Professor Hristo Mermerski: Quackery Or The Real Cure For Cancer?

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When you are actively on the lookout for information, you are bound to come across conspiracy theories that point to some kind of secret plot to kill off the masses.

Without a question, the poisoning of our food, water, and air combined with our seeming addiction/reliance on carcinogenic products is enough to make anyone wonder. That all being said, when the likes of John McCain (brain cancer), Charles Krauthammer (small intestine cancer), and Aretha Franklin (pancreatic cancer) all succumb from “rare” cancers within just a few months of each other[1], it is kind of hard to say that only the poor or the masses are falling victim to this disease. As preppers we can and should look to understand how we contribute to the cancer crisis as well as develop an action plan for fighting this disease should it strike us or our loved ones.

Introducing Hristo Mermerski

Even though Professor Hristo Mermerski was born in Bulgaria and lives there, he is often referred to as the Russian scientist that believes many illnesses are caused by consuming the wrong foods. As a case in point, he states[2]: “A research of the World Health Organization made nine years ago shows that 70% of the illnesses are due to bad or even <criminal nutrition>”.

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Mermerski has traveled and researched worldwide, and has also written several books on how to treat, as well as avoid illness through the consumption of various foods. In general, here are some things he has noted and written about. Interestingly enough, more than a few of his claims are validated by other researchers:

  • Plant based foods contain more antioxidants and can protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals[3].
  • Processed foods are bad for the body because they contain more free radicals than non-processed foods[4]. As you may be aware, many vitamins are broken down or destroyed when they are heated past a certain point. In addition, other molecules in the food may also be broken down in such a way that they become free radicals.

Mermerski is also a pioneer in the field of combining foods in certain ways to create either a medicinal effect or disease preventative one. If you decide to read his books or learn more about his research, you will find that he combines foods so that they maximize and balance as they move through the digestive tract. While these methods will not prevent every disease or cure ones that have already taken root, they may eliminate as much as 70% of chronic diseases as well as the more deadly ones like cancer and heart disease.

With regard to his research on cancer, Mermerski came up with a formula that can be used to prevent cancer and also get rid of it across most stages of the disease.

Let’s have a look at the individual ingredients and see what other researchers have discovered about their capacity to either prevent cancer or get rid of it. Chances are you will be more than a little surprised at the simplicity of the ingredients and just how much information has been developed in the last few years on these matters. Even though conventional doctors may not recommend this diet and continue to push chemotherapy and radiation, the fact remains other researchers are finding at least some indicators that this diet may be of use.

The Basic Recipe and How to Use It

Before I get into the specific research on each of the main ingredients in Mermerski’s cancer cure, it might be of some use to look at the recipe itself, as well as how to prepare it. There are just 5 main ingredients[5]:

  • 12 cloves of Garlic
  • 15 Lemons
  • 14 oz. Wheat Sprouts
  • 14 oz. Walnuts
  • 35 oz. Honey

To prepare this recipe, start off by sprouting the wheat. It will take about 24 hours for it to germinate. Be sure to follow good hygiene practices when preparing this and other kinds of sprouts[6].  Next, make sure all ingredients are clean and ready to mix. You will need to grind up the garlic, walnuts, and wheat sprouts. Do the same with 5 lemons, including the rinds. Next, use only the juice from the remaining 10 lemons to add to the mix. Finally, add honey to the mix and store it away in the refrigerator for three days.

After that, the remedy will be ready for use. Take 1 to 2 tablespoons before breakfast, dinner, and bedtime. It is also safe to take every few hours if your cancer is especially aggressive. Do not forget to follow appropriate safety precautions when it comes to determining when to discard unused portions of this formula, since it contains raw garlic.

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The Ingredients and How They Work


When it comes to old and well established remedies for multiple problems, you will find garlic at the top of the list. At this time, modern researchers are markedly hesitant to say that garlic is an effective remedy for cancer. On the other hand, they have established that garlic is effective at fighting what turns out to be several precursors to many cancers. First, the sulfur compounds in garlic have a track record for fighting bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. It turns out that many cancers, including cervical and stomach cancer are linked to certain pathogens. There is no telling, at this time, just how many other cancers are also linked to some form of infectious disease.

Second, as you may be aware, certain cooking methods break down animal fats in such a way that they form HCAs (heterocyclic amines) and nitrosamines – both of which are carcinogenic molecules. In this case, researchers discovered that the sulfur compounds in garlic are able to block the chain reaction of processes that contribute to the creation of tumors because of the presence of these molecules[7].

