Post Economic Collapse Preparedness Tips

2There’s a saying that goes, “It pays to be prepared.” Some people do embody this idea and prepare for any possible catastrophe that might happen in the future.

Let’s discuss some effective post economic preparedness tips for the wise prepper.

Check out this useful information on learning some ways on how to survive in a post economic breakdown.


What Is A Prepper?

Before we proceed into knowing the tips on how to prepare for a possible economic inflation, let’s try to define first, ‘The Prepper‘ and how come they are associated with these kinds of scenarios.

In simple terms, a prepper is an individual or a group of individuals who devote their lives in the preparation of sudden stressful or life threatening events. These people often alter their conventional lifestyles and turn their way of life into preparation for worst case scenarios while going on with their daily lives.

This idea may be considered as silly and outrageous to some. But if you try to look at it from another angle, these people are just being practical because we cannot really predict what might happen in the future. And if a doomsday event is bound to happen in the future that can affect the human population.

These preppers might well be the only ones who will dominate the face of the earth because of their preparedness.

Preppers may have many different reasons for preparing such as economic decline, nuclear disaster, natural disaster, possible world war, and even a zombie apocalypse. They may have diverse views of possible destruction. But one thing’s important and that’s their initiative to come well equipped in order to survive these possible catastrophes so that they can exist for very long time after experiencing such cataclysm.

How To Prepare For A Post Economic Collapse

The fall of the economy of one’s country can result in the hyper inflation. The prices of goods and services and can possibly lead into social breakdown. According to preppers, once the economy fails, the prices of common goods will sky rocket and there will be civil unrest.

The laws of the people will not be followed anymore because prevailing ideology will be “every man for himself”. If this event happens sometime in the future, it is best to prepare yourself and your family to increase your chances of surviving.

Post economic collapse preparedness tips 

1. Financial preparedness – as mentioned, being a prepper means that you have to alter your lifestyle for the prepping, and that lifestyle change will also include your preparedness budget. Make sure that set aside a particular budget to finance your prepping activity. This means that you have to generate an extra income so that you can afford to buy for you daily consumption as well as the extra goods that you will keep.

2. Practical preparation of goods – as a prepper, you should always choose those products that can be stored for a long time. As much as possible try to store dehydrated foods, gallons of potable water, fuel, and other useful commodities.

Learn how to preserve perishable items to extend their shelf life. Some preppers believe that liquors will be considered as a currency during a post economic breakdown. Try to keep more liquor as possible as these may come in handy for personal consumption and for bartering.

3. Sustain your living – Always remember that after a catastrophe, only 3 things are necessary for you to survive and these are food, shelter, and water. The goods you have prepared will surely run out in a couple of months or years. So it’s best that you should learn methods of purifying water, planting vegetables and other edible plants, and raising animals to ensure that your food supply won’t be depleted.

If you plan to stay on one location, make sure to fortify your place so that any posing threat cannot break into your area. On the other hand, if you plan to have a mobile residence, always make sure that hide your vehicle or learn how to camouflage it in case you might want to stop at a certain place.

Another feasible tip is to create a backup plan. Let’s say your area was breached by an angry mob looking for food. If your safety is compromised, then make sure that you have a getaway transport loaded with foods and stuff to help you relocate and survive at a safer area.

4. Foresee your security – most of the preppers think that there will be utter chaos in a post economic decline era. You’ll never know who to trust as others might come into your location to steal you foods and stuff. So to protect yourself and your family, it is best to have guns and ammunitions and other devices for your safety.

Also it would be beneficial to learn martial arts and other defensive tactics that might prove to be helpful during a possible threat or a breach in your area.

5. Get others involved – increasing your chances of survival during a post economic decline means that you should get others to be involved with prepping and grow into a big community. Some might be a bit hesitant at first, but proper education will help them to understand your objectives and pretty soon they will also become savy living the prepper lifestyle.


Prepping may be seen as an outrageous idea to some, but who knows? Something bad will happen and these people may be only one’s left standing. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge on this article about post economic preparedness tips.


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