House Dems press to restrict religious freedom … again

In a maneuver that would essentially keep faith-based contractors in the United States Armed Forces from doing their jobs while protecting their religious freedom, House Democrats moved again to forward a bill on Thursday that would turn a faith-debilitating executive order decreed by President Barack Obama back in 2014 into law.

It is contended that the Democrats’ measure was devised intended to make it impossible for faith-based military contractors to exercise their religious liberty while performing their duties at work.

Repeat offenders

This is not the first time Leftists in the U.S. House of Representatives have pushed legislation that attacks the religious freedom of those who serve the U.S. military.

“After failing to stop Republicans from adding a provision to do just that in the National Defense Authorization Act, they have now tried twice to use ‘policy riders’ in budget bills to ‘defund’ that measure,” Charisma New reports. “Their latest attempt came Thursday morning, when they attached the rider to the controversial water and energy appropriations bill.”

Following suit with the commander-in-chief’s military policies that make it difficult for those serving their country to live their lives according to their sincerely held religious beliefs — such as his repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — the latest bill would put in place policies that would ultimately handcuff contractors with a religious calling in their line of work.

“President Obama was adamant that he would veto the legislation because it included a Republican rider to curtail his administration’s ability to enforce its ‘Waters of the U.S.’ regulations,” the report continued. “It was expected to pass the House, where Republicans had pledged to pressure their Senate colleagues to keep the measure through the reconciliation process.”

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Attack detected and engaged

Despite repeated efforts to pass their provision so that Obama’s 2014 executive order would become law, House Democrats hit a major roadblock constructed by the Right.

U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) orchestrated and deployed a tactic with other conservative Republicans to make sure that Leftists in the House were not able to smoothly pull off their attack on religious freedom that would greatly affect the U.S. Armed Forces.

The conservatives’ plan to prevent the passage of the provision ultimately worked — despite the repackaging effort orchestrated by House Democrats.

“A number of Democrats voted Thursday against the spending bill because of the Republican policy riders already contained in it,” Charisma News’ Bob Eschliman explained in a report. “With a majority of Republicans opposed to the Democrat policy rider, it ultimately failed on a 305-112 vote.”

Mission retargeted

Even though Thursday morning’s House Republican Conference was originally scheduled to reach an agreement on the proposed bailout bill concerning Puerto Rico’s economic crisis, conservatives used the whole meeting to debate how to handle the House Democrats’ policy rider, according to The Hill and Politico.

Reports provided by the two media outlets in the nation’s capital noted that a number of those attending Thursday’s early conference met with expectations of implementing last-minute revisions to the bill’s language — so that conservatives would be more likely to vote for its passage.

lost ways

Michael F. Haverluck, On News Now

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  2. Pelosi and the rest of your lib/dems trying to restrict our religion can go to hell. Take your commi/ socialist ideas and exit this country ——you are no longer welcomed . Go to turkey or saudi where you belong and stop thinking people aren’t aware of what your trying to pull. We have had enough of your BS and pathetic values that belong in the garbage just like you. Your finished in this country. Go move yourselves and the UN to another country.

  3. None of this has to be obeyed or you are forcing TREASON on yourself. The African negro needs to be removed immediately for he is an imposter up there.

  4. We gave power back to the GOP to stop the democrats from destroying our bill of rights and so far all they have done is do everything Obama and the dummycrats want. Outside of Trump i am probably going to stop voting for people who refuse to represent me.

  5. All of Washington DC and the vermin that call themselves Congress, all have diarrhea of the mouth and brain. There is no fix for Washington DC, except a complete and thorough enema to clean the entire District out. These people, everyone of them, are traitors and have committed treason against this nation.

    The entire system is rigged to the bone and can not be corrected by replacing one vermin with another. Time to water the tree of liberty!

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