Three Unavoidable Events And Their Consequences



Unless you’ve been living in a cave for last few years, you know that something is deeply wrong with our world today. Just watching a few minutes of world news is enough to depress you for the whole week: Another devastating natural disaster, three terrorist attacks, another war looming, a new major bank scandal, another riot, more bloody protests, a mass shooting … one crisis after another. The world seems to be falling apart.

You can just choose to completely disregard the ever growing problems facing us like climate change, wars, collapsing economy, corrupt politics, overpopulation, resource depletion, energy crisis, food crisis, water crisis, etc. You can just turn a blind eye and a def ear, make yourself oblivious to what’s happening, think good thoughts, cross your fingers and live as if ignorance is bliss. In fact, this is what most folks do.

In contrast, some people are so dismayed by how world events are unfolding, that they are now absolutely convinced of a hopeless future, or worse, a full on Armageddon event. Overcome by despair, they succumb to a constant state of anxiety fueled by 2012 Mayan prophesies or fears of a zombie apocalypse.


In the midst of these two extremes, there i a sensible way to approach the issues at hand. Rather than ignoring reality or being paranoid, we need to admit that indeed there are some serious issues that deserve our attention.

Of course, it makes no sense to worry about every possible eventuality in a chaotic world filled with uncertainty. However there are 3 specific events that you will undoubtedly experience sometime in the near future. To be clear, we’re not talking about experiencing 1 event out of the 3 possible events. We are talking about all 3 out of 3. These events are simply unavoidable and they will have a major impact on you and your family, especially if you’re unprepared.

Learning about these events and the resulting consequences is the most prudent and responsible thing you can do right now for yourself and your family. Let’s start with the most obvious unavoidable event…

1. Natural Disaster Near You


In the last several years, every part of the globe has experienced a dramatic rise in both the frequency and intensity of natural disasters. In the last two years alone we’ve had devastating earthquakes, catastrophic tsunamis, massive flooding, severe hurricanes and storms, record setting heat waves and snow storms, out of control wildfires, major volcanic eruptions and town leveling tornadoes.

In 2011 US government officially declared 99 major natural disasters, a staggering increase compared to historical figures. No matter which part of America you live in, you are at risk of some kind of natural disaster.

A recently published scientific study confirmed that California is way overdue for a super-quake. Here’s another unsettling fact: One of the most powerful super volcanoes in the world, capable of triggering a small ice age, is located in Yellowstone park.

But, let’s be optimistic and assume that the Yellowstone super volcano will not erupt and the epic California quake will not strike in your lifetime… Still, realistically, there is absolutely no area in U.S. or even the whole planet, that will safeguard you from a major natural disaster occurring sometime in your near future. The type of disaster might depend on your location and the severity of the disaster on your luck. One thing is for sure. It is going to happen. It is unavoidable.

We’ll cover the consequences in a moment. For now, here’s the second unavoidable event that will have a tremendous affect on you and yours if you’re not ready for it.

2. Inevitable Economic Collapse (why inevitable?)


As devastating natural calamities destroy entire villages, towns and cities around the planet, the financial crisis is debilitating the markets around the globe. Most leading international banks are insolvent by every standard except by name. Violent clashes between governments and their citizens continue to escalate with furious intensity, as pensions and benefits are cut down, while unemployment and living costs continue to climb up. The U.S. is drowning in debt to the tune of $10 million per minute. But the public at large is still ignorant of the fact that America’s economy is nearing its inevitable collapse with every passing day.

If you doubt the validity of this claim, please examine the facts laid out on this page. In fact, if you haven’t already read the article on the inevitable economic collapse, please stop and take the time to read it right now. You don’t need to be a trained economist to realize that this event is unavoidable. It’s really not that complicated.

The bad news is we can’t prevent it. The good news is we can prepare for it.


