Why the Left is Waging a War on God

One of the greatest parts about living in the United States is the fact that all men, women, and children have the freedom to worship in whichever way they choose.  In fact, our nation’s first European settlers were seeking freedom from religious persecution and our very Constitution protects the free exercise of worship.  Unfortunately, some people in the United States believe that the very act of worship is an attack on their liberty.  Those people are so strong in their faith that there is no God that they wish to prevent others from expressing their love of God.  These people see the practice of religion as an affront to their freedom and have viciously attempted to attack the simple act of prayer in public.  Where does this hate come from and why do these people feel so compelled to prevent others from praying to God?  The answer to this question might be simpler than you would think.

Faith has become something that some see as shameful and should be relegated to the isolation of the home.  What these people don’t understand is that religion is not a part time hobby for people of faith, nor is it something that people can just turn on or off.  People of faith feel compelled to worship God and preventing them from doing so at work, school, or government buildings is not separation of church and state, but an attempt to prevent the free exercise of religion, a constitutionally protected and unalienable right.

What is confusing to me is why certain people get so angry at the very sight of people praying?  Something that does not hurt anyone, is so loathed and despised by such groups as American Atheists, that they are willing to take the matter up to the highest levels of the judicial system in order to prevent something as simple as Christian children praying at school.  No matter what these organizations would like for you to think, the act of prayer does not do them any harm (some would say that it is actually the opposite).  If you want to understand their true motivation, just look at the mission statement from the American Atheist Organization website:

“Since 1963, American Atheists has been taking the principled and uncompromising position that our government should give no special treatment or preference to religious belief. Through lawsuits, innovative public relations campaigns, and education, we are working to normalize atheism and allow more and more people to set aside religious belief and superstition.”

They start off by saying that they wish to champion the separation of church and state but then shift to saying that their aim is to “normalize atheism and allow more and more people to set aside religious belief and superstition.”  Organizations like this say they only want a secular government, but in reality they are waging a war on God himself.  They are literally wishing to make people step away from their faith and become atheists.  The fact that many Democratic politicians support groups like this shows you which road the Left wishes to see our nation travel down.

The Left understands that a truly socialist nation requires the absence of God.  There is a reason why religion has been so aggressively trampled on in communist nations.  These attacks on religion, most notably with Christianity, are more than attempts to prevent the creation of a state religion.   They are part of a larger war for the hearts of the American people.  There is a simple truth; if people love and worship God, how can they love and worship their government?

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