Third, garlic is also able to help block the activation of non-HCA based carcinogens. Researchers have also found that some garlic compounds in garlic can act to help remove carcinogens from the body.

A number of compounds in garlic (and onion) act directly to suppress malignant cell growth and can also help trigger cell death (apoptosis) in these cells.

Since free radical formation and damage are an integral part of cancer development and proliferation, it should come as no surprise that garlic also has anti-oxidant properties.

Finally, as you may be aware, there is growing interest in using the immune system to fight cancer. In order for the immune system to carry out this task, it must have enough cells to do the job. Interestingly, garlic can boost the immune system, which may mean that the number of cells capable of recognizing and fighting cancer will also increase to the point where they will be effective.

While garlic may be very effective, you will need to take some precautions when choosing which form to use. In general, fresh, raw garlic is best because the sulfur compounds in garlic are broken down by cooking. You must still be very careful about consuming raw garlic because it has a low acid content. This means that it may be more inclined to harbor the pathogen that causes botulism[8].

It is also not a good idea to make or use garlic oil unless you have sufficient experience with these kinds of processes and know how to prevent botulism contamination. Typically, people that do make garlic oil store it in the refrigerator and discard any remainder within one week[9]. Others are careful to store the garlic in a solution that has a pH below 4.0[10]. Since researchers have also found that garlic supplements are far less effective than the raw cloves, it is very important to know how to prepare, store, and use garlic without getting botulism[11]. Even though you may routinely use garlic and feel safe with it, consider doing some additional research so that you are better prepared to use the recipe described in this article.

Unlike several other ingredients in Mermerski’s formula, garlic is actually fairly easy to grow at home and indoors. Just be sure that you pick an heirloom strain of garlic that will mature in a reasonable time frame. You can also start garlic from bulbs purchased at the supermarket, however some of the larger varieties can take more than a few months to mature.


At this time, more than a few academic[12] or “reputable” sites[13] claim there is no evidence to prove that lemons or other citrus fruits can be used to fight cancer. Some have even gone so far as to say that there are no studies available to even indicate that limonene (the main cancer combating agent in lemons) is effective in the human body.

Oddly enough, studies that are almost a decade old demonstrate that limonene builds up in fat tissue and may be useful in cancers where fat cells tend to be present in larger numbers[14]. To add insult to injury, there are also summary studies that gathered together a wealth of other studies that show consuming citrus fruits can help prevent stomach cancer[15]. There are also several other articles at spanning almost two decades that go further to proving lemons may have some very useful compounds for getting rid of certain cancers and preventing them.

While there are no established studies to show that lemons can be used to fight a wide range of cancers, lemon/citrus peels can be used to combat breast cancer (at least one human studies in 2013)[16] and 2015[17]; and colon cancer[18], pancreatic cancer (multiple studies summarized in 2009)[19].

It can also prevent squamous cell[20] (a cell found in the skin) malignancies[21]. Limonene aside (studies done in 2014), lemons also contain another molecule, perillyl alcohol that is being researched and used to treat brain cancer as well as a number of other cancers that don’t respond to “conventional” therapies[22]. Studies in the United States showed that high doses of perillyl alcohol were required to combat cancer and caused digestive problems that made the treatment useless. Later on, a Brazilian study[23] using smaller amounts administered via intranasal therapy proved that this molecule could combat cancer without the digestive side effects[24].

To me, at least, it seems entirely possible that Mermerski’s food balancing may also make this molecule more effective when combined with other foods so that smaller amounts are required. Unfortunately, there is no research on this topic at this time.

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If you have stomach ulcers, or are inclined to have stomach upsets, then you may already stay away from garlic and several other spicy foods. Interestingly enough, there are also studies available that show limonene and other molecules found in lemons and other citrus fruits can help heal/prevent stomach ulcers[25] and reduce acid reflux[26]. Some researchers even suspect that this is one reason why consuming more citrus helps protect against stomach cancer.  It is, to me, very interesting to note that Mermerski combined two cancer fighting foods that have seemingly opposite effects on stomach ulcers.  Since garlic can kill off many kinds of bacteria, perhaps there is a combined effect that has gone unnoticed by modern researchers.