3. Impending Terrorist Attack


Human conflict is as all old as history itself, but in the last few years we have been witnessing unprecedented worldwide geopolitical turmoil, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. The Arab Spring, ironically celebrated and supported by the U.S., resulted in the toppling of moderate Islamic regimes to be replaced by Muslim extremists, bent on the destruction of America. As the battle for Syria rages on, the U.S. and Nato are arming and supporting the FSA, which consists of various terrorist factions, most notably Al Qaeda. It seems we have yet to comprehend that arming and training our enemies is a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to insist that it will preemptively attack Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear capability. In response, Iran is threatening with total destruction of Israel and its allies if provoked. The countdown for another major war is now officially ticking as the U.S. armed forces are actively encircling Iran and as Israel ramps up its preparations for an attack. The continuing warnings from Russia and China to back off of Iran and Syria are going unheeded. So it is clear that all the main ingredients for World War III are now in place.

Regardless of whether a world war will be triggered by our military involvement in Syria or by the Israel-Iran conflict, we can be sure that the U.S. will be the target of another major terrorist attack for the following reasons.

First, let’s admit that it’s not going to happen because Muslims hate our freedom and our way of life. Those are bogus reasons. The real reason is U.S. foreign policy as a whole. Invading and occupying countries, building military bases in places where local populations opposes our presence, unconditional financial and military support to Israel, etc. only continue to fuel anti-American sentiment among the Muslim population.

Of course, no matter what, nothing justifies terrorists’ heinous crimes. Believing that God would reward you with virgins for killing innocents children is one of the most warped and vile ideas a human mind could conceive. But that’s besides the point. Don’t make the mistake of confusing a predictable retaliation with a legitimate justification; these two things have nothing to do with each other.

The point is this.. Our foreign policy doesn’t justify a terrorist attack. But it certainly assures that one will occur.

Whether it be chemical, nuclear, biological or a conventional weapon, the Department of Homeland Security openly admits that a terrorist attack on U.S. soil is not a question of IF, but a question of WHEN… and in this regard, DHS is absolutely correct.

So what can you expect when one of these 3 unavoidable crises strike? Whether it’s a Katrina type event, an economic crash leading to chaos or a major terrorist attack, a brief summary below outlines some of the unavoidable consequences…

Unavoidable Consequences


Our modern cities are giant centers of consumption which cannot sustain their populations without massive imports of resources on weekly or even daily basis. And with all our technological advances, our food and energy distribution network is still extremely interdependent and fragile. Whether it be a major natural disaster, a nuclear or chemical terrorist attack, a pandemic, massive civil unrest caused by economic collapse or any other event that causes a simple disruption of the inflow of goods and energy, the inevitable result is immediate and devastating shortages.

Many state laws require you to purchase disaster insurance like fire, flood for your homes, but you cannot purchase food and resource insurance for times when they are in short supply. There is no way to insure the local supermarket for a continuous stock of groceries if the food distribution network suffers shortages or interruptions. The truth is, just a simple threat of a looming disaster can cause panic purchasing, which renders supermarkets devoid of consumables within 12-24 hours. Supermarkets only have enough stock on hand to last about 3 days at normal market trends. If their supply networks fail (which they will at time of an extended crisis), where will you get your food and basic essentials? If you think FEMA or another government agency will be there to save the day, just talk to anyone who lived through Hurricane Katrina.

For whatever reason, a popular number in disaster preparedness seems to be 72 hours (the length of time without access to any goods or services you are advised to be prepared for). However, preparing for only 3 days will be woefully inadequate when the dollar crashes, a nuke goes off at your local mall or when California’s big one goes off, as it will likely take weeks or months for services to be restored. This is why many disaster preparedness educators advise residents to be prepared to be on their own for at least 3 months. Remember that during a major disaster you may find yourself without easy access to drinking water, grocery stores and supermarkets may be closed, the electric power grid may fail, and telephone and mobile phone networks may crash. It is a good idea to prepare for all of these eventualities.

Certainly, the inevitable economic collapse, the impending terrorist attack, and the climate change triggering record setting natural disasters should prompt people to actively prepare for what’s up ahead. Yet, most people convince themselves that nothing could ever happen to them and choose to remain willfully ignorant. Knowing full well that emergency preparedness can make a critical difference at a time of a major crisis, most people make little, if any, actual preparations.

Know that you know the 3 unavoidable events in your future, now is appropriate as ever to be reminded that wishful thinking never saved anyone. Please remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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