World War III: Any Rights You Now Have Will Be Redefined By A Group Of Elites According To Their Standards

World War


Many people feel WWIII is looming closer. For those in North America the next world war is well under way but it will not be exactly what they had planned on. The mass of humanity crossing the southern U.S. border is nothing less than a Third World war being waged on the first world countries of America and Canada.

This is all part of the planned North American Union that will be forced on the citizens of those countries. Prosperous citizens have the means to protect their rights but impoverished citizens can only beg for government assistance or flee to some other place.

The elimination of the southern U.S. border has allowed many thousands of illegal aliens from all over South and Central America to come here in hopes of a better life. The influx will continue and increase substantially before it stops. To eliminate any resistance to a North American Union, America and Canada will be destroyed economically and socially to make subjugation easier.

With too many poor to care for, government services will break down and stop. The nation will be destroyed economically and socially to the point of no longer functioning. An outside institution such as the UN with outside backing will come in to stabilize the situation and take control. Once they are here they will never leave. Any rights you now have will be redefined by this group according to their standards.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

Citizens of Canada should take notice of what is happening to their south because it will eventually happen there too. Third world dictators will continue to send their poor north to eliminate discourse among their people and make it someone elses problem.

It has been decided that instead of raising the living standards of the poor to the south, the living standards of those to the north will be lowered. It will continue until the masses beg for government to ease their suffering. They will willingly give up all of their rights for the promise of relief. They will get little relief and only more misery as time goes on.

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The collusion between the government, the bankers, the drug cartels, government agencies and international interests are combining to deliver a lethal blow to the freedoms and prosperity we now take for granted. These groups want America to be completely destroyed for their own nefarious purposes. They have a plan and it is now unfolding before us.

Just like in the movie Force Ten From Navarone, where the enemy has discovered they intend to blow up the bridge so they reinforce it, but the men change their plan and they decide to blow up the dam above the bridge and let the water undermine the structure of the bridge and destroy it. This is the type of war we are now fighting. The enemy will do things to undermine our structure without directly attacking it in order to do us in.


This is the third world war that will destroy America. When the money changers have absolute control of their new North American Union they will finally have the utopia they have sought for themselves. The utopia the masses were expecting will never come. This will educate the masses to what socialism really is but they will learn this lesson too late to do anything about it.

Another war will tear the Middle East apart probably with nuclear weapons but by then Americans will be too preoccupied with daily survival to care. It is all in the cards and this will likely come to pass. The invading armies that many Americans fear will one day come are here now. Many of the soldiers are smaller and younger than expected but that will change with time. It will only take a few years for these potential soldiers to grow into adults that will be recruited to help subjugate the continent. Some of the first wave are already trained and financed by the drug cartels. Gangs working with the drug cartels and the government are even now being pre-positioned for future operations against Americans. MS-13 and other gang members will be on one side with DHS on the other and helpless Americans caught in the middle of this pincer move.

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For those preparing to survive what may come in the future, this is truly a nightmare scenario and that is exactly how it will unfold. The fighting that will likely take place on this continent in the near future will be bloody and those that survive it will be hard pressed to retain their humanity. The illegals are flooding in, the UN is pre-positioning equipment and DHS has armed all of its agencies to the teeth. Once enough illegals have arrived and been dispersed around the country all that is needed to begin the next phase is a trigger event. The diseases that these illegals carry may be just such an event.

The reasoning for all of the current scandals is simple. The best way to take down the enemy is to overwhelm him and prevent any meaningful defense from him. Middle class Americans are the new enemy. This is what is happening in America right now. We are being overwhelmed with one crisis after another to prevent Americans from forming any type of defense against the transformation taking place in this country that will destroy the social structure we depend on to insure prosperity and stability.

Only if enough Americans realize the nature of what is happening and form a basic defensive strategy will they be able to defend themselves against what is to come. It will be impossible to fight every battle in every location and expect to win. Only when we pick a piece of ground and decide to defend it at all costs will we have any chance of success. That is to say we must decide what battle is the most important and put everything into that to have any hope of victory. Its time to pick our ground and circle the wagons and prepare to defend it to the end. Victory belongs to the most committed.

lost ways

By: Tom Chatham


5 Replies to “World War III: Any Rights You Now Have Will Be Redefined By A Group Of Elites According To Their Standards

  1. The only way is what you said we have to group ..I think the best is Africa .if we do not do that we wil be systematically Destroyed v.

  2. ww3 has been going on all my life…. if you think it has just begun you are still not awake. You need the Holy Spirit of truth, that simple. You can follow traditions, lie your butt off, but truth is coming and it is in your best interest to find it asap. There is no excuse. If you claim to be a born again believer in Jesus Christ..Go watch a biblically accurate movie of Jesus’ life and watch it over and over until you recognise where you really stand. You are either serving Satan or God, yep…. you can’t serve both. If you do come to truth remember you will be slandered (the truth be damned in this world), hated and oh yeah….lose your job….because we are the minority big time…but that’s ok….God is in control, Jesus already won this battle… just do what he told us to do and have faith, it is finished. Have faith… Trust that God will help you, cause I can tell you he will. Stop listening to Satan and those who pretend to follow Jesus and get the bible, pray and ask Jesus into your heart and to guide you and he will.. You don’t need a preacher…we have one on one communication…go somewhere alone and just communicate in your heart to God our father and creator and ask him to come into your life, your heart and be sincere and then trust him, get a bible and read it. Jesus did not have a home, look how homelessness is a crime today… wake up, time is short. God bless you all!

  3. WELL I don’t have a FAMILY as it goes by current standards,I have an OLD DOG,but I like her find and she likes me,WE kinda Look out for each other,NOW the reason I brought this up is,THERE WON’T BE ANY FOOD AT THE MARKETS,not for me and not for her,NOW that makes me down right mad,and because the OL’e dog was involved I had to mention it to her,WELL as you could guess she was so mad she couldn’t even say a thing,BUT she is good at sign language,SO we agreed WE’LL FEED HER GOVERNMENT OFFICALS,I guess the government morons never gave any thought to what every ones dog would be eating, so it’ll be them………..

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