Survival Gear List : The Top 50 Things You Need to Stock

A hundred posts could be written about each and every item you need to stock (and we’re working hard to do just that!) but sometimes you just need to know what you need to get and have it on hand without a lengthy explanation. This post is for just that situation, as we list the top 50 survival items that you need to have stockpiled for a future SHTF situation.

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The Survival 50:

  1. A quality survival knife.
  2. Cordage (550 Paracord for example).
  3. Small home cash reserve (varies based on income/expenses, at least 1 months worth of all expenses if possible)
  4. Emergency wallet cash (small bills, usually no more than $100)
  5. A hatchet for splitting wood and other camp/retreat tasks.
  6. At least two flashlights, one battery powered and one powered by hand crank or other long-term method.
  7. Walkie-talkies.
  8. Hand-cranked radio.
  9. Journal/notebook for recording information.
  10. Basic tools (hammer, prybar, screwdrivers, etc.)
  11. Simple repair and construction materials (screws, nails)
  12. A tough pair of gloves.
  13. Coveralls or tough clothing for rough situations.
  14. A quality spare tire.
  15. Car maintenance kit (an extra oil filter, set of spark plugs, bottle of oil, bottle of coolant, headlight bulb).
  16. Car window breaker/seatbelt cutter.
  17. Temporary tire repair foam.
  18. A well-stocked first-aid kit.
  19. Spare glasses/contacts.
  20. As many of your needed prescriptions as you can legally purchase.
  21. Hygienic wipes (for washing without water).
  22. Feminine hygiene products (for intended use and to soak up blood from wounds)
  23. Homemade or store-bought gravity shower.
  24. Powdered bleach (lasts longer than liquid).
  25. Trowel to dig cat holes for latrine.
  26. A medical information card.
  27. A concealable handgun.
  28. A rifle appropriate for short-mid range combat.
  29. A rifle appropriate for long-range shots.
  30. Extra magazines for all weapons.
  31. A compass.
  32. Topographic maps.
  33. Roadmaps with bugout routes carefully marked.
  34. A water filter.
  35. canteen/portable water bottle.
  36. water quality test kit.
  37. A portable water filter (usually fits in a plastic bottle).
  38. Toilet paper.
  39. A reusable alternative to toilet paper (family cloth, bidet etc).
  40. Legal documents including a will, deed to home/rental agreement etc.
  41. Fire box for most valuable papers, a cash reserve, and so on.
  42. Basic 72-hour kit, including food, water, and essential medicines.
  43. Essential long-term grains and dry goods (rice, wheat, beans).
  44. Preserved vegetables and fruits (dehydrated, freeze-dried, canned etc).
  45. Comfort foods that are high in sugar (candy, cookies).
  46. Portable and durable foods (granola bars, hard biscuits).
  47. Water flavoring mixes.
  48. Grain mill to grind wheat, rice, nuts etc.
  49. Solar oven to cook bread and other goods.
  50. Resource books to use all the goods, tools, and resources you’ve amassed.
  51. Bonus! A competent prepper willing to use all of the stuff you have stocked!


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Even a large list like this only scratches the surface of what a fully prepared person will have on hand, but you can start to get an idea of what is required. Compare the list here to your own stocks, mix and match based on your own unique needs, and let us know if this was helpful to you!

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