It Is Time To Break Up The Most Powerful Monopoly In The United States…The Two-Party Political System

Today’s post is perhaps one of the most important pieces I have ever written.  In it I write to how we as a nation can peacefully use the elements of our tattered legal system to reclaim our government from the establishment for the people it was designed to serve.  Right now, we are at a critical crossroads politically in our nation.  One road promises to be the fast and easy route to the good life where everything is free and no one is responsible, but this road only leads to our nation’s destruction.  The other road is small, difficult to navigate, and is very rough, but ultimately leads us back to a better place and salvation as a nation.  The question is will America make the hard choices necessary for long term prosperity and freedom or will it like so many other nations collapse into tyranny, corruption, poverty, and bloodshed.  Ominously, if historical precedent is any indicator, the future of our nation is a bleak.

I want everyone to think about how detrimental the consolidation of power by the establishment into two overtly separate, but covertly unified political parties in the US has been to our freedoms and liberties.  For over two hundred years we have been witness to a perpetual erosion of rights and freedoms while the government has exponentially grown, stolen incalculable amounts of wealth from its citizens, and created an insulated political class of elites.  All this time, as the power of the US Government was being consolidated into fewer and fewer hands, the government has perpetually attacked giant corporate monopolies and broke them into smaller companies.  This was done allegedly to promote fair competition, which has been generally viewed as acceptable government regulation of business for the good of the people.  Whether oil, telecommunications, or transportation the government has for over a hundred years waded into disputes using antitrust laws to regulate the conduct and organization of corporations to promote fair competition for the benefit of the people.  Ironically, nowhere is there a greater monopoly acting deliberately to limit fair competition at the expense of the people than in our two-party political system.  If you want a peaceful solution to fix our broken, corrupt, and rigged political system, it is absolutely critical, we the people, open antitrust lawsuits against these modern day political robber barons of our most precious liberties.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

Why no one has suggested using the antitrust legal route to break up the political control of the party elites is up for debate.  However, I for one am going to lobby strongly for it and ask each of you to do your part to demand suit is brought against both parties.  Not once has this bar against monopolies been equally applied to our political system where it is needed most.  By suing both the Republican and Democrat National Committees as a business monopoly operating at the expense of the people, we actually could use the force of law to break the gridlock in our political system.  Imagine if a court broke the parties into a dozen pieces like Standard Oil, struck down their gerrymandering of districts, instituted term limits, removed the ability to receive huge amounts of cash from anonymous political action committees, and abolished the parties’ self-serving election regulations.  For the first time in generations a real election, with real candidates, could be put forward by the actual citizens of the US to run for office.  There could actually be a chance to see genuine quality candidates compete for the duty to serve their fellow citizens.

For those that are skeptical this is an applicable approach and can work, let’s look at the purpose of the antitrust acts.  First, antitrust acts are specifically designed to restrict the formation of cartels and prohibit other collusive practices regarded as being in restraint of trade.  Second, they restrict the mergers and acquisitions of organizations which could substantially lessen competition. Third, they prohibit the creation of a monopoly and the abuse of monopoly power.  Considering the purpose of antitrust acts, do they relate to our current political system?  Does the political monopoly in the US not represent a cartel that uses its influence to destroy any competition and rig the system like a cartel?  Does the political monopoly not put in place rules and regulations that prevent other parties and independent candidates from challenging their status quo control of power?  Does the political monopoly not abuse its power to favor the elites?  Does the political monopoly not openly reject the will of the people in popular elections and claim the ability to appoint whomever they choose to office?  Does the political monopoly not obliterate the ability to have free and open democratic elections?  Does the political monopoly not abuse the intent of a representative government to run only establishment favorites as elected “representatives?”  Does the political monopoly not enrich its senior members just like a corporation?  Does the political monopoly not restrain free trade?  Does the political monopoly not use its control of government to establish favorable trade agreements and deals for its establishment cronies at the expense of true free trade?  Does the political monopoly not accept tons of favors and donations from lobbyists to unfairly restrict or support mergers and acquisitions designed specifically to substantially lessen competition?  Ultimately, does the political monopoly not harm the citizens of this nation?

Both the Democrat and Republican political parties are every bit of a political monopoly and are a direct detriment to not just free trade, but a free republic.  If we can wake enough people up to the fact these corrupt parties of the establishment are no different than a giant cartel and should be broken apart using antitrust acts, we may have a legal avenue to directly attack the entrenched establishment at its core.  I see no quicker way to break up the political stranglehold these two parties have over our nation than to have a court rule against them in favor of the people using the legal precedents established in our antitrust acts.  I certainly don’t see a more peaceful way.  I can promise you this; we aren’t going to fix these parties by voting and playing by their rules.  The parties have had over two hundred years to make the rules of the game work in their favor.  This election year has demonstrated the parties’ grip on power quite well to all but the most blind and ignorant amongst us.  However, the establishment missed this legal vulnerability.  Please become active and take concrete steps to create this debate and push for antitrust action against both political parties.  At this point, we must exhaust all peaceful options at our disposal to try and avert the collapse of our country into a cesspool of leftist tyranny.

