China’s war with the United States has already begun

Since China has an Eastern-styled approach to warfare, most Westerners don’t recognize that the two powerful nations are already engaged in mortal, if not subtle, combat.

Most Westerners are not capable of identifying “Chinese aggression” because it has a different composition than Western-styled force-projection. The primary difference between the United States and China is hard versus soft power or Clausewitz versus Sun Tzu.

Historically speaking, Western powers more often than not use hard-power “Shock and Awe” tactics for rapid dominance of geopolitical regions and rely on Clausewitz for the basis of their war-fighting strategy. Subtlety has never been the strong suit of Western countries when compared to the Chinese.

Conversely speaking, the Chinese utilize a more subtle, soft-power, guerrilla-styled approach — even in economics, which may take decades to ramp up and implement.

Africa may be a prime example of China’s stealthy expansion. There are at least one million Chinese in Africa now — many would consider that an invasion and they have secured some of the richest resource concessions on the continent without firing a shot. This showcases China’s soft power projection capacity in no uncertain terms.

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China’s unique strategies make it difficult for the leaders of the American military machine to recognize that the first shots in a protracted conflict have already been fired. Along with military tactics, China combines socio-political, psychological and economic tactics within their non-Western strategy for power projection.

China is indeed actively fighting America in Africa and in the U.S. within different domains. These domains include but are not limited to economic, cyber, cyber-kinetic, political and territorial.

Economic warfare: purchase and/or sale of U.S. treasury bills, Yuan manipulation, government subsidized output (consumer goods), and trade/tariff manipulation.

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Cyber-warfare: Engaging in data theft, backdoors, viruses, hacking

Cyber-kinetic warfare: The creation and deployment of Stuxnet-type viruses, and hacking which lead to physical damage of infrastructure such as power grids, nuclear facilities, hydroelectric and telecommunications systems.

Socio-political warfare: establishment of “Confucian Centers” in the US and around the globe, and the funding of US universities in exchange for roles in university policy-making processes, which often in turn promote communist ideology.

Territorial: China runs port operations in many of the worlds largest and most strategically valuable ports and SLOCs (Sea Lines of Communication). The best example is the Panama canal. Both ends of the canal are controlled by China.

The Peoples Republic of China is also creating a littoral base in Djibouti, right next to America’s only real, non-austere locale in Africa: the United States Naval Expeditionary Base Camp Lemonier.

China’s war with the U.S. has already begun, but it is silent, very subtle and difficult for Westerners to detect since the PRC has not used the West’s favorite tool of warfare: the obtrusive use of conventional weapons..

China has engaged the United States in conflict, albeit based on tenets established from Confucian systems and the teachings of Sun Tzu. This in turn has precluded American military planners from recognizing the tactics and strategies which have already been employed in several battle-spaces, whether they reside in virtual, economic, political or physical domains.

China’s quiet projection of force and increasing presence on all four corners of the globe indicates that it has already begun to wrest control over the world’s most vital geopolitical regions from the United States, in domains which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

America had better take note that war is waged by its enemies on many fronts, not just the traditional battlefield.


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