Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Agenda

1 Since the end of the Second World War and with the formation of the United Nations in 1945, international peace and stability have been maintained by controlling population growth. Unbeknown to the masses, governments have used covert methods to limit births in developed and underdeveloped countries alike and to accelerate deaths in Africa and a few critically poor and overpopulated areas elsewhere. This is the insight provided by author Kevin Galalae’s new book, “Killing us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy”

According to Mr. Galalae’s research, millions of births have been prevented by interfering with the reproductive system in an attempt to lower human fertility. In addition to preventing new births, the Eugenicists have also promoted death by creating a societal system that weakens the immune system of the world’s population. The result of this endeavor has been the increase in morbidity and mortality in most of the people.

Perhaps one of the most effective tactics used by those who intend to depopulate the planet is adapting population control to the reality of each nation on Earth. That is, every country enables different policies and practices to curb population growth according to the level of development and the existing infrastructure. They have also adapted their plans to the political reality with some governments imposing depopulation measures labeled as birth control policies by force and deception.

While doing research for his book, Mr. Galalae has not only had to endure the challenges of finding accurate information to document his work, but has also suffered the consequences of fighting for human rights in Canada. He was held in prison for nine months and during the first 75 days he observed a hunger strike to compel the Canadian government and by extension the international community to stop their devastating methods of population control.

In Canada, as well as other nation states, Mr. Galalae found, governments led by military and scientific elites rely on the moral, technical and monetary assistance of the United Nations, its agencies, and the greater international community to carry out their Global Depopulation Policy. He knows well what it is like to deal with power elites. He was born in Romania, grew up in Germany and is a naturalized Canadian since 1990. Before getting to the American continent, his family suffered the consequences of showing self-determination under the communist regime of Romania. Today, Mr. Galalae lives and breathes to be reunited with his children, from whom he has been forcefully separated for nearly three years for his work as a human rights activist.

“Regardless of the methods used to control population and whether they are imposed or self-imposed, strict secrecy and deception have been necessary to prevent the masses from discovering the bitter truth that for the past 68 years they have been the object of a silent and global offensive, a campaign of attrition that has turned the basic elements of life into weapons of mass infertility and selective death.”

For decades, governments of the world imposed, without the people’s consent, policies to subvert reproductive freedom and the ability to procreate in a way that population growth is tamed to achieve necessary demographic objectives. The type of practices utilized by governments and international globalist organizations include some of the “most odious and wide-sweeping crimes in human history”. According to Mr. Galalae’s research, depopulation practices have prevented the birth of about two billion people while causing the death of 500 million people.

The Global Depopulation Policy has been widely exposed thanks to the work of people like Mr. Galalae and alternative media in general, who have shed light for the past two decades or so about the real intentions behind worldwide campaigns to “save the planet” from so-called overpopulation. The agenda to depopulate the planet has been enacted in an almost undetected manner, and in doing so, the elite members responsible for the Depopulation Policy have also “undermined the genetic and intellectual endowment of the human species and have set back eons of natural selection,” explains the author.

Although in his book, Mr. Galalae says that the elite’s intentions have never been malevolent, deep, independently gathered research into the Depopulation Agenda has shown enough proof that most of the practices used up until today have been purposely and dutifully set in place to eliminate as much as 98% of us.

Just as many other researchers have discovered previously, Mr. Galalae’s work reveals the existence of a silent, secret offensive that became more insidious after the birth of the United Nations in 1945. Galalae labels the current effort to get rid of millions as “the world’s greatest con,” and explains that his goal is to spur a mass awakening to the dire realities humanity faces. The plan, according to him is to compel every human being on Earth to take responsibility so that population control can be legislated across the globe, with little or no resistance, for the next three generations or until our numbers are sufficiently low to allow humanity to live in balance with nature and at peace with itself.

It is on this point that I disagree with Mr. Galalae. But he is clear about what the stakes are should people not get informed about the inhumane practices of the elite. He says that failure to curb the current out of control population growth will result in planetary disaster. “This is the only way our children will have a future and a life of dignity,” he says. His intention is to inform as many people as possible in order to unmask the eugenics campaign being pushed by the elite and at the same time to make people understand that a conscious voluntary limit on the number of children a woman can have is the only solution.

I sent Mr. Galalae some questions to get more details about his proposal to curb population growth. The following is an extract of our conversation.

Luis Miranda: Those who you call world leaders, who have for decades if not centuries written and bragged about their plans to massively depopulate the planet through the means you have talked about in your book would never yield an inch of their influence to other social groups in order to get to common ground on how to deal with the issue of population growth. How is it that they would allow any other group to take over an effort as the one you propose?

