Top researcher: ‘ Chemtrails directly relate to depopulation, MAN-MADE DROUGHT, STARVATION, IS REAL’


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — I went to great lengths to capture all the footage that appears in my documentary film SHADE; and I still have a plethora of archived and unseen footage.

One interesting uncut clip, posted to YouTube, shows Chemtrails researcher Micheal Murphy talking about “depopulation” and how it relates to chemtrails.

Murphy said:

“Geoengineers state that geoengineering will create droughts in Africa and Asia; guess what we have droughts in Africa and Asia.”

Monsanto has expressed their interest in going into Africa.


And if you look at a country; why would a country purchase Monsanto seeds if they’re getting corporate yield?

Well this is the corporate agenda which is controlled and carried out by our military.

So we have again the orchestrated and engineers drought over in Africa and this is literally destroying their food supply. People are dying through starvation everyday […] through drought.”

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He stressed the fact that “drought” will be a major problem in the coming future.

Murphy mentioned how food prices may affect people’s “character” forcing them to do things they could never have before imagined.

Micheal also raised the question:

What would you do if our food prices went up thirty percent?”



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By Shepard Leigh Ambellas, Intelihub



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