Civil War in America Within 90 Days – Get Ready!

I never like to predict dates, but this one is obvious. And if I am wrong, it won’t be by much, maybe a few weeks. It’s not because I have insider information, it’s because of the way things are unfolding. When you put them all together, the result can only be a full blown bloody revolution of the people against a tyrannical government.

America has always been the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. The American spirit built this land and all Americans take great pride in their heritage and their accomplishments. And rightfully so. But things have changed.  Really changed, and not for the better. Since 2008 when we had the financial meltdown, Americans have been faithful and patient, waiting for the government to make things good again. But instead of them doing that, they have instead made things worse. Unemployment is high, gas is high, wages are low, the debt is high, sentiment is low, the future looks bleak, but Washington is living high on the hog. Wall Street and Washington are not suffering, but the rest of the people are. Corruption is out in the open, new laws and executive orders are a weekly event, all of which take away more liberties and freedoms from the people. Governments don’t serve the people anymore, they only serve the banksters and big business. How much longer will the people put up with this?

When a society reaches this point, only one of two things can happen. Either the government changes it’s policies and begins to work for the good of the people again, or the people revolt. In this case, the chances of the government backing down is almost impossible because they are controlled by the elite. And the elite have their agenda laid out. So that leaves only one option; revolution. But will it be a peaceful demonstration demanding change, or will it be violent. The peaceful process is usually tried first because no one wants a war. And if that doesn’t work, then each man has to fight for his rights. But I believe we will skip the peaceful process this time and here’s why.

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Most Americans know that their system is totally corrupt. Wall Street, Washington, the FBI, the CIA, DHS, and the Supreme Court just to mention a few are all puppets of the shadow government. What chance does an American stand to fight a peaceful war against tyranny with such odds against them? It’s not even worth trying, the corruption is so widespread. Look at what happened to Joe Arpaio. His Cold Case Posse has proven that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud. But now he is not able to get any government department or official to take it to the next step. They shut him down. So what chance do you think you have? This is what the American people are up against and they know it. So all that is left is a violent revolution in the name of Liberty, Freedom, and to Defend the Constitution.

I don’t believe the American people will start the war. The war will be started by one of these three events. A financial event, a gun event, or a false flag event. One of these will be the last straw. The whole world is in financial crisis. America is deeply in debt. The stock market and the bond markets are overbought and ready for a major correction. The derivatives market is very fragile and could crack at any time. The banking crisis starting in Cyprus could spread to Europe and America very quickly. The US dollar is quickly losing it’s reserve currency status. No matter where you look in the financial sector there are major problems just waiting to happen. Any one of these could set off a chain reaction which would escalate into war.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

If it is a gun event then I think a revolution will break out immediately. The American people realize that if they give up their guns they will become the elite’s slaves. They will not do that. If they refuse to comply, the government will send out their goons to try to seize the guns. This will produce pockets of resistance which could easily escalate into a full blown revolution.

The last possibility would be a false flag event which the government would create in order to bring in martial law. This is the most likely of all events because it would fit their timeline and they could manifest it whenever the time is right. It could be any type of event as long as it produces the desired results. And it would give them the most options and again make it look like they are just trying to help keep law and order. And it would give them justification to impose martial law.

Why do I say 3 months? Because DHS is moving their armoured vehicles around the country. The plastic “fema coffins” are being transported to various camps. They are getting their personnell organized.  But the main reason is because the elite want to get on with their agenda before too many people wake up. They have many things on the back burner right now. They have to deal with Syria. They need to have their war with Iran. They have to deal with North Korea.  The Middle East is a mess.  They need to get the home front under control and martial law in place so that they don’t have to bother Congress for permission anymore, they can just do it. Once the home front is secured, they can devalue the dollar, fight all their wars, crash the economy, it’s all within reach, and it’s all for “the good of the nation”.

Because of the nearness of these events, it is most important to get ready for what is coming. Hunker down with food and water and whatever other supplies you will need. Put your affairs in order. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best. And above all….make peace with God. Jesus said “Unless a man is born again he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven”. Before you go into battle…..get born again. It’s a very brave thing to fight for one’s country and for freedom, and against tyranny, but one has to also consider that there will be casualties. If you’re born again and happen to be one of those casualties, you will be rewarded with a home in heaven and all that you have fought for will be worth it. Wouldn’t it be absolutely awful to fight so hard for freedom and then to spend eternity with the devil and the tyrants and the elite? That would be totally counter productive wouldn’t it? Get on a winning team first, then go fight for what is right.

God Bless You and God Bless America!

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4 Replies to “Civil War in America Within 90 Days – Get Ready!

  1. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch since I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

  2. I would have to agree with you on most of this. My differences is I think it will be a Revolution/Civil war, and the time frame will be closer toward the end of the year (month or two before election time). And probably as you stated a false flag so they can set the time.

    1. I agree Earl. There are a few Retired Generals who have spoken to this very subject and they to believe that things will begin to unfold in the winter. Tactically it is a great time to activate such a subversive action.

  3. I normally agree with most of what you say, but this time you are way off.
    You obviously don’t know the American people very well. This generation is predominantly dependent on
    government interaction. The vast majority will not rise up against the government, they will rise up against real Patriots as we will be blamed for much of the problems. Thats already taking place. I follow news and articles in papers across the nation very closely. What I am relating to you can not be more accurate.
    Reality is best to accept, then you plan accordingly.

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