Surviving A Mass Shooting: This Is What You Must Do If Confronted By An Assailant Who Is Intent On Killing You

It has been reported that of the 50 people who died in the Orlando massacre, about half of them were killed by their attacker inside of a bathroom. The problem is that most people never consider the possibility that they’ll ever be faced with a deadly threat. To their detriment, they never personally war game such a scenario. While running is an option, it may not be possible when all hell breaks loose. The following article outlines the threat, your options, and what you absolutely must do if you want to survive.

This is not going to be easy for you to read folks.

But if you do read it all the way through, and then act on it, it may save your life.

The events in Orlando make clear a few points.  Let me quickly review, although my other articles on this topic have laid out the case in far more detail, and they speak to the political acts you must demand right damned now and follow through on.

I know you won’t, because at the core we no longer have the “right stuff” as Americans.  We won’t call a general strike and mean it until the Second Amendment’s 4 little words are restored to their clear, English meaning.  As a result you’re going to remain severely disadvantaged to a degree you don’t have to be but until and unless your, and a lot of other people’s, attitudes change in this regard that’s the world you live in so suck it up bucko.

No, I’m speaking of your personal view and what you internalize.  You see, when something really awful happens you don’t generally get to think.  Your “reptile brain” takes over and it is what you internalize that comes out.

Here it is, in short: If confronted with overwhelming and superior force by an assailant who appears to be intent on killing you the only logical position you can adopt and the view you must adopt is that you are dead right there, right now.

Is attempting to flee in such a situation practical?  Maybe, if you can actually flee.  But “to flee” means getting well clear (beyond quick-action firearm range) and do so using cover and/or concealment so you cannot be assaulted during the process. Note that for a pistol this is probably 25 or so yards and for a rifle more like 100.  That’s 300 feet of distance you must be able to open between you and the gunman without being shot and you must have cover, concealment or both because you will have to turn your back on him to flee at an effective speed.  Further, you must know that there are no barriers (like a bolted or blocked door!) that will not only stop your progress but advertise yourself to the gunman.  Running to a bathroom, which is a one-exit roach motel and what a huge number of people actually did, will almost-certainly simply set you up to be murdered like chickens in a coop with a hole big enough for the fox to get in!

Second, the radio call to the cops from dispatch has been published.  The cops were told to take cover and not storm the building immediately despite knowing there was a man with a gun inside the building actively shooting people — and they did exactly that, waiting three hours while people who had been shot were bleeding out on the floor.

READ THIS CAREFULLY FOLKS AND DO SO REPEATEDLY UNTIL IT SINKS IN:The cops, with overwhelming force that they demand the right to possess and use at their whim while at the same time they refuse to allow you to have and possess defensive firepower on your person in the very same situation and place, cowered outside in fear and let the patrons who had been shot and were being shot die.

Again: You must internalize the view that if confronted with such a situation you are already dead and you, and only you, have any possibility of changing that outcome.

The reason for this is simple: If you are already dead then any act you undertake can only improve the outcome.  It cannot make it worse, because the worst possible outcome has already happened.

You must accept and internalize the fact that the cops will not save you; they will, however, dutifully inventory your dead body 12 hours later.  Their first and foremost concern is going home safe at the end of their shift, to “protect and serve” is just a slogan on the side of their car like the slogans on a politician’s campaign sign.

Folks, given the number of people shot this man reloaded at least twice.  This means there were at least two opportunities for the people present to attack him in some fashion; bum rush the guy, throw a glass or bottle at him, throw a bar stool, chair or table, anything.

There were at least two short periods of time when he ran out of ammunition and had to swap magazines during which he had at best a club but no bullets!

I am not blaming the victims here.  Unless you’ve faced what you had reason to believe was your imminent demise you simply do not know how you will react.  Unfortunately most people haven’t put any thought into this situation at all, which means they haven’t even planted the seed in their head that must be nurtured and grown so that if this situation arises they have at least some rational shot at turning the tide.

We used to, as Americans, face this reality on a regular basis.  We had a large percentage of our population that were drafted and sent to war from time to time and faced bullets whizzing by their heads for months or years, with many of their friends falling to the ones that found their mark.  We had a frontier where you faced snakes, Indians (interested in your scalp as you were, from their point of view, invading their land!) and simple starvation or running out of water, and more than a few succumbed to one of the above.  Disease felled even more, regularly.  There was no such thing as a “safe space” nor the idiot “progressives” demanding and putting forward same as “rights”; that is utter crap yet it has massively contributed to the “oh my God hide in the bathroom!” mentality.

Simply put you must individually perform this exercise, starting right now and repeating it as often as necessary until it becomes a core part of who you are.  You must be prepared on a mental basis to adopt the “I’m dead” belief and position in mind, body and soul if confronted with such a situation.  Until and unless we, the people on a mass basis demand that everyone have their right to keep and bear defensive arms be respected everywhere, with the possible exception where active, armed government guards are present to temporarily take the duty (e.g. a courthouse), you must understand that nobody else — not the cops, not the government, not the FBI, nobody — is going to be able to help.  Further, unless you’re willing to break the law and risk going to prison you will be unarmed in any place such as a nightclub because your right to self-defense has been disrespected and you have refused to insist that this state of affairs be changed.

Nonetheless whether you’re armed or not your posture must be, if such a situation arises, I am dead.

Simply put, this must be the position you adopt.

Because if it is, when that jackass shows up if he doesn’t spend one of his first magazine’s rounds on you there will be a short period of time, just a few seconds, where you have the ability to disrupt his attack and you must seize that moment and attempt to do exactly that.

It is the only act that will meaningfully improve your odds of survival and if you have adopted this position it will be what your reptilian mind autonomously responds with because you can only make the situation better since the worst possible outcome has already happened.

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By Karl Denninger, SHTF PLAN 


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