Kevin Galalae: Power will not be surrendered, that much is true, and I know this. Power needs to be fought for and only the truth and a superior vision of the world will see to it that power ends up in the right hands. On the issue of overpopulation, if we displace the existing power structure without having a better alternative to population control we will have set the stage for our own demise and our children will suffer as a result. That is why I advocate for legislating population control, which is premised on people knowing the gravity of the problem and how it has been addressed so far. Without the populace knowing that they have been subjected to chemical and biological fertility depressants, they will not realize that the expected population peak in 2040 at 9 billion will never happen and instead the world will revert to natural total fertility rates (TFR) of anywhere between 4 to 7 children per woman, depending on the culture. Informed consent can only occur when the facts are known and the history of the Global Depopulation Policy is revealed. That is why I urge you to post my book and help me disseminate the truth.

Luis Miranda: In a previous conversation, you claimed that much of the current situation regarding what you call overpopulation and the destruction of the environment is our [the masses of people] fault because society is full of consumers. However, people are not naturally driven to consume beyond covering their needs. It has been the successful application of conditioning techniques rooted in the Prussian Education Model which have turned people into mindless consumers. Indoctrination in public and private schools has turned people into beings who have forgotten about their sense of self-determination.

The elite regard people as livestock, which is a result of spending 12 or more years in an indoctrination camp ran by government under the auspices of tax exempt foundations and corporate conditioning programs. Edward Bernays and Walter Litman, who collaborated with the elite, openly spoke about their plans since at least the 1920s. There has been a conscious effort by the elite to turn the people into mindless consumers who only want to be trendy while their lives are destroyed. The masses are driven by irrational drives and behave as hopeless spectators because that is how they’ve been programmed to behave. Having been fully programmed for decades, it can only be expected that they act as they do today, especially in so-called developed nations. Failing to recognize that the people are the victims of mass propaganda and social psychological conditioning does a total disservice to any kind of effort to educate people about population growth or any other issue for that matter. Your thoughts?

Kevin Galalae: Consumerism and overconsumption, Luis, are the result of the capitalist mode of economic organization and corporations are the end result of such an organization. Overconsumption has been encouraged to compensate for decreased demand for goods and services in stagnant or decreasing populations that are already saturated with goods and services. This is how employment is created. It is a desperate reaction to chronic unemployment caused by several factors: mechanization and digitization of production, larger more efficient production units, and a global market which allows goods and services to travel unhindered across borders. These factors, all of which make workers redundant, coupled with a decreasing population, which depresses demand for goods and services, has pushed policy makers to encourage per capita consumption in developed nations to keep the economies of nations that have entered stage four of the demographic transition afloat until such time as the population stabilizes and the economy no longer shrinks.

Luis Miranda: The last 20 years have seen a significant awakening in what is still a minority regarding the agenda of the elite. That seems to be the best way to help people understand how they’ve been coned for almost all their lives. Do you agree with the idea that what social groups should do is help accelerate the awakening by teaching people about their life-long enslavement so that they can hopefully educate themselves and their children in the following generations? Don’t we need new generations of independent thinkers as supposed to gullible, brain-washed people to take back society from the hands of the elite?

Kevin Galalae: I could not agree with you more, Luis, which is why I write my books and articles to educate by giving people the entire picture. Only when people have the
entire picture can they make right choices and achieve self-determination. Otherwise we will pull in different directions and tear society apart with no benefit to anyone.

Luis Miranda: Is it not intellectually dishonest to think or say that the world’s populations is solely to blame for the current situation when it has been the elite, through their mind control programs, the group that turned people into mindless consumers who would buy their products? Is it not true that the process of depleting the planet of resources to manufacture unnecessary or necessary products and services has been carried out by the large monopoly driven corporations, not the average citizen who is simply a victim of social engineering techniques?

Kevin Galalae: People are victims of social engineering techniques, but it is people not corporations who consume goods and services. Corporations provide them. That means that regardless of the economic ideology, more people will translate into more environmental devastation. Take for instance the former eastern bloc countries as an example. They were communist, not capitalist, yet the damage they have done to the environment is far worse than that done in the West by corporations. The reality is that people need stuff to live and need even more stuff to fulfill their dreams and whims. That is not going to change, regardless of who makes things and how things are made.

Luis Miranda: I take it you don’t love corporations, but praising the globalist elite for solving a problem they themselves created, as you mentioned is a quite a stretch, isn’t it?

Kevin Galalae: The problem of overpopulation is by no means solved, Luis. We have just entered phase two of the depopulation policy, which seeks to ensure that the population peaks at 9 billion by 2040. I am not praising the elites, but merely giving them credit for what they have accomplished at our cost, but also for our long-term benefit. Only if people understand the limited choices we have to fight overpopulation – i.e. war, poison or legislation – can we force the powers to be to change course and abandon covert poisoning for overt legislation.

Luis Miranda: What would be the difference between the elite’s murderous depopulation plans and a plan carried out by The Centre for Global Consciousness that seeks to continue depopulating the planet?

Kevin Galalae: The Centre for Global Consciousness will legislate global population control and retire all chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic methods used to poison and coerce us to have few children. This will have a cascading positive effect, as it will restore democracy, the rule of law, trust among people and nations, and our health.

Kevin Galalae’s book can be read and downloaded  here

By Luis Miranda, Source

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