SODIS: FREE Modern Water Purification System

1Want to know how to purify water for emergency purposes and survival?

Water purification is a very handy skill to have in your back pocket. Tap water is not always safe to drink at home, which is evident in many places near oil drills where toxins are being dumped into the water supply. Water you find in the wilderness is also potentially unsafe with disease-causing pathogens. This element is so vital to our survival, regardless of our situation, which means clean water is a must.

Sodis Water Purification Method:

SODIS, or solar ultraviolet water disinfection, is one of our favorite water purification methods. It is a portable water purification system that uses solar energy, or UV-radiation, to disinfect contaminated water. During its time in the sun, the UV-radiation kills off harmful germs and diarrhea-causing pathogens.


Did we mention it’s free? All it requires to purify water is a bottle, sunlight and a little time.


How to Purify Water:

This water purification method is simple, but also very tedious with the materials used. You must use a clear or light blue bottle; both plastic and glass work great. You may also potentially use a plastic water bag, such as a Ziploc.

You must not use a container more than three liters; this water purification system only works with fairly small containers.


Your water purification container must be very clear and free of scratches. The water clarity needs to be clear, as well. If you have a scratched bottle or murky water, the sun cannot penetrate through the bottle or water.


If you are not sure if the water is clear enough, try peaking through the bottle and reading a newspaper headline or article through the bottom of the bottle. Although you may not have a newspaper handy, this is a good tip to keep in mind. If you do not believe it could be clear enough, then the water is probably not usable.


However, if the water is a little murky, you can try using a thin cloth, such as a bandana, and filtering the water through the cloth.


This will help eliminate some sediment or moss going into the water bottle.


Once your water bottle is full, set it in direct sunlight for at least six hours. If there are half clouds or less, you should double the amount of time to 12 hours. If there are full clouds, you should let the water set for two days.

Be sure to pick a spot that will not get a lot of shade during the day, the bottle should be in direct sunlight during its exposure time. Come back later, and enjoy your clean drinking water.


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