In the modern world, there is no such thing as a commercial source of food that hasn’t been tainted by GMOs, pesticides, or something else that will do more harm to your body than good. As effective as lemons and other citrus fruits may be, it can be difficult to find an uncontaminated commercial source of these fruits.  As with many other things related to safe food, you can and should look to growing your own lemons.  Today, there are many dwarf varieties of lemons that can be grown indoors. Even if you live in a colder climate, you may still be able to grow lemon trees in a warm, sunny room.  Just remember that it may take several years before the tree produces lemons. At the very least, you can start with one tree to learn how to grow them, and then expand your collection in order to grow a sustainable number of lemons.  Unfortunately, if you have a diagnosis of cancer right now or want to use lemons as a preventative agent, you will need to rely on commercial resources. If at all possible, try to work with a small, privately owned organic farm of reliable reputation.

Sprouted Wheat

Also known as wheat grass is another ingredient that has been labeled as a “quack cure” when it comes to treating cancer[27]. As with lemons, however, there are also several studies spanning several years that show molecules within sprouted wheat show immense promise when it comes to preventing and curing cancer. While more work needs to be done in terms of animal and human trials, there is some evidence that wheat grass extract can be used to kill cervical cancer and some mouth cancers[28]. As you will recall, cervical cancer is primarily caused by a virus. It is interesting to note that Mermerski’s recipe includes an anti-viral in the form of garlic combined with a second ingredient that fights at least one cancer caused by viral infections.

There are also several studies emerging on a molecule called apigenin. In fact, even as far back as 2007, wheat sprouts were listed as a major source of this cancer fighting agent[29]. There is a considerable amount of research available on how this molecule might work to fight cancer. For example, a study conducted earlier in 2018 revealed that apigenin can actually stop the metastasis or spread  of small cell lung cancer[30].

While this study did not go into animal or human trials, the test tube results are most certainly intriguing. As with many other molecules, it remains to be seen how apigenin moves through the body and how well it can permeate tissue. Perhaps at some point there will even be studies reveal whether or not other ingredients in Mermerski’s recipe aid in permeation that would not happen under other conditions. It should also be noted that some newer studies using genetically modified mice indicate apigenin may also be useful in treating skin cancers caused by UVB radiation[31]. Since this is the form of UV radiation that is responsible for the development of skin cancer in humans, perhaps one day apigenin will be recognized as a viable treatment for skin cancers. Even though cradle to grave modern medicine models may never admit it, the fact remains Mermerski hit on a very interesting ingredient for his anti-cancer formula!

According  to research conducted in 2009, there are also some provable pathways that sprouted wheat uses to kill off cancer cells[32]. In order to understand how this particular pathway works, it is important to take a look at some processes that go on inside cells. Basically, the job of DNA (and RNA for cells that don’t have DNA) is to act as a template for the production of proteins. Because proteins serve specific functions, the orientation of their molecules must be “folded” properly in relation to other parts of the molecule. If a protein is not folded correctly or does not function right, it can cause damage within the cell. As a result, there are special molecules inside the cells called proteasomes that break these proteins down. Under certain circumstances, such as in malignant cells, it seems that properly formed proteins that trigger cell death are targeted by the proteasomes. As a result, inhibiting proteasome activity can be used to fight cancer. In fact, chemotherapy drugs such as Bortezomib use a similar process and have been on the market for several years. Doubling back now to our discussion on sprouted wheat, there is evidence that wheat sprout extract suppresses proteasome activity and increases the triggering of apoptosis in malignant cells at a higher level than in cells that are healthy.

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As with lemons and garlic, some care must be taken when sourcing and using sprouted wheat. First, as always in the modern world, you need to be wary of GMO wheat as well as wheat treated with pesticides. Unfortunately, on some commercial farms, wheat is treated with pesticide/herbicide within days of harvest, meaning that there is a very high chance it is getting into the food supply.

To make matters even worse, growing wheat at home can be difficult. You will find that it takes a good bit of room to grow wheat. Even though sprouts may produce many times their size in biomass, that doesn’t change the fact that you still need seeds to start with.  In addition, many towns and cities spray pesticides and herbicides from planes without consideration for gardens that may be growing in the area. As with lemons and other items on the ingredient list for Mermerski’s cancer remedy, it will be to your advantage to try and find a small, reliable, local organic farm in order to ensure the wheat has as little contamination as possible.


It should come as no surprise that some people claim that using walnut to fight cancer is yet another example of quackery[33]. As with other ingredients in Mermerski’s formula, there is a growing body of “science based evidence” showing that walnuts, or, more accurately, molecules found in them, may be useful for fighting cancer. Here are just a few things being discovered by modern researchers that may support the use of this ingredient in Mermerski’s cancer remedy.

First, studies[34] done on mice implanted with human breast cancer cells showed that whole walnuts inhibited the development of the tumor better than using just extracts from this nut. Both groups of mice still did significantly better than animals that were not given any walnut in their diet[35].

