And so it begins . . .NJ Home Invasion — for FOOD!

A 71-year-old Jersey City, NJ man was threatened by a man and a woman armed with a knife in a home invasion where the couple swiped food from his refrigerator, saying they were hungry.

Luis Rosales says he answered his apartment door the afternoon of March 29 and was greeted by a man and a woman armed with an 8-inch kitchen knife forcing their way inside.

“I say ‘help me, help,’ he put the hand, he held my mouth, he said, ‘shut up,'” Rosales told SuperStation95 in limited English.

He said he didn’t fight back.

“He grabbed a knife, he said, ‘Be quiet or I’ll kill you,’ I said, ‘OK, no problem, I promise I won’t cry,'” Rosales said in Spanish.

The suspects pepper-sprayed him in the eyes while they ransacked his apartment. They went straight for his fridge and took some yogurt and chicken.

“She told me, ‘Papi, sorry, I’m hungry,’ like that, touching the stomach, ‘I’m hungry,'” said Rosales.

The two also grabbed Rosales’ wallet before running off. He said he wasn’t hurt, and despite everything that happened to him, he said he’s not angry.

Police are still looking for the suspects.

And so it begins . . .

For several years, a variety of people smeared as “conspiracy theorists” and “the tin-foil-hat crowd” have been warning America that the economy and society are getting very bad, and we had better prepare for economic disaster by storing food, water and emergency supplies.  Such folks have usually found themselves on the wrong end of scorn, being laughed at by others who refused to believe things could ever get that bad.

Well, things have now gotten that bad.

The fact that a 71 year old man in Jersey City, NJ had his home invaded by an armed couple seeking . . . . food . . . . is proof

Put simply, the economy and lack of social civility has reached such a terrible state, that people have now begun robbing food from other people . . . here . . . in America!

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

This will only get worse.

Contrary to the utter fiction being peddled by Barack Obama and the political class that the economy is picking up and things are getting really good, those of us out here in the real world see quite a different reality.

The economy is in almost complete collapse.  People simply are not out buying goods and services.  Yes, they’re buying food – they HAVE to eat.  They’re buying fuel/electricity – they have to get to and from . . . and keep warm at home.   But other than those things, people are not consuming in any meaningful way.  They can’t.  Money is tight . . . or non-existent.

Countless millions of Americans have been laid-off or seen their jobs “out-sourced.”  The few who were able to gain other employment, did so at greatly reduced pay.  Many have had to take multiple jobs just to put food on their table and keep a roof over their heads. For most of those folks, despite working 70,80, 90 hours a week, there just isn’t enough money to get-by in any meaningful way. The economic situation for many, MANY, Americans is now quite dire.

The reasons are many, but the chief culprits have been:

1) Immigration (legal and illegal).  

The laws of supply-and-demand are universal and they cannot be interfered with even by the most powerful governments.  When the labor pool exceeds the available jobs, wages go down.  When jobs exceed the labor pool, wages go up.

By increasing the amount of LEGAL immigration, government has flooded the labor pool, lowering labor costs for the big business political contributors.  This was done deliberately!

By failing to curb or, Heaven forbid, reverse, ILLEGAL immigration, the labor pool has expanded exponentially. This too was done deliberately.

The flood of available labor is the number one reason everyone’s wages have failed to keep up with inflation.


2) Free Trade Agreements

Promoted as a net gain for America, the country went wildly into all sorts of “free trade” agreements: the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are the chief culprits in the decimation of American jobs.

These trade agreements didn’t promote the selling of American goods in foreign nations as we were repeatedly promised.  What they actually did was to allow American manufacturers to move their businesses to under-developed countries and hire cheap labor to man the factories, then sell those products here in the USA to the very Americans who were put out of work!


As of today, April 7, 2016, the American economy has gotten so bad, the number of jobs so few, the cost of goods and services so high, that people have now begun committing home invasions because they’re hungry. How long will it be before those same hungry people start KILLING for food?


There is only one political candidate running for federal office, who has spoken about these issues and who will do something about them: Donald Trump.

He has promised to build a wall along the US southern border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs.  This idea has been furiously attacked, and the ones fomenting the attacks:  The very same moneyed interests who benefit from cheap labor and free trade!   It’s that simple.

They smear Trump as a racist, bigot, Xeonophobe and worse.  They argue that no one can possibly deport 11 million illegal aliens, so we should just not do that!  No thanks.

They repeatedly claim that a wall won’t work.  But their arguments ring hollow because if their arguments were true, Trump’s proposals would not have any effect!  The fact they’re lambasting Trump’s proposals is proof, in-and-of-itself, that the proposals most definitely WILL work, and that’s why they’re being so furiously opposed.


That same political candidate is screaming from the rooftops about “bad trade deals.”  He’s being met with horrific abuse from: the same moneyed interests who outsourced millions of American jobs so they could line their own pockets with more money!

If factories have to come back to the US in order for products to be sold here, the employers will have to hire and pay AMERICANS and american wages.  That means less money for 500 foot yachts and palatial homes in countries all over the world for corporate Barons.  They’re livid at the thought.

And so, America is very much at a critical crossroads.  Do we fix the errors that caused all these problems or do we go over the economic cliff into an abyss?  That is the choice we face.

And while we ponder what to do, hungry people have begun breaking-in doors to steal food.

Bring the jobs back.  Send the illegals home.  Make America great again.

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by , Super Station 95



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  1. If you are going to take a Limousine in Dubai soon, remember that the use of the mask is mandatory in any scenario. Despite the fact that up to three people per row can travel in vehicles with up to nine seats as long as they live under the same roof,

  2. Ditto! Time for all who can to get at least an acre of land away from the populaces, seed, and grow their own food. With some chickens, ducks and/or geese and feed for them, free eggs, free snake control and meat, too!! Can’t beat those prices.

  3. Babylon the great has fallen, fallen
    USA thought that they knew what was right, and their PROGRESSIVE anti biblical ways were right…they turned their back on the most high God who gave them the prosperity they once enjoyed well..They can have all the gay marriage they want, but in a collapsed economy there wont be many weddings will there?They can have all the satanic prayers at city council meetings, wont matter much when their is no cities, burned to the ground from rioters who have no money or food, who never worked anyhow..

  4. Good time to get out of the city, if you can. I always avoided the larger grocery stores and Wal-Mart around the first of the month because it felt so hinky plus you’d be trampled. Last week, there were relatively few cars on the 1st. As much as we bitch about welfare, that program doesn’t exist in its prior form and there are a LOT of desperate, very poor people out there. We live just beyond the comfortable walking distance from our nearest big town and are making our home defenses stronger. Our church group takes turns delivering food to the city food pantries. We’re afraid to make deliveries in the same car, each time, but it’s necessary to help provide for others, even if I don’t want the government forcing me to do so.

  5. The Dry Baltic Index is way down, and the many ships and trains are sitting idle! Time is like right now to stock up on whatever you can! EBT is being cut nation-wide, and these kinds of stories are going to start being typical!

  6. I will tell you this the trains are shutting down. Alliance NE has 6 row near 1 MI long of train engines parked. This is really not good

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