CIA and Pentagon abroad, where criminal gangs are selling them to all sorts of felons and terrorist groups. In particular, those weapons were used in an armed assault in Amman last November, which resulted in five people killed, including two American citizens, notes The New York Times.

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The CIA’s representatives haven’t commented on this incident as of yet. And how could it possibly explain the failure of a well-established criminal network that allows individual representatives of the American establishment to get richer? It’s noteworthy that last year US President Barack Obama was determined to review the training programs in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE due to the fact that after 500 million dollars being taken away from US taxpayers and handed over to the CIA to fund this project, no comprehensive results have been presented so far.

Meanwhile, the CIA keeps selling weapons to various terrorist groups in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and other states, which has been repeatedly mentioned by Western media sources.

However, small arms and rocket-propelled grenades are not the only commodity the CIA is willing to sell at a bargain price, since its agents are also trading components for weapons of mass destruction, allowing, for instance, ISIS militants to build so-called “dirty bombs”. This fact has recently been mentioned by the Wall Street Journal, Global Research and other media sources. Moreover, the so-called “accidental” facts of US-made weapons ending up in the hands of criminals and various extremists have been seen not only in Middle East alone, where Washington is committed to its “efforts” to bring down various unwanted governments, but at international weapons markets as well.

For instance, the “Fast and Furious” operation that was launched by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) that was allegedly designed to trace the illegal supply channels of drug cartels in Mexico, ended up as a huge scandal when it was revealed that during the course of this operation, the ATF was supplying criminals with actual firearms. And the list of similar scandals goes on and on.

Except for the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon, pretty much everyone understands the disastrous consequences that these actions may have for international security, therefore order must be restored in the field of international arms trade and those guilty of arming criminals and terrorists must be subjected to harsh punishment. It’s about time the UN and the International Tribunal got actively involved in the investigation of the criminal activities of Washington and its accomplices.


By  Martin Berger, Journal Neo 

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  1. Our military needs to man up, and depose these criminals, or become accessories to their crimes.

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