Prophet of doom: US presidential candidate John McAfee has some scary warnings for society

John McAfee

We all know a nuclear bomb attack would blow a city to smithereens.

But if that same deadly weapon was detonated in the atmosphere above a nation, the lingering effects could prove even more devastating.

The maverick tech pioneer and US presidential candidate John McAfee has issued an urgent warning about “electromagnetic pulse attacks” (EMP) capable of bringing “civilization to a cold, dark halt”.

To perform an EMP assault – similar to those used in the sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves – an aggressor just needs to detonate a nuke high in the air.


This generates an EMP wave capable of wiping out the electronics which modern society relies on, causing stock markets to crash and food deliveries to fail.

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McAfee’s wealth peaked at $100million after he developed the world’s first anti-virus program, so he is all too aware of the dangers of a cyberwar.

Renegade: McAfee is an outspoken and unguarded critic of America

“Experts agree that an all out cyber attack, beginning with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on our electronic infrastructure , would wipe out 90% of the human population of this country within two years of the attack,” he wrote.

“Yet our leaders are nearly all ill prepared for this near certain, not-too-distant event.”

To illustrate his concerns, McAfee linked to a letter to the Wall Street Journal from R. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, and Peter Vincent Pry, who served on the CIA’s EMP Commission.

This note also said an EMP attack would kill nine out of ten people due to “starvation, disease and societal breakdown“.

The countries who already have the capability of delivering one of these weapons include North Korea and Russia, who are not exactly friends of the West, as well as China.

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“Designs for variants of such weapons may have been illicitly trafficked for a quarter-century,” they wrote.


“During the Cold War, Russia designed an orbiting nuclear warhead resembling a satellite and peaceful space-launch vehicle called a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System,” the pair added.

“It would use a trajectory that does not approach the U.S. from the north, where our sensors and few modest ballistic-missile defenses are located, but rather from the south.

The nuclear weapon would be detonated in orbit, perhaps during its first orbit, destroying much of the U.S. electric grid with a single explosion high above North America.



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6 Replies to “Prophet of doom: US presidential candidate John McAfee has some scary warnings for society

  1. “Yet our leaders are nearly all ill prepared for this near certain, not-too-distant event.”

    The leadership is fully prepared as they get to go into their underground shelters, while the rest of us get to bend over & kiss it goodbye.

    You should of figured it out that the Criminal Politicians & Their Too Big Too Fail Corporations, Wall Street & The Banksters don’t give a rat’s a$$ if you survive or not. After all their Police Forces arrested the Wall Street Protesters – Not the Wall Street Crooks.

    We are under COG Rules since 911. And Continuity of Government means just that – They Continue – You Don’t.

  2. I’m so sick of this same old bullcrap story. It would only cause destruction of electronics within a specific diameter area. We have nuclear missle silohs all over the conntry that are EMP proof. The enemy knows this and “should” know better than to do that. Even so, it would not put the whole country into the dark ages. The nuclear fallout, hail, and storm would cause more destruction. Quit trying to scare people with this lame story.

  3. Technology is becoming a hindrance to humans in the way it now limits human to human contact and human to human communications. We now have more ‘social’ networks but less social human to human contact. A regression of people skills and less understanding of our fellow mans needs………especially since we humans now take the word of computers over the actual human standing in front of you with the proof in hand. an example of this is…….in trying to rent a house the computer came up with false information and it was believed over me live in person with a DHS card from the airport, which one can only get by an extensive background check by DHS……… despite my live proof, i could not rent. Just a small example of humans trusting machines over the live human before their eyes. To me this is a sad and dangerous turn for the worse as computer are not perfect and can ‘lie’ as well, when humans can put wrong information into the computer from time to time. Soon everyone will be required to have a computer chip in them (RFID chip) and they will become a hack-able device themselves. No more humans.

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