EPA Looking to take control of all Waterways: Millions of Americans could Lose Property Rights

The Environmental Protection Agency is in the middle of drafting a set of rules that will vastly expand the agencies power, and could cause millions of Americans to lose their property rights.

The draft rules, as reported by the Daily Caller, will redefine the term “waters of the United States” to include all “tributaries, bulletproofregardless of size and flow, and all lakes, ponds and wetlands within a floodplain.” This means almost any piece of property could be declared a wetland by the EPA, making way for the takeover of private property across the country.

In a statement to Fox News, the EPA is denying claims that they are trying to seize private property rights. They told Fox News, “The proposed rule would not expand EPA’s or the (Army Corps of Engineers’) jurisdiction or protect any new waters that have not historically been covered under the Clean Water Act.”

Although the EPA denies the claim, their past behavior seems to support what many, including Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, are calling a “massive power grab.”

We’ve covered many stories in the past of how the EPA is already using these waterway acts to take land from private property owners, by redefining dry land as “protected wetlands”. And last year the Obama administration passed an executive order, “The Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes”, which established The National Ocean Council.

1The Council essentially created a national zoning board that can regulate any activity that may affect our waterways, inland communities, and oceans. It effectively dictates what activities can and can’t take place on our waterways, including regulating what you can or can’t build on your own land.

An attack on Self-Sufficiency?

In my opinion, the ability to own property is one of the most important freedoms we have in this country. It not only represents the founding principles of our country, but it’s the cornerstone of freedom and self-reliant living.

If we lose our right to own property, we lose our right to live a free and self-reliant lifestyle.


source: offgridsurvival.com

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