The Truth About Keeping Preparedness in Perspective

1Do you ever get the feeling that you’ll never be fully prepared?  That it’s impossible to reach the level of preparedness you feel others may have or that you’d like to attain?  Well you’re not alone.  Lots of preppers have had those same thoughts.  But don’t let it freeze you up and keep you from trying or send you to the depths of prepper despair.  There are a few truths about preparedness that everyone should know.

The truth is there is no list or standard of exactly what you need to prepare yourself and your family.  This is YOU and YOUR family.  Maybe living in a bunker in some remote location in Idaho with a bunch of farm animals works for some families, but doesn’t work for you.  That’s okay.  Maybe an evacuation plan to get out of the city is your top priority.  Fantastic, get it planned.  There are some basics that you’ll want to include in your preparations, like water, food, and shelter, but the specifics are up to you to fill in.  If you have small children or pets or elderly parents to care for, or health or mobility issues, your emergency plans and preparations will be different than those of your neighbor, family member, friend, or favorite blogger.  And that’s okay.  Do what you can in the best way you know how.  Plan and prepare with your family’s specific needs in mind.  Don’t get discouraged, because . . .


The truth is everybody is somewhere on the preparedness spectrum.  Some have done nothing and either haven’t thought about what they’d do in an emergency or expect someone else to take care of them. Then there are folks like are featured on Doomsday Preppers or similar outlets that seem to have it all together and be ready for any crazy disaster to come their way.  Most preppers fall somewhere in between.  If you’re reading this blog, even if you haven’t done any physical preparations yet, you’re ahead of those who don’t care or won’t try.  At least you’re starting to think about providing for yourself and your family.  Maybe you have a month’s worth of food or a firearm or an off grid cooking method.  Great.  You’re a little further along.  Keep going, because . . .

The truth is there is no end to preparing.  There is no finish line or gold medal once you’ve reached a certain level of preparedness.  Even the most prepared among us can learn something new or sharpen a skill or experience a life change that will require re-preparing for their new circumstance.  I’ve found that there is always something more I can learn or practice or acquire to aid in my own preparedness efforts.

Remember, preparedness is not an all-or-nothing game.  It’s okay if you don’t have an isolated bug out location and a bunker full of guns with thousands of rounds of ammunition.  You can still be more prepared tomorrow than you are today.  The trick is to do something.  Learn something.  Try a new recipe or some skill you’ve seen in a magazine or on a blog or in a YouTube video.  Fill that empty soda bottle with water.  Buy an extra can or two of soup or tuna or beans when you’re at the store.  Do a little more each day, a little more each week.  Then, instead of comparing yourself with someone else, compare yourself with the you from a month ago or a year ago or longer and celebrate your progress.  You can do this, you have to do it!


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