We Will Find Ourselves Disarmed, And When We Become Disarmed – It’s Over

1A candidate to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate has issued a warning to middle-class America about Washington’s plans to control guns.

“They want to know who you are, they want to know what you have, and they want to know where you live,” said Derrick E. Grayson.

“The Second Amendment is not about hunting,” he said. “It is about protecting ourselves from a tyrannical government.”

“Make no mistake about it. Gun control is NOT about crook control. It’s about AMERICA control. That’s what they want to do,”

His comments appeared on a video that was posted online a few weeks ago but recently has started getting attention.

On his “drive time” video, Grayson explains his view of the constitutional guarantee that individuals can keep and bear arms.

Once through the short advertisement (not my doing), the next four minutes tell it like it is…

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“Crooks don’t give a damn about gun control laws. They’re crooks. That’s what they do.”

“This [gun control – referencing recent Connecticut legislation] is about law abiding citizens – in particular, white middle class Americans.”

“You all need to understand and see what’s going on with this country and what they’re trying to do.”


“…we will find ourselves disarmed, and when we become disarmed – it’s over. It’s over. That is what that is. I just don’t know how else to tell you, but you all need to wake up and smell this coffee on these gun control issues. Don’t let them take your guns. When they take your guns, and they disarm you, Lights Out.”

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What do you think about what Derrick Grayson said in his short video?

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24 Replies to “We Will Find Ourselves Disarmed, And When We Become Disarmed – It’s Over

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  4. Why not disarm them instead and ask them why not? The same reason given to you should be given to them!

    It’s YOUR government not theirs!

  5. Great video and yes your absolutely right Mr Grayson, My hats off to you. I am a GOD FEARING Christian, however I’m not a pacified one either and any of you Christians out there that state we should not stand against tyranny, that we should “turn the other cheek” your to scared to death to do God’s will. It’s not as if God’s people are pushing this fight, TPTB are the ones pushing the issue here, not us, YOU need to wake up and smell the coffee. Then again Gideon started out with 20,000 men and by the time God had him test them all, only 300 were left in the end to go to the fight. Find yourself worthy of standing in the face of EVIL/TYRANNY and Fight the Good Fight, remember Joshua 1:9…….

  6. The Bible says to obey legitimate rulers who watch over your soul because legitimate rulers are not a terror to good works but to evil works. So that’s how you can tell whether you are dealing with a legitimate government that upholds law or a tyrannical dictatorship of lawlessness that murders the innocent. Is your government watching over and making laws that protect the innocent, or is it looking for ways to slaughter the innocent? Is your government punishing evil doers or is it punishing people who stand for what is right?

  7. Wow. So I guess Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were wrong to go against the king’s orders? You need to move beyond a politically correct theology and realize that the only thing that matters is bringing His kingdom to earth. And that will not be accomplished through laws, courts, and politics…

  8. Ken, i hate to say this but, you are a puss. The bible specifically states that we have a right to defend ourselves. Revelations is merely stating a plausible fact that people engeged in battle do die. I would rather die defending myself than bending over and taking t in the butt from these globalist slime.
    You go cower in the corner ken, like the pussy you are.

  9. Derrick Grayson, Thank you! If your not all ready elected, you need to be. This country needs men like you and women who will stand. If you were from Wisconsin, you would have my vote.

  10. I could not agree more. Our founding fathers knew about gun control because a little known fact was that King George tried to take the rebel’s weapons. Thank God I know the art of improvised weapons. A friend of mine had went through a revolution told me to know what rubber bungies, bottles, styrofoam, oil and gasoline can make. Several of these babies can take out a tank.

  11. I believe its on trott2hots site,THERE IS VIDEO FOOTAGE,of children,looking out through the WIRE OF A FEMA DEATH CAMP,..THEIR CRIME? THEIR CHILDREN OF HOMELESS PARENTS,who were rounded up to be killed,because the homeless problem,is caused by the PEOPLES BELOVED GOVERNMENT,who are in total joy the children will be killed, BY THE GOOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS,who follow orders ,EVEN IF THEIR KILLING CHILDREN,…AMERICA,KISS YOUR SORRY ASS GOODBY,when you murder someones children,YOU HAVE BROUGHT “DEATH” ON YOUR SELF AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY,and its less then you deserve,BUT I TELL YOU NOW ,SATAN is going to level the playing field when he gets his hands on you,and GOD is going to let him have you….SATAN,is going to make you wished you were NEVER BORN………………

  12. NOT TO LONG ago,our FATHER called americans ,:nothing but a pack of COWARDS,the FEARFUL and COWARDS don’t enter heaven,READ YOUR BIBLE, it tells you this,and JEREMIAH 51:30,makes it clear whats going to happen in america….THE CHURCH has been DECIEVED,IF the won’t stand up to protect their families,THE LORD KNOWS they would never stand up and stand by the LORD,if you won’t stand by the LORD,your in the group who is sent to hell and millions of christians won’t be seeing heaven,THEY FELL DOWN ON THE JOB,right when they should have stood up,and OPPOSED EVIL,they laided down……………..