To take back our country and our freedom is not going to be easy or pleasant, but if we don’t do anything to stop this parties we will end up slaves in concentration camps or worse.

If this sounds like a no win situation, you are right.  Everyone will pay a steep price before there is any chance of order, prosperity, and freedom being restored…if ever.  However, if it is any consolation, the elites don’t always get away and the tyrants don’t always rise to power.  Most importantly, we did this once in the US and ran out some, but not enough of the monarchists.  In Russia the royal family was wiped out during the Russian Revolution.  In France, Louis XVI was executed during the French Revolution.  Unfortunately, in both Russia and France the countries then descended into a chaos and bloodshed ending with a dictator.  At least in the case of France, the people eventually shook off Napoleon and formed their republic after immense bloodshed.  Even today in Egypt, the people overthrew the American puppet Mubarak and then defeated the Muslim Brotherhood, which was the CIA’s proxy.  Countries can and do get through these cataclysmic times, but it requires brilliant leadership, careful planning, and an unwavering moral underpinning.  Foreign support, heavy weapons, and a lot of luck also help.

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By Guiles Hendrik, Last Minute Survival 


11 Replies to “It Is Time To Break Up The Most Powerful Monopoly In The United States…The Two-Party Political System

  1. I must point out my appreciation for your generosity supporting women who absolutely need help with this question. Your special commitment to passing the solution throughout was remarkably functional and has continually helped associates just like me to attain their ambitions. Your amazing warm and helpful suggestions signifies this much to me and especially to my colleagues. Best wishes; from everyone of us.

  2. I’m sick at the way these two parties wink at each other and playoff the American people for their own gain.

  3. YOU have one choice,THATS it,america waited to long to try to fix a mess that was growing bigger by the day,and those that understood were put in prison or murdered,and the whole time their demise was celebrated as a good thing,NOW ITS TO LATE,…the police gangs were the first ones who needed to be taken down,they’ve protected the criminals,and made them untouchable,AND GLADLY violated their OATH TO GOD,it never ment nothing to them and still doesn’t,and NOW,they openly admit their coming for you,AND THEY WILL,the WAR is now set in stone,the people have chosen BLOOD on the sidewalks instead of peace,the USMILITARY has abandoned the people,the police gangs have abandoned the people and the entire government has abandoned the people…WAR………

  4. It is so sad that we still refer to the apparatchik mechanism of Satanic oligarchs as a two party system. The agenda is/are the same. It’s like quibbling over call-girl versus prostitute, to keep the analogy close to home. Rendering criminal assistance is aiding and abetting, and a traitor isn’t a help.

  5. As much as i hate to say it i believe we need a new party to restore America for the Republican GOP which i have supported my entire adult life has left their principles and joined the progressive commies and i will not longer support them. I am trying to make myself right with God and ask his guidance to fight for saving America with what life i have left however short that may be. It has been hard to find exactly what is the truth anymore as far as who to join in this fight but one thing i do know is Jesus is the one i can count on and i pledge my loyalty as the forces of evil in our world today seem to be destroying everything America once stood for. To me if they steal the nomination from Trump it is the end of the republican party.

    1. Vote out the good ol boy network of the GOP and DNC, vote out 60% of the Democrats.

      Repeal the IRS and replace it with either a flat tax plan or the Fairtax plan.

      Vote for a smaller, less intrusive Federal government.

      Stop listening to the mainstream news and NPR.

  6. This is not about political parties, or any new ideas! This is about a national repentance toward the LORD that blessed this land tremendously! I don’t see a Nineveh moment happening here, because of the decades old conditioning that has taken place! Everybody rails on the bankers and DC, but when you look at the average person of today, they are acting the same way. There is simply no cohesion for morality today, so the judgement will stand, and this land is going down! It’s laughable to believe someone like Trump can turn this around! This has been 100+ years of training the population to only worry about themselves, and to get it while they can by any means possible! Austerity would be a rough road, and the average just won’t be up for the challenge, and a clown like Trump would not be joining us in that belt tightening, he will still be living like a king while the rest of us struggle for the (cause) of making America great again – yeah right!!

    1. Not sure I ‘d want you on my revival team….km. Fighting against all odds leaves no room to give up.
      You PROFESS one avenue but travel another.
      God makes no room for quitting …no matter the tools we have to fight our cause.

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