Second, it has been noted that some cancers are harder to treat than others because they stem directly from stem cells which become specific tissue types as they mature. A study conducted in 2016 revealed that walnuts can inhibit colon cancer cells derived directly from stem cells[36]. Understanding the pathway used by certain molecules within walnuts requires yet another look into cellular function and more modern research in this area. In order for cells to live and carry out basic functions, they require glucose that is optimally converted into fuel in the presence of oxygen or aerobic glycolysis[37].

This process, in turn, lowers the pH in the cell, or makes it more acidic. Interestingly enough, one of the characteristics of malignant cells is that they can survive at acid levels that would kill off normal cells. Although it may seem counter intuitive on the surface, walnuts actually increase the amount of aerobic glycolysis[38] in malignant cells which makes them more susceptible to triggered cell death[39].

If you are someone that loves walnuts, then you may also know that their cost alone is prohibitive. On the other side of the equation, walnut trees tend to grow very tall, and it can take years for them to produce nuts. There is also a species of dwarf walnut trees that may or may not produce nuts that have the same anti-cancer properties as black walnuts. Texas walnut, or J. Microcarpa[40] will produce nuts in about 5 years and grows well in several parts of the United States.

When it comes to buying, storing, and consuming walnuts, you must always be aware of pesticides. As with other nut types, walnuts can be contaminated with fungal spores that produce a toxin that will make you sick. Aflatoxins can also increase your risk of getting liver cancer[41]. Aflatoxin can be killed off by roasting walnuts in lemon juice[42]. Just as an aside, how interesting is it that Mermerski’s cure again includes another ingredient required for safe processing of this particular cancer cure?


As a matter of taste, to my senses, there aren’t many things that rival the taste of honey consumed by itself, added to baked goods, or used to sweeten various beverages. Over time, honey has also established itself as a powerful cure for many illnesses. In particular, it has anti-microbial properties that match, if not rival that of garlic. As noted previously, the ability of a remedy to kill off pathogens turns out to be useful in fighting several cancers.

Modern research also reveals that honey is a powerful antioxidant[43] that contains molecules such as quercetin, apigenin, and several other molecules that have a promising role in treating and preventing cancer.  Similar to some other ingredients in Mermerski’s formula, honey also has molecules in it that can bind to toxic metals[44] and help remove them from the body. While there is still very little research on this topic, some researchers suspect that citrus and garlic are also capable of chelating metals from the body, or at the very least, preventing some of the damage caused by toxic metals[45].

Honey is also similar to other ingredients in Mermerski’s recipe in the sense that it has an excellent record for boosting the immune system. Given the increasing number of chemotherapy agents that seek to use the immune system to kill cancer, it should come as no surprise that one of the leading natural remedies for cancer serves to boost the immune response.

If you have ever had to deal with cuts, scrapes, or non-healing ulcers, then you might have learned long ago about using honey to speed healing[46]. Aside from getting rid of fungal, viral, and bacterial infections, honey has some molecules in it that encourage healthy tissue to grow in and heal the wound[47]. Interestingly enough, anyone that has a diagnosis of skin cancer can tell you that the malignancy was more than likely caused by damage to the skin from sun exposure. In a similar way, if you think about other cancer types, you will soon realize that they all stem from some kind of damage to the cells. Given honey’s ability to spur the growth of healthy cells while inhibiting malignant ones, it should come as no surprise that it can be an effective cancer remedy.

When it comes to finding a good source of honey, once again you will find that it is harder than expected. Sadly, most of the honey you will find in the supermarket is synthetic and contains all kinds of heavy metals. As with other foods in the US commercial supplies, even many brands of honey labeled as organic are probably not the real thing. If you must buy honey, try to purchase it from a local bee keeper. It is also important to see if you can obtain jars of honey that still have the honeycomb in them.

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Today, a growing numbers of bees are being placed on the endangered species last. Sadly, wild bees are continuing to decline at an alarming rate even as domesticated bee die offs continue to escalate. Regardless of the reason, every person interested in cancer prevention or just plain survival should consider taking up bee keeping. If you do some research, you will find many resources on how to construct simple, yet viable hives that will make it fairly easy to harvest honey.

When combined with wildflowers in your yard and other “bee friendly” plants, it should be possible to produce honey that is safe to consume and authentic. Since different flowers affect the overall composition of molecules found in the honey, you may need to do some additional research on the best flowers for your needs.

