Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Joint pain is never a fun experience. It can be frustrating and, for some people, even debilitating. If you suffer from joint pain, you know the toll it can take on your daily activities. You may even feel like you have to take a step back from living life when your joint pain flares up.


This not only takes a physical toll but can weigh you down emotionally as well. Unfortunately, dealing with chronic pain can even harm personal relationships.


Joint Pain Causes and Symptoms


Many people will experience joint pain in the elbows, hips, shoulders, or knees. There are a variety of causes for joint pain. You could be dealing with joint pain as a result of an injury or even illness.


Most people who experience joint pain have arthritis, but it is certainly not the only cause of pain. If you are experiencing joint pain, it is important to make sure you know the source. In some cases, joint pain is a symptom of another problem. This can include things that range from fibromyalgia to tendinitis or even cancer. Sometimes joint pain can be the result of overuse.


In any case, understanding the cause of your joint pain can help you figure out the next steps when it comes to treatment. Here are 6 natural ways to deal with your joint pain:




Acupuncture is an ancient practice where very thin needles are inserted into various points on the body. Many people have expressed relief from joint pain through acupuncture. When getting this treatment done, it’s important that you go to a specialist who knows what they’re doing.


Hemp Seed Oil


Using hemp seeds are another option for minimizing joint and muscle pain. Hemp seed oil reduces inflammation and numbs surrounding tissues, doing twice the work. This can help the joint heal over time, especially in conjunction with the other methods mentioned here.




By changing your diet, you can create a lifestyle that will help manage pain. Specifically, if you adhere to an anti-inflammatory diet you can reduce the risk for pain. There are tons of foods you can eat that will help with minimizing your joint pain and even dealing with other forms of chronic pain.


Most of the recommended foods are fresh fruits and vegetables. Sticking to organic options is also a great idea. If you’re going to eat protein, then consider a lean protein option.


Losing Weight


Probably one of the best options you can do to reduce your joint pain is to lose weight. If you are significantly overweight, you are putting pressure on your joints that can result in pain. Especially if you have had previous injuries, being overweight can strain your joints and worsen the condition.


Through proper diet and exercise, you can develop general health and help to naturally reduce pain in your joints.




Many people find that when they exercise they notice a significant reduction joint pain. Through regular exercise you can increase your flexibility and get stronger.


If you have pre-existing injuries or illness, consult with a physician to determine which form of exercise is right for you. You may not be able to go running; but swimming or gentle yoga might be something to consider.


Hot and Cold Therapy


A really simple and cheap way to help deal with joint pain is to apply heat to the affected area for some time and then alternate with an ice pack. You can keep doing this for as long as you’d like but applying both for a minimum of 15 minutes is recommended.


Another good idea is to take an Epsom salt bath and then apply an ice pack after drying off. This method helps to reduce inflammation by promoting circulation.


Dealing with Your Joint Pain


There are many natural options that you can turn to when you experience some form of joint pain. In any case, make sure to consult a physician to identify the cause and ask for suitable methods to manage the pain.


Joint pain can be debilitating and hinder your lifestyle, but there are many ways to help reduce the symptoms and, in some cases, alleviate them altogether.

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