How to Remove a Large Tree Stump in the Lawn

A tree stump in one’s lawn isn’t exactly the most aesthetically-pleasing object to have around. In fact, it can be downright unsightly. However, how exactly can you remove a large tree stump? Well, there are several ways to get rid of a big tree stump in your lawn. They vary in difficulty and in the materials needed, but all are proven to be effective.

Manual Removal of the Stump


This is the method that requires the most in terms of physical effort. Apart from pulling it out, you would also need to do a bit of digging and cutting with several pieces of equipment. For one, you need to dig around the root area of the stump with a shovel. Remember to remove any pieces of debris that are lying around the roots and the surrounding soil.


Second, you have to cut off the roots using a chainsaw or a band saw. Both cutting tools are sharp and powerful enough to get rid of the large roots. As always, you must wear protective equipment such as safety chaps and gloves for this operation. Once the roots have been separated from the stump, it will be easier to pull out the large tree stump.


Use a Potassium Nitrate-Based Product


Another way to get rid of a large tree stump is to use chemical products to soften the wood for easier chopping or sawing. The idea here is to use the chemical products two to four weeks before you decide to pull away and cut down the stump.


First, you should drill six to 12 holes at the top section of the tree stump. Ensure that the spaces between the holes are equal. Also, the holes should be as deep as possible since depth will influence the effectiveness of the chemical product.


Next, you have to get a stump removal product from a home improvement store. Ask the staff and they will gladly sell you any of the powdered products. Likewise, these products are filled with potassium nitrate since the compound works best in accelerating the rotting process of the tree stump. Just put the product into the holes you drilled earlier.


After two to four weeks, the bark should be significantly softer than before. In this condition, the large stump can be conveniently cut down with an ax. Any other remaining portions of the stump should be removed with a shovel. Also, remember to keep children away from the stump since the chemical is dangerous to one’s health.


Use a Nitrogen-Based Fertilizer


This is similar to using chemical products since this will also involve drilling holes into the stump. The difference here is that you will be putting nitrogen-based fertilizers instead of a stump removal product containing potassium nitrate.


Aside from applying the fertilizer, you should also put some dirt into the holes. Moreover, the dirt must be regularly watered. This combination of dirt, water, and nitrogen-based fertilizer will rot the tree stump faster than if you use the potassium nitrate-based stump removal product.


Get a Tree Stump Grinder




If you don’t want to use fertilizers or chemical products but you also don’t want to exert so much physical effort, you can use a tree stump grinder. This is specifically built to remove tree stumps by reaching down to the roots and grinding the stump.


You don’t even have to buy this costly machine since you can likely rent one from machine stores. In addition, you can hire someone else to remove the stump for you. Regardless who will be operating the tree stump grinder, the user must have protective gear and read the instruction manual properly.


You don’t have to do anything else other than to push a button and place the machine properly. The stump grinder works by grinding the surface of the large tree stump first before going down into the ground. The grinder will then reach the roots to get rid of them too.

After the operation, just gather the grindings with a shovel. This will allow the ground to recover quickly. You can either throw the bits of wood away or use it for composting.


In conclusion, there are several ways to get rid of a large tree stump. From manually removing it to using machines or products to soften the bark, it’s up to you what method you’d use.


We hope that this article helped you out in keeping your lawn free from tree stumps. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a comment.


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