Surviving SHTF With A Glock Pistol?

GLOCK 22 GEN4 PICTUREI know this post is going to start a firestorm, but I came across a video which I felt would stir the pot a little. Now let me first say that I am not promoting any particular brand of pistol, but I know Glock has been long debated amongst our firearms loving friends. So I thought this post may be appropriate for everyone to see different models of Glock pistols in action.

If you are a seasoned firearms owner / enthusiast or you are still looking to purchase your first firearm, I hope this video gives you some insight. Or if you have been looking to get something new, maybe this will be good for you as well. But here is a fair warning, we can have adult conversations about this video but I do ask everyone to be respectful of each other’s views. Enjoy!


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