For example, honey produced by bees in Malaysia is more acidic than Manuka honey and may have different cancer fighting properties[48]. Just remember that you will still have to deal with pesticide and herbicide contaminants from your neighbors as well as anything the municipality you are living in might decide to spray on or near your property. If you decide to raise bees indoors, make sure the room is secure. Regardless of where you keep the hive, make sure that you have the proper gear and training to be a safe and effective bee keeper. While bees are generally very peaceable creatures that form hive based relationships with their keepers, you still need to understand how they think and how to work around them safely.

A Look at the Modern Cancer Crisis

Did you know that almost half the people in the United States will receive a diagnosis of cancer during their lifetime? If that didn’t wake you up, what about the fact that 1 in less than 300 children already have a diagnosis of cancer before age 20? While there is an increase in survival rates, the fact remains hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year from this disease, and the rates of “rare” cancers are skyrocketing.

No matter how many times the courts award settlements for cancers related to asbestos, Roundup, and baby powder, the damage is already done to millions of people and their children. To add insult to injury, we still don’t know just how bad the cancer rates are going to climb as a result of consuming foods contaminated with radiation from Fukushima, leaks from nuclear power plants, nuclear bomb testing, and other sources of nuclear radiation. Nor do we know just how bad cell phones, WIFI, and their associated RF/electromagnetic frequencies are in terms of causing cancer, and disrupting the melatonin cycle (may promote cancer because of the disruption in cellular repair triggered by the rise in melatonin in our bodies).

The fact is, when it comes to cancer, we have a major crisis on our hands that is much larger and much worse than anything else being manipulated into ratings gold by mainstream media. In fact, it could even be said that the more attention we pay to slanted stories that go nowhere, the less we pay attention to the companies that are poisoning us with products that cause cancer.

Just as an aside on the matter of distractions and media hype. Many years ago, when I was just starting out in college, one of my professors noted that when you hear the name “Anne Frank” it is very easy to empathize with the plight of the Jews and others during the Holocaust. But, when you hear “6 million people died” it doesn’t have the same effect; in fact we barely blink an eye because the number is so big and we can’t really identify with it.

World wide, every activist will tell you that a name and a story is ratings gold. So when millions of people die from cancer, and we conveniently don’t empathize with “names” as we are now doing with other situations; we can, and should ask why we aren’t putting more focus on those who died from cancer BECAUSE they died from cancer. To me, it is disgusting because we are all at risk from the carcinogens that are in almost everything we buy; even as those purchases come at an average 33% markup that we struggle to pay so that those businesses can line the pockets of politicians and broadcast stations (they receive payment for commercials)  that help keep them in business.

Regardless of how a person arrives at a diagnosis of cancer, it is very important to consider prevention and treatment options. Sadly, it is more than likely true a cure for cancer could have been found decades ago if scientists here and overseas looked to studying the likes of herbs and biofields instead of developing weapons. Just as a case in point, instead of becoming a craven dictator manically developing gas agent to slaughter his own people with, Bashar al Assad of Syria could just as easily have harnessed his knowledge of biochemistry to develop cancer cures instead.

While science struggles with budgeting concerns and faked studies in order to keep funding intact, never forget that our species has seen the rise and fall of many cultures that probably spawned their own sets of carcinogens. From this perspective, it should come as no surprise that other kingdoms of life, such as plants and fungi developed their own range of cancer fighting molecules. No matter whether the carcinogen was created by humankind or natural to the environment, the problem of cellular overgrowth is nothing new. As you can see from the research on specific ingredients found in Mermerski’s cancer cure, there are more than a few plants that can be used to fight cancer. Despite the claim on many sites that nutrition is not a suitable means of fighting cancer, modern research is clearly showing a growing body of evidence to the contrary.

While it is up to you to decide how you will manage a diagnosis of cancer, it is not necessary to accept that it is time to die just because an oncologist says there is nothing more modern medicine can do. In fact, even before that stage, you can do your own research and see if there are things you can do to help yourself. Given that the cancer survival rate (as in extending life just 5 years) using conventional medicine is around 50%, you can and should be demanding better answers and actively doing your own research. Now is also the time to demand a change laws surrounding growing your own food, harvesting your own water, and ensuring that the air you breathe is not contaminated with an endless number of carcinogens.

As daunting a task as it may be to clean up the mess that has been left behind, isn’t your life and that of your children worth it?

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  1. The background info is very enlightening. However, the original recipe clearly specifies that 12 heads of garlic are required not 12 cloves.

  2. I have made the recipe, but I’m wondering how long it can keep in the fridge? It made approximately 1 gallon and I’m not sure how long it will take to consume it, and whether it will still be good and safe to eat.??

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