Headline! Former Federal Agent Reveals Shocking Truth About Russian Attack, EMP Threat, and Coming Martial Law (Shocking Videos)


Unfortunately, an EMP threat isn’t just something out of a science fiction movie; rather, it is a harsh reality! Our government has known about it for at least 40-50 years and is doing nothing about it.  Even scientists are complaining and getting no results because our deceptive government claims it will never happen.

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 Among the many terrors in the event of an EMP attack is martial law, which would go into effect immediately.  Former Federal Employee, Michael Maloof relays the harsh reality of exactly what it would be like in the event of an EMP attack, and shares the absolute horrors of martial law that most are not aware of. He also discusses some pretty shocking information about Russia and other foreign countries that you need to know about!

He has been attacked and people have tried to discredit him all over the internet—go figure!  So you have to make a choice—with all that is going on in the world today, and with your knowledge of what the Bible says will happen during these end times, prophetically—who are you going to believe and what are you going to do to prepare?

This is a video you do not want to miss! And, you had better get ready! Between the economy and the things discussed in the below videos, we don’t have much longer before all ‘hell’ breaks loose—literally!

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Former Federal Agent Reveals the Real Threat of EMP and Possibility of Russian Invasion-Including Martial Law (Part One)

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