  13. Hey Ken,YOU are so wrong,throughout the Bible God,s people rose up against tyrants and tyranny.Try reading the book Romans 13,the meaning of submission.Christians are to stand up and fight against tyranny…

    1. By your logic Peter should have submitted to the Pharisees and the High Priest in Israel when they disobeyed and preached Jesus after his resurrection. They should have turned themselves in to Saul of Tarsus because he had the authority of the government. The Jews should have submitted to the Nazis because everything they did was legal and they were the authority of that nation. By the same token you concede to the slaughter of abortion as the judgement of God against this nation because it is legal. Would you submit to the assault of one of your loved ones if it was legal to do so? Remember just because something is legal that doesn’t make it right. It also say in the Bible that if a man won’t provide for his own, neither should he eat. That is just the food aspect…..what about shelter or protection. Considering something good as evil is just as bad as considering something evil is good and to be allowed.

  14. God never condoles rebelian never and he never will don’t y’all read in revaluations that whoever picks up a sword will die by the sword?that is for this time were in and all of u ranting about not giving up ur guns and scaring everyone is going to get a lot of people killed. Are u afraid to die don’t u know that death has no hold on Christians?what is the matter with y’all don’t u won’t god to finish this work on the earth? I sure do and if Iam killed for my faith then so be it. I don’t need a gun I have faith with works

    1. I believe that you have been misled in the definition of rebellion. No place in the Bible does it say we must submit to tyranny. I understand that many people believe the Bible says that God places kings and Governors and that we should submit, but if you read the entire Bible you will find that is not always the case. While God does place kings over the people He also gives the people the ability to know right from from wrong. When things are clearly in the wrong and against what He has set forth for his people, Jewish and Gentile alike, He gives us the ability to correct that situation. It may well be that our taking a strong stand and taking this nation back could be God’s way of correcting not only a problem here, but perhaps in other areas of the world as well. You pray for direction, I know I do. God will not mislead you.

      1. Also, if you read my initial posting, I said we could take our nation back without violence. In case you haven’t noticed, this president is one big coward. Have you noticed how quickly he backs down with aced with pressure from the electorate. He can’t even stand up to Vladimir Putin over a simple boundary… the use of chemical weapons in Syria. It is fairly clear that his administration had a great deal to do with fomenting unrest in Ukraine then backed out of any real assistance to the ones he supposedly wanted to free. The man is not a leader in any sense of the word, nor is he a man of any real faith. Violence is not needed to take our nation back. We have the real power, they just need to be reminded of that. God Bless you for responding.

    2. Ken you have obviously never read the Old Testament. What do you say about King David, a man after God’s own heart, who picked up the sword many times as did many other Old Testament patriarchs. And by the way Ken The Constitution is the supream law of this country, not George Soros and all the other God hating treasonous politicians and globalists who you think have the right to turn this country into a Godless hell hole. I am sure guys like you would have supported Stalin and Chairman Mao while they butchered millions of their own citizens. Would you stand by and do nothing while your wife, child, sister, or mother was beaten, raped and beheaded in front of you?

    3. Ken, the key word is LIVE by the sword.

      Jesus didn’t say to get rid of the sword, he said to put your sword in its PLACE.

      He also said: “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.”

      Anyone who submits to a King, or any other type of government, that rebels against God, is IN FACT, rebelling against God. You CAN NOT serve two masters. If your government submits to God, and you submit to the government, all well and good. But, when your government is rebelling against God, and you rebel against the government… how can you be rebelling against God? You either for Me, or against ME. You can’t be for both.

    4. Wow. But I’m not suprised though, just likea lot of folks I talk to
      Say, they are not worried because when it all goes south they think they will
      Be raptured, lol IMHO I don’t think the righteous will be removed before
      The final battle, the righteous will be those who particate in the final battle.
      Jesus is to often portrayed as a pacifist, and this is far from the case,
      You are expected, nah, obligated to defend those who cannot
      Defend themselves. Remember its not thou shat not kill, its thou
      Shall not MURDER, big difference.

  15. Mr. Grayson, I could not agree with you more about your view of the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It was in fact written by the founders of this nation, both Black and White, to give the people of this nation the ability to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. I do take issue with you on one subject concerning gun control. You mentioned that young black men had been killing each other for twenty years. In fact, they have been killing each other for much longer than forty years, it has only been highly publicized over the last twenty years to set up the gun confiscation crap that is now happening in different states. Young black men have been allowed to kill each other to further political correctness. What a shame. If the government truly wanted to stop street crime from petty thefts to heinous gang murders they certainly have the power to do so. They just have not done it I challenge all who hear your voice and read this posting to think about why they haven’t done so. For the love of God himself, do not take my word for it. Be smart, do your own homework and you will find the real answers. For the record I am a white man, nearly 51 years old. My parents raised me to love and respect others no matter what their skin color or eye slant may be. We are all one body in this nation under God. We have fallen, as you mentioned the swinging of the pendulum, from that body into many separate parts. If we do not unite together now to stop not only the gun control fools, but all other types of unconstitutional tomfoolery, this nation will be destroyed, from the inside out by design. We can take this nation back and we can do it without violence. Where and when will each of you stand. Be brave my dear friends, be brave, stand strong and united.

    Mr. Grayson, thank you for this drive time posting. Keep up the good fight and run the race to the finish.
    God Bless… rrobmanny

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