How to Prepare For The Next Hunting Season

Hunting season will always be around the corner. It is a bountiful and exciting event, especially for dedicated hunters out there. But of course, the season will never be like your outdoor family trip. Intense and careful preparations are necessary to make sure that you come out alive and satisfied!

How to Prepare for Any Hunting Season

Initially, you can start furnishing your gears first. Check if your plates are enough to hold most of your hunting accessories and amenities. Ensure that your scope and firearms are on their top conditions. Your hunting apparels matter, too, so don’t forget them. Doing all these prepping are easy. But they are just a part of the entire parcel.


Any seasoned hunters will tell you that the actual hunt doesn’t start on an opening day. Moreover, they will reprimand you if you will start gearing days or weeks after the announcement.


Hunting begins weeks or months before the open season. That is the truth. But how can you hunt if shooting games are not yet allowed? Well, the answer is pretty simple, and it is nothing illegal. One of the most important parts of hunting is preparation. The amount of research and development that you do will dictate the outcome of your hunt.


Procrastination is highly discouraged in the world of hunting. Expert hunters down to hobbyist will tell you that being prepared can change the complexity of the game. If you are clueless about the things that you need to finalize before the big day, then this article is a good place to start!

Knowing the Rules

The open season is not synonymous to anarchy. Even if you are allowed to hunt and shoot, you should still follow the regulations and norms of the field. Specifically, you should know the requirements before you can legally aim at your targets. These prerequisites should include licenses, permits, and fees.


Take note that the rules of the current year might not be around anymore on the next one. If you act haughty and ignore reading the rulebook just because you are a smarty-pant, then you are going to have a bad time. One wrong move and the supposed-to-be great hunt will turn into an event you don’t want to remember anymore.


Also, you must remember that every hunting spots have different rules. Therefore, always be keen and attentive to the details. Make sure that you are well-oriented before you pack your things.

Enrolling on a Hunting Course

Many states in the US, such as the Washington, will require you to enroll in a standardized hunter education course before you can acquire hunting licenses. We don’t know if such rule is present in other states and countries. But one thing is for sure; this shooting course is extremely beneficial on your end.


The entire session comes in different sessions. They will teach you the ropes of hunting. Don’t ever think that having and knowing how to shoot a gun already makes you a hot shot. Hunting is a leisure activity and a technical sport. It takes years of practice and lesson before you can fully hone your skills.


You can learn a lot of things in the hunting course. It could go from broad topics down to incredibly detailed ones. Of course, you will also practice essential survival skills here. Therefore, the entire class itself is an investment that you should take.

Acquire Stamps and Tags

Hunting requires meticulous preparations. That includes obtaining licenses for each of the animals that you are planning to take down. In fact, we can say that the standard licenses for big games and small games are just the tip of the iceberg. Other game animals like elk and deer need separate tags and stamps before you can hunt them legally.

For example, hunting waterfowls will compel you to acquire the essential state validation and the federal migratory bird stamp. These are the licenses that you need if you want to hunt wild geese and ducks. Sometimes, you are even required to provide authorization and report cards after the hunt.


A good hunter will study the terrain before the action starts. By scouting the area that you are going to play, you can find vital pieces of information. It allows you to determine the advantageous locations in where you can take your shots. Familiarizing the maps also provides the exact routes that you need to take for emergency purposes.


Many veterans go to their hunting grounds months before the open season begins. Aside from studying the field, they also look for the “spots” in where the game animals are usually present. Moreover, they also look for the future weather forecast to know if a particular day is conducive for hunting.

Are You Ready?

Hunting is fun and gratifying. But before you can achieve such accomplishment, prior preparations are necessary. Honing your shooting skills and hunting gears are not enough. Always remember that being wise and prepared will always give you the upper hand. Gathering the necessary licenses and permits will offer you the freedom to do the things that you must do in the hunting season.


Did you like this article? Do you know other things that a hunter should do before he/ she starts to lock and load? If yes, just share it with us in the comment section below!




About the author :  Warren Kuhn is an outdoor and camping enthusiast, always out to seek for the thrill and adrenaline that only nature gives. He even took up survival training to prepare him for the worst-case scenarios while outdoors.With his background, you can learn a lot from him so you can get the most out of your camping trip at TheCampingTrips .

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