9 Booby Traps to Protect Your Homestead

Booby Traps

I know that “booby traps” might incite images of pirates or flashbacks from “Goonies”, but it’s actually a very legitimate way to protect your homestead. While many traditional security techniques may do the job, imagine how much more menacing you can be with rigged traps set all over the perimeter of your property. I think it would be great, actually! Just please keep in mind that booby traps are illegal in most places. These are ideas that would only be considered useful in a SHFT or survival scenario.

Many of these trap ideas were used in war times and may look familiar to Vietnam Vets while some are standard hunting traps.

How to make and install a simple inexpensive trip wire alarm to alert you that someone is approaching your home or hideout location.

It is said that this trap is good for catching wild boar, but I think if you are going to try to ward off humans you should definitely find a good way to camouflage it. It does appear to be highly effective though. Heck, even if it just makes someone turn around I suppose is had done its job!

This snare trap tutorial guides you to building a snare with common survival materials like paracord and wire. One of the simplest and timeless traps there are.

I use the term “explosive” lightly here. It’s not really an explosion if kept to a small scale. It’s more of a scare tactic. If I saw flame balls coming from the general area I would be sure to steer clear. I don’t recommend trying this with a short tube if you have long hair. Either keep your hair pulled back or try using a bicycle pump to add some distance between yourself and the flame. I would also recommend keeping the area free of low hanging branches or heavy brush which could easily catch fire.



It gets its name because you use a small arms shell or round (aka: cartridge). This one was widely used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. It is made of a piece of bamboo, a small arms cartridge, a nail, and a piece of wood. The pressure from ones step presses the cartridge onto the nail which causes the round to explode right through the intruders foot. It will definitely stop them in their tracks!

Booby Traps

For times when you want to set off a fire cracker or other less destructive explosive to scare off an intruder it will come in handy to utilize a slow burning fuse. You can make these at home, thankfully, with just some cotton yarn, potassium nitrate, and table sugar. Here’s how:

Sometimes called Punji stakes, these sharpened pieces of bamboo or wood are often buried in a camouflaged pit so that when an intruder falls into it the are then impaled by the sharp spear-like rods sticking our of the ground. Cruel, yes, but that’s why it’s a protective measure.

Booby Traps

Think of those metal bear traps that hunters use. Once triggered the metal spike on either side close tightly around the bears paw or leg. This is basically a man-made, less mechanical version of on of these. Of course, it involves digging a pit, as was usually the case with most of the Viet Cong’s traps.

Booby Traps

My favorite booby traps are the natural kind. If you want to make sure you keep someone from breaking into your home through a window, just plant some non-threatening looking plants along the entire perimeter of your home. A plant like Osage Orange looks green and friendly, but it packs a strong punch with it’s strong, thick thorny branches.




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